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Crius AIOP questions

Started by Mooncoin, Wednesday,December 05, 2012, 10:44:14

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Hello folks. I';m completely new to multicopters (but not model flying) I was looking to build a quad but after I did all the sums and adding up the cost I decided to get this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300791552217?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 as it seemed a good deal. It arrived today and to my untrained eye looks spot on! However it comes with no instructions as to wiring the rx to the AIOP. I have the leads which are split into three at on end. Am I to assume you only need to connect one red and black lead from any of the leads to the 5v and Gnd and then a white wire to each respective channel on the board? Any guidance would be gratefully received  :-/
Thanks, Richard


What TX/RX are you using ?

Yep you have it right.. you only need to connect the signal wires.. 4 channels to get it flying.. you will need ground and +5v to power the RX

I have written a Guide for MegaPirateNG which should help you http://www.multi-rotor.co.uk/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=595.0;attach=1440

If you intend using MultiWii then see this guide  http://www.multi-rotor.co.uk/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=411.0;attach=940 
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UAQ / CAA PfCo Instructor / Flight Assessor

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Hi Richard and welcome to the forum you are correct there is only need to connect the ground and positive between the rx and controller once normaly the throttle channel,
you then connect the other leads the single plug end to the board across aileron elevator and rudder then the end with the 3 plugs connects to the same aileron elevator and rudder connections on the receiver just the signal pins are connected  ~~

Thats a good deal for the copter you bought just be very very carefull with the usb connector as they fall off very easlily  :rolleyes:

I hope you can follow what the above instructions please feel free to ask for any help you might need  ~~


Many thanks for your help. I';m using a Flysky rx (but running open9x on tx). I may put a bit of hot glue around the USB port - thanks for the tip Gaza. I';ve no idea what software it is loaded with - I may just plug it all in and see what happens (without props on first I think!)


Hmm good point what firmware do they put on the boards, I never checked mine I just flashed the multi wii from the forum on to it and then after having a quick play with that flashed, the megapirateNG to it also available for download from the forum already configured ready to go if you have a cn-06 gps v1 or v2  ~~
Which do you intend to fly with ? and did you get a gps module ?


I assumed it had Multiwii on it and after downloading the arduino software and multiwii (because I had to go into it to lower the MINCOMMAND in config h to get the esc to boot (or whatever the word is) properly. I do have a GPS it';s a CN-06 v2. I';ll have a look at attaching the GPS - bit of a learning curve atm. Just had the thing scooting across our living room floor and it seems to do what I ask it to do  :wack0  ~~ Thanks for your help.


Sorry chaps I have another question -If I want to wire in the GPS which socket do I use? Will I need to use the ext power source to power the board? I also assume I will have to join the wires on the GPS to the ones supplied with the AIOP. Is that just blk to blk grn to grn yell to yell and red to red? Is it the socket to the right of the USB port? What about the spare wires?



If you havent already looked at this manual then you should it shows a ubec being used to power the AIOP with the jumper removed, powering the board this way also puts power to the serial ports  ~~


The gps module normaly connects to serial port 2 on multi wii and megapirateNG but you will have to take power from else where if you decide not to use the extended power port, its not just a case of connecting colour for colour you need to follow the connections below

Gnd --- Gnd
5v -----  5v
Rx2 ---- Tx
Tx2 ---- Rx

There is a diagram in the manual that shows where the ports are and what pins you need to use  ~~