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23 Aug 2019 10:29:15
Nice! Looks loads better.  :beer2:
22 Aug 2019 22:47:32
Sorted mate  ~~
22 Aug 2019 10:27:36
Sure. But basically, all the subjects are getting cut off.
21 Aug 2019 18:14:54
Can you pm me a screen shot of what you mean
21 Aug 2019 12:15:41
Gaza - can you make the subject line section in the forum topic list wider? It's cutting off the subject field really short.
19 Aug 2019 09:14:20
Good for you!  ~~
18 Aug 2019 19:13:57
Had another negative encounter, it's been a few years since the last one, just an uneducated ******, going on about drones being illegal yada yada yada.    :-/
Still that didn't spoil my flying time, had an absolute blast  ~~
07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
30 Jul 2019 15:26:34
D.B. you tightwad.. :cool:
29 Jul 2019 20:14:10
DB that just means you have shed loads of props in the first place ;-)
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Carbon or Plastic or Wood?

Started by jimbo385, Monday,September 30, 2013, 07:48:36

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What are the benefits of plastic over carbon or even wood besides cost?
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I';m not sure what the benefits of plastics are but I got a lot less issue with vibration affecting my videos using a wood frame than I do now on my SK450 deadcat


Monday,September 30, 2013, 10:33:42 #2 Last Edit: Monday,September 30, 2013, 11:19:55 by e.chipev
Maybe you ask about props? Or frames? Or both... :D

Wooden props are the most stiff ones, then is carbon and most flexible ones are from plastic.
From MY experience so far.. carbon props are the most crash resistant ones :)
Wooden props have very tiny tips and they tend to brake/chip very easy.
Weight comparison:
Xoar wooden prop 13x5
Rctimer carbon prop 13x4




F450 Clone KK2.0 General Batting around!

FPV550 KK2.0 FPV No gear on it yet!

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I use wooden all the time, BUT! as mentioned the tips are fragile and very stiff..  I';m moving over to Carbon on my ship, not because of weight but the way I fly..  If you have stiff props it';s like having higher gains on the controller, very responsive ect..  However if you have a little give in the props this helps smooth things out in flight when filming on fast turns..  I know it sounds weird but yep it does make a difference on heavy lifters anyway.. 

Why not adjust the gains then I here you say! then when hovering at low speed flying it';s not responsive or smooth enough..  When doing fast flying and turns, I try and get the unit to drift like a car, this makes the video become more smoother and less sort of drag in the video while turning around..

OMG!  I really need to get out more!!


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and then there are the GRP from Graupner, as used on the Disco';s.

I guess these are a half-way house between carbon and plastic??


I have graduated from ABS to carbon-reinforced which made a significant difference, the quad felt more precise.  Most recently I have bought my first set of full carbon props which I cannot say make any noticeable difference over the carbon-reinforced in terms of flying. 

The carbons were supposed to be balanced - three of the four were, the remaining needed quite a bit of work with the sandpaper to get it to balance properly.

I think the full carbon props sound much better than the ABS.
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