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APC230 APC230-43 Wireless Digital Communication Module

Started by Gaza07, Saturday,June 30, 2012, 12:10:59

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I have used the earlier version of these the Apc220 with my Megapirate setup and they worked very well allowing me to alter settings in the mission planner  wire free, and also allowing the setting of way point within the mission planner here are the specs a couple of pics the manual and a configuration program

you can buy the Apc230 from http://www.goodluckbuy.com/apc230-apc230-43-wireless-digital-communication-module-for-arduinousb-adaptor-1800meter.html

APC230-43 is a cost-effective and easy applied module that not only can transmit transparent data with large data buffer zone,but also can provide more than 100 channels. APC230 's parameters easily setting and small size make the module an ideal for wireless data transfer application.

Characters of APC230:
- 1800 meters of communication distance(2400bps)
- Output power is 100 mW
- Frequency is from 418MHz to 455MHz
- Size of Module 39.5mm x 18.3mm x 7.0mm
- More than 100 channels
- GFSK modulation
- UART/TTL interface
- Exceed 256 bytes data buffer
- Fit to large data transfers
- The convenient software for setting

Application of APC230:
- Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
- Wireless sensor
- Industrial Automation
- The control of traffic signal
- Wireless handheld terminal
- Remote control and monitoring
- The management of cars
- Wire Replacement
- Oil and Gas Detection.
- The control of robot


Wouldnt the Blue Tooth adapter be better as its much faster ?


The Blue Tooth is much faster but only has a very short range about 5 meters, unlike the APC230 which can do around 1800 meters  ~~


I see so the blue tooth is more for setting things up close range where as the apc modules will alllow you to set things up and keep contact at much greater ranges, whats the mission planner sorry if this is a daft question  ::)


The mission planner is a program used with arducopter / ardupilot / Megapirate flight controllers and allows them to see the position of the copter via Gps and google maps on there lap top, it is also used for setting up the flight controller and setting way points to fly to using the Gps, you can find a lot more info by visiting Diy Drones, here a pic of the mission planner with a Gps fix


I havent seen that before it looks very good, so the google image in the planner is your position using the gps ?


Yea the position show is my back garden, the planner is very good but you have to have telemetry to use it  ~~


i was getting 800 meter connection from this  not working with new mpng wultiwii no problem, on mpng probably edit some parameter to get less data from fc will work again the new mavlink overflow the module


I`m thinking of using a pair of these for AIR >> APC220 to Bluetooth Bridge >> Android GCS

Have we a legal Frequency from 418MHz to 455MHz in the uk ?
or just set it to 433 mhz ?


Hi Peter those modules arent really used any more they were never fast enough you should get your self a pair of these  ~~



I have a pair of APC220s unused , But it looks like it`s one more thing to add to my Rctimer / Hobbyking shopping list.


I have a couple of pairs of the APC220';s but they just arent fast enough now, I bought some of the rctimer ones and they are so much better  ~~


I was going to say that they may be problems with the 3dr radio idea as a bridge , because one side has the ftdi chip , But looking at the rctimer site again you can get 2 of the air side modules , nice !!