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24 Aug 2019 19:21:05
23 Aug 2019 19:26:42
I agree it does look a lot better for some reasom SMF shorten any recent posts display  :rolleyes:
23 Aug 2019 10:29:15
Nice! Looks loads better.  :beer2:
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Sorted mate  ~~
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Sure. But basically, all the subjects are getting cut off.
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Can you pm me a screen shot of what you mean
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Gaza - can you make the subject line section in the forum topic list wider? It's cutting off the subject field really short.
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Good for you!  ~~
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Had another negative encounter, it's been a few years since the last one, just an uneducated ******, going on about drones being illegal yada yada yada.    :-/
Still that didn't spoil my flying time, had an absolute blast  ~~
07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
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Anyone else own a Steadidrone Qu4d?

Started by Grey Area, Saturday,September 21, 2013, 22:08:47

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Grey Area

When it works, I love it. Trouble is that';s not often enough for me to have much confidence in it. I am a novice flyer and I know the Qu4d is probably more than I needed, but I still look at the Phantom and thought it was too toy-like for £500. Now it';s £350 and I';m wondering if it';s worth it to help hone my skills. However it seems low powered and that worries me; the only R/C aircraft I ever lost was due to it being underpowered.

Just looking for opinions/options...


That is crazy money for what it is, you could get a very similar spec model for 1/3 of that price off Peter King.
He does an APM 2.5 Quad receiver ready for under £300, contact info for you - pking@westmids.com
Here';s a video of the sort of thing I';m on about:

I';ve got a 450 size one of his with Crius AIOP and gps - it';s really good!
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!

Grey Area

Already starting to figure out that I paid more than I had to, but I fell in love with the format (and probably fell hook line and sinker for some promo vids if I';m honest.

I like that it doesn';t look like an escapee from a spaghetti factory (no wires on the outside) and though I have broken it once, I did have to drop it out of a 60 foot tree into a very hard sand bunker to do so.

Would I buy it again knowing what I know now? Probably not. Should have done more research.


If you';ve got it the best thing to do is make the most of it, learn to fly with it and learn what makes it tick. There is no shortage of help and advice on here plus a great deal of knowledge and expertise, you can';t ask the wrong (multicopter) question! there is usually someone who knows the answer.
You don';t say what radio gear you have, it may be that it could easily be improved on without major expenditure. If you have the dx5e then the logical upgrade that will give you a lot more options is a dx6i, I still use mine! It';s a bit limited on what it can do (more channels needed for fpv).
If you are anywhere near where I am I could show you my gear so you can see what you can do on a budget! (I live in Halesowen,  West Midlands).
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!

Grey Area

The advantage to the UK is it';s quite a small place compared to some. I';m in Huddersfield.


If it';s a decent frame then to be honest I';m beginning to think that theyre like a Triggers brush

No matter how much is changed it';s still the same quad
Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX

Grey Area

I love the frame because it doesn';t get props in shot...that';s what attracted me to it in the first place - that and it';s neat (no external wires with cable ties holding them in place), foldable and powerful. I lost an RC plane in the wind because the plane was underpowered. I like something that can fight a stiff wind to get back to me. I live in Huddersfield where no tree grows vertical!

Just need it to be a bit more predictable - and my Radio is a DX5e which yes, others have said may be (a big) part of the problem. I dunno cos I';m just a noob flyer!


Yes your dx5e is your biggest problem, a dx6i would be a lot better - the reason being that it is programmable, you would be able to use all of the features that the FC offers. Once it';s set up properly on a decent radio setup the world is your oyster!
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!

Grey Area

Well I';ve got an appointment with Peter on Saturday - I contacted him after you suggested it and he';s very kindly offered to do an overhaul on my qu4d.

I don';t think there';s anything wrong with it from a design point of view - it';s kind of like a high powered bike...a bit temperamental and benefits from someone knowing how to maintain and tune it. Peter is a lot closer than the guys who built it...!


I have had great experiences with Peters services and I';m sure he will get it into great shape.

I would say that something a little more flexible than the Dx5 should be penciled in to your plans.

Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX


Wow just look at those prices, i am clearly selling my RTF quads and hexs way to cheap !!!! I know there is a lot of work in building a good RTF package but 8000 dollars is well over the top for the spec !!!

Regards rob
life is too short to worry about what others think !!!