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14 Jul 2020 10:11:56
Hi  :D
13 Jul 2020 15:26:08
howdy do
08 Jul 2020 23:54:24
08 Jul 2020 10:22:40
My mother did it, which explains the mental conditions of my sisters, its a genetic  thing. :D
07 Jul 2020 14:01:29
... I could ask how you knoiw this... but I would regret it.
07 Jul 2020 11:53:34
Little known fact, if you push a runner bean seed up your nose the moisture will cause it to germinate, and expand.You wont get any beans though just  two black eyes. :o
04 Jul 2020 13:16:48
VIDEO or it didn't happen!! :) Nice going though, keep it up!
Bad Raven:
02 Jul 2020 19:46:48
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
02 Jul 2020 17:45:19
Sounds basic but I'm happy with it  :laugh:
whoelseisbored (LiamHowe89):
02 Jul 2020 17:45:05
Managed a split s :D
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10 or 12amp esc help

Started by paulcobra, Thursday,December 27, 2012, 20:43:30

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Whats the cheapest pre flashed or would it be cheaper getting unflashed and gey someone to flash them for me (would do it myself but dont have a clue)


If there was ever anyone who doesn';t/didn';t have a clue about this flashing lark it';s me... but I decided that it';s time to take the bull by the horns and learn  ;)

So you get the esc flashing gizmo from HobbyKing   

Then you go to Lazy Zero http://lazyzero.de/en/modellbau/kkmulticopterflashtool

Then you act dumb and ask for help here ... someone talks you through it in baby steps ....and before you know it Robert';s your father';s brother ~~ ::)


But how does that lead conect to the computer? Or am i missing something?


Aha - a little bit more complicated - it plugs into another lead which is used to flash KK boards a USBasp lead  :-/

You might want to have a look at a thread the chaps here have been helping me with if you';re interested in taking it further ....


The help is definitely here ... I couldn';t work out flashing KK boards but I cracked it with help on here  ;)


The best cheap 12 amp speed controllers that you can buy are these;


You would need to flash them with the simonK firmware to get the best out of them, but once flashed they seem to work very well and run very quickly. Faster update rates mean you can set your gyro P settings higher in multiwii (or the equivalent setting in whatever flight controller you are using) before you get feedback oscillations, so your quadcopter will feel more stable and locked in and respond better.

I have 8 of them on 2 separate quadcopters and they work as well or better than anything else i';ve tried. I';ll be buying more for my next quadcopter.

As XH558 says flashing is a bit of a pain but totally doable - or if you get completely stuck (or don';t want to invest in the necessary tools) i bet you';ll find a volunteer with the necessary equipment to help out. If all else fails send me a pm.
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