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Stick scaling and rates.

Started by Danieldogsdad, Saturday,October 12, 2013, 21:51:13

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Just trying to understand what I';m doing a little more. And have a couple of questions.

Firstly does the KK stick scaling have an upper limit? I can';t find it and got bored pressing the button!

Secondly is the stick scaling a percentage, multiple or what or the rates in the TX? Reason I ask is that I did have my rates on the TX at 150% at one point and with the stick scaling at a little higher than stock it seemed I was able to over clock the stick scaling to the point where the board went blank and the motors stopped turning. Did cause quite a significant crash? I might also want to consider dual rates and the relationship between rates and stick scaling will help prevent unexpected results.

And lastly I notice that most people seem to fly on a stick scaling of around 70. This is a little disconcerting as on both my 330 and 450 quad I am at 105! Now I like thrashing them around doing flips/ loops etc but I';m pretty certain I';m not that good so what is causing my stick scaling to be so high? Is 70 a setting most are using for videoing or FPV or am I missing something? Incidently I am considering going higher on the stick scaling as the flips aren';t quite "snappy" enough for my liking. (see my f330 aerobatics video for an example of the flips).

Thanks for the help,


Are you asking what are rates on your TX as in you don';t know what it does ?  :frantic:


No. I know what rates do and I know what stick scaling does.

What I';m asking is what the relationship between them is. Does stick scaling multiply the TX Rates or is their some kind of linear relationship to them? Does it just add to them for example? Sorry, I';m not being very clear as I';m not quite sure how to word the question!




This is my understanding.

For this explanation, TX is set to 100% travel adjust, 100% dual rate & 0% Expo.

Stick Scaling sets the maximum difference in speed between left motors and right motors at full aileron deflection of the tx stick. I understand that this is linear on the KK2, If Stick Scaling is increased with no changes to TX settings, then the difference between left and right motors would be greater thereby giving an even greater roll rate. With very high stick scaling, the roll rate would be a blur! There are vids showing rolls of 3 or evn higher per second!

So, in the above you can set stick scaling to quite high settings but then use either TX rates and or expo to calm things down.

Now, I';m not a flips and roll kind of guy and in fact, I am trying to learn the basics.

My settings with the KK2 version 1.6++r1 are as follows;

Stick Scaling set to 45
Tx Travel Adjust set to 100%
TX 3 position switch giving
    Pos 1  Acro
    Pos 2  Self Level Normal
    Pos 3  Self Level High

Dual Rates set to the same 3 position switch giving
   Pos  1 100%
   Pos  2 100%
   Pos  3  90%

Expo set to the same 3 position switch giving
   Pos  1   10%
   Pos  2   10%
   Pos  3   40%

Now, I';m still playing with things but I find that I get the following in performance with the various rates

   Pos  1  Acro            Nice and crisp responses with no self level
   Pos  2  SL Normal   Still the same crisp response but with an element of self level thrown in.
   Pos  3  SL High       Very stable flight but with lots of punch when required.

The above works for me.

Soon, I will increase the Stick Scaling by 5 and keep the TX settings the same. This will make the quads response even sharper with TX stick movements. When the response gets too twitchy for me, I will adjust rates and expo on the TX to bring the response down a tad until I get used to it.

Of course I could have started with a high stick scaling of 70 or even 100 and adjusted tx accordingly but I didn';t want the first flight to be out of my depth!

I hope that this makes some sense.

Please feel free to correct anything that is not quite right.

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Sunday,October 13, 2013, 15:59:30 #4 Last Edit: Sunday,October 13, 2013, 16:03:01 by Danieldogsdad

Thanks for taking the time but I don';t think I';m explaining what I';m asking very well.

My settings are similar to yours except with a stick scaling of 105 I do not use any rates just a 30% Expo setting. I may increase the stick scaling from this a fraction as I am now used to these settings and wanting to go up a little for an even snappier response!

Now, if I accidentally program in a rate to my TX of say, 125% (I actually did this last week and the result as you say is a blurring quad! Good fun but I kept overshooting the catch!) If I was to go up by 25 on the stick scaling instead of with rates on the TX I do not achieve the same blurring quad, in fact it';s reasonably manageable.

So what';s the difference? Surely if stick scaling was a linear rate we should get the same results.

Does stick scaling multiply or add to any TX rates or is it just a case that by using stick scaling we power down one set of props to achieve the higher roll rate whereas TX rates only adds power to the up going side?

None of this is anything other than academic really, I tend to leave 100% rates on the TX and add stick scaling till its snappy and Expo just to smooth it a tad. I';m just really curious as to what the programming on the KK2 board is doing to the TX inputs.

Plus I';m really curious as to how people are getting flips etc at a stick scaling of 45 -70. On all my quads Even the upper end of that does not produce a snappy flip. (Bear in mind I';m the only quad flyer I know so I have only ever seen flips etc on YouTube with some guy called Warthox!)



Hi Daniel,

Your findings are interesting and as you say academic!

The best thing to do is to fly within your comfort zone and once mastered, increase the settings.
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I was having a stick scaling contest with some other guy we we';re both at 70. I went to 90 and foung it just right about 2 flips or atleast 1.5 a second. The other guy  went to 110 and he flipped, its hard to say as it was so fast, 3 or 4 times in a second. We was watching through fpv monitor and it was just a blur of grass and sky. He was nice and high though so pulled of a nice save