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Sunday,August 18, 2019, 15:54:43

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07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
30 Jul 2019 15:26:34
D.B. you tightwad.. :cool:
29 Jul 2019 20:14:10
DB that just means you have shed loads of props in the first place ;-)
29 Jul 2019 18:53:33
Just had a thought, even with all the crashing I've done, I haven't bought any replacement props in over a year ~~
09 Jul 2019 19:45:42
May the sun shine and winds be light for BFU#8. Son't forget lots of vids for those of us unable to attend.  :D
09 Jul 2019 18:10:30
Hope you all have a great day  :beer2:
09 Jul 2019 14:05:28
BFU#8 details locked in for this saturday - see the head of the forum thread for all details.
05 Jul 2019 21:51:05
Good for genital warts as well......or so I'm told.. :hmm
05 Jul 2019 21:48:24
Just fixed a busted SMA connector on my TBS unity pigtail, it suffered badly in a recent crash and split in two, nothing a touch of the soldering iron couldn't fix  :D
05 Jul 2019 19:44:08
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Looking for a ready to go FPV setup for my GoPro 450

Started by raymondkerr, Sunday,October 20, 2013, 14:17:48

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Been looking to get into FPV with a monitor.  Found this kit on rclegends.


I have a GoPro 3 on a tarot gimbal, can I use the GoPro for FPV aswell as
reccording video on it at the same time, or am I best buying another
onboard camera for the FPV ?

The only things I see that this kit doesn';t include is a GoPRO video cable
and a shade for around the screen.

Plan on using it with a Futaba T8J.

Is this kit a good buy ? or should I be looking at another option ?



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I have a spare TX, RX . monitor and camera Raymond which you can try out.

Alien homemade , 330 homemade wonderful little thing oh and the 250 mini that is wonderful


thanks Eric, hopefully the weather improves soon so we can get out.


TBS Discovery - Naza M Lite
GoPRO Hero 3 Silver Edition
ImmersionRC Tx with Fatshark Attitude
FrSky Taranis


Yep, GoPro video out and record at the same time works fine. A few things to consider.

1. Get the Tarot GoPro cable. Space is really tight and it fits very well, you have to modify to the others cbles on the market to squeeze into the space. The Tarot cable is also very flexible, a big help with the gimbal.

2. Identifying the connectors on the Tarot cable is difficult. The wires aren';t marked, both connectors have two wires going into them and some of the web photos I';ve seen are incorrect. The easiest way to identify the video out cable is it has the two wires in positions one and three - the center position is empty on the connector. The GoPro charge cable has the two wires in the center position and one end position. Center is positive.

3. The GoPro will only output video for five minutes if not recording. This can cause some head scratching and/or a problem if you forget to press record on the camera and start your FPV flight. It';s a bummer when the screen goes blank five minutes or so into the flight :sick:

Hope this helps,




Thanks for the info Jim, stuff that I didn';t know and will look into.



TBS Discovery - Naza M Lite
GoPRO Hero 3 Silver Edition
ImmersionRC Tx with Fatshark Attitude
FrSky Taranis


Though you can use a camera on a gimbal for FPV it isn';t recommended, it';s hard to fly when the camera and quad attitude aren';t the same as you don';t get any visual feedback of what the quad is doing.

If you do want to see what the recording camera sees then get one of these and switch between cameras.
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If you are doing acro or energetic flying I';d agree.  But for general pootering about I find my Fpv off my gopro on the 3 axis gimbal works great.  It takes a bit of getting used to,  then it';s a bit like driving a hovercraft around the sky.

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Sure, it can be done however it';s better to have the option to choose between cameras depending on how you want to fly, I certainly wouldn';t want to be stuck just looking through a gimbal mounted cam.

The dedicated FPV cam also wins on dynamic range performance too. After tuning into other people';s FPV flights at a recent meet with all sorts of setups, the Sony Super HAD II D-WDR cams had the nicest image and dealt with changing light conditions better than everything else.
TBS Discovery : DRQ-250 : Q450 : Blade mQX