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Monday,January 20, 2020, 11:52:23

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Rares Gosav:
17 Jan 2020 17:44:22
Hi guys and happy new year!!!
01 Jan 2020 00:12:50
Happy new year everyone, happy flying.  :beer2: :beer2:
31 Dec 2019 17:06:13
Happy new year all hope 2020 is a cracking year for you  :beer2:
25 Dec 2019 00:00:49
Happy Christmas to everyone.
24 Dec 2019 13:50:56
Seasons greetings to all on this forum have a good one ;)
21 Dec 2019 17:58:42
Have a great time DB. Look forward your projects in 2020.  :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:59:17
Have a good one D.B. ~~ :beer2: :beer2: :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:14:27
21 Dec 2019 16:13:44
Tbh I've been really busy, not had much time to fly anything and with conditions being crap, hopefully in the new year I'll have some new projects on the go, mostly to do with HAM radio, will certainly fly again soon. FTR I hate FB too   :D Merry Christmas
21 Dec 2019 15:21:30
Merry Christmas  :beer2:
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My attempt...

Started by XH558, Tuesday,October 16, 2012, 22:10:49

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Well having introduced myself I suppose you ought to see my quad ';thing';  ;)

The attachment with the sandwich box on is the first incarnation with the KK board - not the best effort  :tongue:

The other is the addition of Naza and GPS - and some wooden arms I got cheap off ebay screwed onto the aluminium ones I had there already to give me better motor mounts and esc mounting places. I shall stick with the aluminium box for the hex and as it';s so successful probably ply for the centre boards - would prefer aluminium but haven';t got the cutting expertise and I';m better with wood  :smiley:

Then here are my 2 attempts at the cheap MD80 camera - the one over the house is the first go with a bad mount - the second over the beach is a fettled mount with more foam and stuff and it';s a bit better but still too shaky.

This is just really getting used to it .... it is brilliant - and since the photos I';ve moved on the fixed propeller mounts and coloured props to aid orientation.


Ive built a few wooden quads my self and they have always flown well but dont take to well to being crashed, you still got some bad vibes in the video, do you balance your props ? it can make a huge difference when they are balanced, I will have a look for some of my old wooden quad pics and post them when I find them,
I also used ply for the center plates it worked very well  ~~


In the second pic the wooden arms are not attached to the centre at all - they are simply bolted on to the existing aluminium frame to extend them a little and give me some better motors mounts .... I';m not over impressed with the quality of the wood - so for the next one I';ll stick with just aluminium and ply  ;)

I';ve only ';crashed'; once - and that was due to having the voltage thing set up too high in the Naza Assistant and the motors just being cut by the Naza as it thought the batteries were too low .... they weren';t .... all that broke were the blue foam and ply legs - they';ve been uprated now - and I switched off the voltage controller and now just time the flights myself  :rolleyes:


for vibration, try to balance propeller and motor  help a lot.
and a hi landing gear then you make your mount on it cut a lot of vibration too, no need to get a gimbal right now but landing gear absorb a lot of fast vibration .... hope this help!


Nice one XH558 - I have actually switched off the low voltage failsafe on my naza and simply use the timer on my tx.  That beach video would be a whole lot better without those vibs man lol.  Youtube antishake cannot even get rid lol.  graupner 10 x 5 props will save you a lot of trouble fiddling with prop balancing and fix 80% of the jello.  Or like others said - spend time balancing props n motors that you have already. Good luck with it.


ALL my multicopters are made exclusinvely from wood.  Wooden arms, ply frames, and that';s a tri, a quad and a hex.

The Quad has my gopro rubber banded direct to the lower frame and is almost completely vibe free.  Wood I have found seems to absorb rather than transmit vibes.

I just find wood so much easier/cheaper to work with. The only downside is you can easily make bends which would have made my camera gimbal build a lot easier.
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Ok - stupid question number 1

I used to spend ages balancing the blades on my Eolo heli - and it was easy just using small bits of tape on the light blade.

But how on earth do you balance a thin 10" prop - surely not tape ...

What do you add / take away to achieve the balance  :shrug:



Wednesday,October 17, 2012, 12:47:23 #8 Last Edit: Wednesday,October 17, 2012, 13:11:55 by XH558
OK - I';ll have to check that then  :cool:

edit - Magnetic prop blade balancer ordered from flea bay ...  ~~



lolll sry i saw you post after gaza :P we found the same  mouhahaha