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My mother did it, which explains the mental conditions of my sisters, its a genetic  thing. :D
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... I could ask how you knoiw this... but I would regret it.
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Little known fact, if you push a runner bean seed up your nose the moisture will cause it to germinate, and expand.You wont get any beans though just  two black eyes. :o
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VIDEO or it didn't happen!! :) Nice going though, keep it up!
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Managed a split s :D
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BF GPS Rescue mode configured - what could possibly go wrong?   :o
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Radios Spektrum or Futaba

Started by rob, Sunday,November 25, 2012, 18:58:36

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I am on the verge of buying my first multi rotor, I have a DX6i, but from my understanding so far if I want to use a Naza+GPS I will need an eight channel TX and RX, although I think there are ways to use a DX6i but have less functionality.

If I were to buy a new radio there seem to be two main candidates the Spektrum DX8 with AR8000, or Futaba T8J. I hope I will not be opening a can of worms here, but I would be grateful for any thoughts on these radios or any other suggestions, If I take the plunge I would want the most flexible one which can be used with other FCs in the future.

The futaba uses FHSS / S-FHSS Transmission Modes what are these???



Hi Rob I think the best advise than can be given to someone who is about to purchase a new radio system, is to go to your nearest hobby store and actually have a look at them and ask to hold them, nothing is worse than holding a transmitter that feels crap in your hands and every time you look at it you feel sick, the functionality of the top brands is going to be pretty much the same, ask for a demo of how to setup a switch to a certain channel and see how easy or hard each one is to do,

I have a Spektrum Dx8 and I think its very good but not every one does and it did have some teething problems when it first came out  :rolleyes:

As for transmission modes they are all spread spektrum and some are channel shifting and some not although the new spektrum models support Dsm2 and DSMX which basically means it does both methods, both systems have bus type connectors that allow for simple harness type connections
Although Im not sure if the spektrum bus is actually used yet or not

Any radio techies out there reading this if I have made erros please feel free to post any corrections and why didnt you wanser before  :rolleyes:


Quote from: Gaza07 on Monday,November 26, 2012, 09:09:05
Hi Rob I think the best advise than can be given to someone who is about to purchase a new radio system, is to go to your nearest hobby store and actually have a look at them and ask to hold them, nothing is worse than holding a transmitter that feels crap in your hands and every time you look at it you feel sick,


Nothing worse than buying something and finding out it feels like it should be sold in Mothercare!


Ive just got myself a dx8 too, i wanted telemetry and the dx8 was the cheaper second hand, other thing to look at is compare rx prices as i was looking at a jr xg8 but the rx were 75 quid a pop


Thanks for the good advice, I have had a look at some stuff online, and it looks like it is possible to use my DX6i with the Naza+GPS, if you do a bit of mixing ect. So I will stick with that for now.

If I manage to get it working properly I will post about it. Have ordered a F450 kit will let you know how that goes.


Hi Rob there are a couple of members who have got the dx6i working this way, hopefully they will see this post and offer you some help  ~~


Dont think the 6i has a two position switch (could  be wrong been so long sinve i had a.6i), if it hasnt you could add one using the method further down the forum


+1 each to their own I found DX8 was nicer to hold and control but thats only my opinion.

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I';m taking delivery of a 450 Flamewheel clone with Crius all in one controller thursday, it';s going on a dx6i with 2 mixes, if what you are having is similar I can post the settings.
As regards a tx, it all depends on how you see the hobby panning out; I';m waiting for the Frsky 9x to come out, with open9x it is very good for any type of model. I wouldn';t go for the Futaba option you listed it';s too restricted in choice of rx';s go for FASST, then you can use the FRSKY clones which are very good and cost a lot less than Futaba, the 8fg is possibly one of the best affordable transmitters availabe - very flexible and powerful, alternatively Hitec Aurora 9, very good tx.


I have my Dx6i controlling my naza hexa.  I have it setup/mixed so I have GPS mode, free flight mode and failsafe, all selectable via switches.  I also have failsafe on power off. Note you need to use an AR7000 or above Rx to achieve this, but they are around 30 quid off on the bay.
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I would recommend the Futaba T8J for 6 main reasons. I have used the SpeKtrum Dx6 and numerous other pistol grip Spektrum radios before, i always thought of Futabas as overpriced and overhyped and this is my first Futaba i ever used and i can tell you that i have not regretted it.
1. It feels solid in the hand and does not look like a toy
2. Its LCD display has a backlight (very important in night flying)
3. It has two  3-position switches needed for FULL and proper Naza configuration + numerous other switches for other functions.
4. It has S-Bus function , hence only one wire from your Rx to your Naza. Keeps it neat
5. Just type in Futaba T8J setup Naza on youtube and you will be guided step by step to setup your craft in 10 mins.
6. It is Futabas newest budget model ,so it is not much differently priced than other high end Spektrum radios .

Just my personal opinion on the matter and i guarantee you will not regret it too.


Hi Rob,

I have just got a DX8 too, I wanted the telemetry, and the DX8 can be purchased with the TM1000, to do flight pack voltage, and tempreature (useful for ESCs), for a bit extra money it can do altitude too which is very handy.

I did succesfully use the DX6 on the naza, you have to set a flap mixer up to give yourself three positions. I used the second spare channel for IOC toggle, one thing you will miss on the DX6 is there is no roller, which is very useful for tilting a camera. The DX8 also has more 3 position switches, so if your using it for photos, you can configure one via a Stratosnapper to toggle the camera between video and stills, very handy.

Ive not had much use with the Futaba stuff, ive had no problems at all with the spektrum stuff and I would like to keep my new radio compatible with my old stuff, so spektrum for me was an obvious choice.




I jumped in and got the DX8 a few month ago and it has been great, I have nothing to compare it to as its my first radio system but its been pretty straight forward and easy to setup.
Ive just this evening plugged up the TM1000 telemetry module which came with the kit and i can now monitor my main battery voltage which I';m so chuffed about!


I got the altitude module for the TM1000, which works well too, only thing thats annoying is the altitude is displayed on a differnt page to the rest of the telemetery info. It shows me voltage RPM temp (i have no RPM sensor so its just -------) and to see the altitude I have to roll to the next page. Major pain when the RPM entry is empty. Voltate alt temp. Other than that, it works fine.



Did y ou look et hitec ??? I got use of spectrum DX 5 6 7and 8 more  omplicate to program and i didint like thé feel in hand... aurora9 my best  over all and hk sell  minima receiver for 30$ 8ch with ppmsum or rssi and you get 9ch on ppm its a personL choice but  a realy great TX. Futaba are good TX too program easyer than spektrum try to get a look before but