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Wednesday,June 03, 2020, 09:57:29

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02 Jun 2020 22:09:18
TBS Source One frame with 7" arms
02 Jun 2020 22:09:02
my guess was bang on the number - just out on the units!
02 Jun 2020 21:48:33
Just a bit out from your initial guess then  :laugh: What kind of frame do you fly with?
02 Jun 2020 18:52:22
shoutbox doesn't like ampersands for some reason
02 Jun 2020 18:51:54
and it was more like a 100m fall  :o
02 Jun 2020 18:50:36
lol - checked my logging
02 Jun 2020 11:52:29
@Liam - no, absolutely fine.  had another couple of flights with it afterwards -  :laugh:
01 Jun 2020 21:23:22
Ouch! Any breakages?
01 Jun 2020 19:55:02
failsafe from 100' into a cornfield  :angry:  thank fck for telemetry!  :smiley:
29 May 2020 11:00:54
Banggood fairy for me... tonne of new standoffs  :laugh:
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Happy Birthday to me!

Started by chipko, Tuesday,December 25, 2012, 11:50:45

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You know. .. One of the best birthdays I had was where I didn';t see another soul. As is Christmas day I usually have to see someone but in this day I made my own food. . A cup cake with one candle and really enjoyed my day

In any case have a great Christmas all and have a drink for me :)


Tuesday,December 25, 2012, 12:00:20 #1 Last Edit: Tuesday,December 25, 2012, 12:15:46 by Gaza07
Happy birthday Chipko I hope you get your wish and spend it alone  ::)

:beer2: :band:  :hbd:   :band:  :beer2:


happy birthday/christmas chipko long time no see will defo have a drink for ya later  :beer2: all the best m8 and have a good one  ::)
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happy birthday Chippo,have a good day,Marty :scotland:


Happy birthday Chipko hope you have a great day  ~~ :beer2:
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Birthday on christmas? You must miss out on a lot of presents - now you know how jesus feels :(
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Thanks for all the well wishes people


 :beer2: chickpea, your birthday will be well celebrated here  ~~ enjoy your day doing just what YOU want to do with no interruptions.