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Sunday,July 05, 2020, 20:55:50

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04 Jul 2020 13:16:48
VIDEO or it didn't happen!! :) Nice going though, keep it up!
Bad Raven:
02 Jul 2020 19:46:48
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
02 Jul 2020 17:45:19
Sounds basic but I'm happy with it  :laugh:
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
02 Jul 2020 17:45:05
Managed a split s :D
28 Jun 2020 12:29:49
BF GPS Rescue mode configured - what could possibly go wrong?   :o
27 Jun 2020 21:07:37
and can't make it back to where you take off from   :laugh:
27 Jun 2020 21:07:04
it's too windy if you fly downwind
Bad Raven:
27 Jun 2020 20:51:32
I have done Dynamic Soaring in over 55mph, and quad flying in over 25mph with the right equipment.
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
26 Jun 2020 16:44:24
How windy is too windy? :hmm:
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
25 Jun 2020 22:58:29
YASSSS!! Flew a full 2 packs and no motors going nuts on me!  :D
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The Spektrum Community

Started by Gaza07, Wednesday,August 01, 2012, 22:26:20

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Skektrum  users who have firmware upgradeable transmitters can login to the spektrum community web site and download the latest firmware versions and preset models  ~~


You will need the serial number from your transmitter to register with the site


My transmitter is a spektrum Dx7 can is this model upgraded ? where should the serial number be I cant see it on mine but then I did buy it second hand and it will probably be registered to some one else  :(


If its the old original Dx7 then no it cannot be upgraded, but there is a newer version of the Dx7 about the Dx7s it looks like a Dx8 and Is also up gradable, generally if it has an SD card then it can be upgraded  with the latest Airware (the spektrum tx firmware) ~~


yea mine is the original dx7 so no upgrades to be honest Im very happy with my dx7 and have no plans to change it any time soon  ~~


There is a new Dx8 firmware update out from the Spektrum community web site linked above, Note though backup all your settings / models before use, and check every thing before flying there have been a coulple of reports of trims / sub trims being changed and dual rates, there are no official problems reported

Spektrum™ DX8 AirWare™
Change Log
Version 2.05
13 August 2012
Software Features
• Added support for GPS and High Current telemetry sensors.
• Enabled up to 32-pole motors for the brushless RPM sensor.
• Enabled SD telemetry log file
• Enabled ability to configure inactivity timer
• Enabled backlight configurability (Auto/On/Off)
• Enabled dimming control of the orange Spektrum LED for night flying
• Adjusted vibe motor RPM to be less aggressive
Software Corrections
• Fixed bug that could reset the radio when scrolling through Mix options.
• Corrected L/R trimmer 'forgetting' assignment after power cycle.
• Improved translations in French and Italian screens.
• Corrected export of flap configuration.
• Corrected over-travel of flaps that could result in reversed operation at extreme
• Corrected switch change on Acro throttle cut screen when going from the initial
switch selection to the edit page.
• Corrected timer to work properly in Throttle Out mode when using reversed
throttle channel.
• Corrected end-point adjustability when Trainer is used as an input to a channel.
• Corrected trainer normal Master mode so that it doesn't modify controls from the
slave. In previous versions it could reverse channels vs. what was expected.
NOTE: This change affects sub-trim and travel of existing models and ones you
will import. You may need to adjust sub-trims and travel on all control surfaces in
both airplanes and helicopters.


There seems to be quite a few reports about peoples models being messed up with this upgrade, have you tried it gaza has it messed any of your settings up ?
From what ive read they have altered the way the sub trims are used / seen and it affects swash plate settings or summat like that  :shrug:


Well I upgraded mine last night and I hope I havent made a mistake  :o I will check things out later  ~~
I only have 2 heli's setup and because they are flybarless there is not trim or sub trim used, so hopefully it will all be ok, I dont mind adjusting a few things, and the upgrade brings the dx8 settings inline with the dx10 and dx18 so in the future things should be simple  ~~


I bought my dx8 secondhand and has been registered by previous owner, anyone know how i would go about upgrades?


Could you contact the previous owner and get the login details off them and then login and change the details in the account, or you might try emailing spektrum and asking for the account to be altered or wiped but they may refuse with out some proof of ownership  :rolleyes: