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Wednesday,June 03, 2020, 21:05:25

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03 Jun 2020 13:28:30
ooo... hello all
02 Jun 2020 22:09:18
TBS Source One frame with 7" arms
02 Jun 2020 22:09:02
my guess was bang on the number - just out on the units!
02 Jun 2020 21:48:33
Just a bit out from your initial guess then  :laugh: What kind of frame do you fly with?
02 Jun 2020 18:52:22
shoutbox doesn't like ampersands for some reason
02 Jun 2020 18:51:54
and it was more like a 100m fall  :o
02 Jun 2020 18:50:36
lol - checked my logging
02 Jun 2020 11:52:29
@Liam - no, absolutely fine.  had another couple of flights with it afterwards -  :laugh:
01 Jun 2020 21:23:22
Ouch! Any breakages?
01 Jun 2020 19:55:02
failsafe from 100' into a cornfield  :angry:  thank fck for telemetry!  :smiley:
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S800 - One Awesome Hex

Started by eyeflying, Tuesday,November 27, 2012, 10:43:34

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Just spotted the DHL man with two huge boxes... yes, it was just what I';ve been waiting for... a copter worthy enough to install my Zero Tech YS-X6  :crossfingers:

Its RCTimer';s clone of DJI';s S800 Spreading Wings. And I';ve got to say, it looks simply awesome. The build quality seems first class, the flight case is substantial and has a quality feel about it, everything looks superb (and it actually smells good too  :hmm:)

Just need to put it together and fly it now... watch this space  ~~


oh my they look rather nice please do take more pictures as you built it  ~~


 :cool2: Thats some piece of kit you have, look forward to hearing and seeing how you get on with it.


Quote from: Gaza07 on Tuesday,November 27, 2012, 10:55:14
oh my they look rather nice please do take more pictures as you built it  ~~

Sod pictures...  want video   :frantic:
New to Quads but loving it

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very interested in this...do post more info as you build/test :)
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take a close look at arm motor connection, the original got problem with this and many pep crash because of that. else than this it look amazing :)


ill look forward to your build progress and feed back, oh yes nearly forgot how much are the spare arms? the dji one';s are £250.00 a pop i was quoted. ~~
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The spare arms are $20 each - I don';t know where DJI get £250 from!! - even with motors and esc';s, the arms still only work out at under $100 each. And you can fit these straight on to a DJI ';Spreading Wings'; model


Sweet setup,
come one, get on with building  :frantic:


Think dji are taking the proverbial p lol but $20 you can buy plenty of spare ones just incase cheers for the info  ~~
If someone throw's a stone at you throw a flower at them just remember to throw the pot with it.


Looks very impressive! I';ve priced up a full DJI setup for my new business and it';s looking at around £6,000 with all the toys. This looks like a contender!


O so want one of these next year for sure

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