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Monday,January 20, 2020, 13:21:13

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Rares Gosav:
17 Jan 2020 17:44:22
Hi guys and happy new year!!!
01 Jan 2020 00:12:50
Happy new year everyone, happy flying.  :beer2: :beer2:
31 Dec 2019 17:06:13
Happy new year all hope 2020 is a cracking year for you  :beer2:
25 Dec 2019 00:00:49
Happy Christmas to everyone.
24 Dec 2019 13:50:56
Seasons greetings to all on this forum have a good one ;)
21 Dec 2019 17:58:42
Have a great time DB. Look forward your projects in 2020.  :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:59:17
Have a good one D.B. ~~ :beer2: :beer2: :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:14:27
21 Dec 2019 16:13:44
Tbh I've been really busy, not had much time to fly anything and with conditions being crap, hopefully in the new year I'll have some new projects on the go, mostly to do with HAM radio, will certainly fly again soon. FTR I hate FB too   :D Merry Christmas
21 Dec 2019 15:21:30
Merry Christmas  :beer2:
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Rctimer I2c GPS Converter

Started by Gaza07, Monday,September 10, 2012, 16:03:50

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I recently bought one of the little cheap rctimer i2c gps converters to try on my paris v3 multi wii controller, you will find them in the link below



They show it being used with the rctimer cn-06 v1 gps module but in fact the combo doesnt work at all with out a little bit of work,

The first thing that needs to be done is solder the FTDI pins in across the edge like in the picture, and then flash the latest multi wii i2c nav code to the converter, heres a copy of the latest code you can use Arduino v1.01 to do the job, there is also a couple of pics to help in the archive


You then need to solder the last 2 pins on the Gps module together this will make the gps default to 38400 instead of 9600,


you can use any serial gps with the converter and will need to edit the config.h in the file to suit the speed of the gps your using, and then flash it to your i2c nav board  ~~


Cheers Gaz, I bought one of these with my AIO and GPS so I can try the GPS on the Drotek board. I'll have a play with it later in the week.

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You dont need the converter for the AIOP but I get the feeling you already know that  :rolleyes:
but Im not sure if the soldered legs will affect the normal use on the AIOP  :shrug:

Here's a couple of screen captures using the i2c converter



Nice work!

Do you think there is much different in performance with the GPS when connected straight to the AIOP and when using the i2C converter board with a 'regular' multiwii flight controller?

I will be interested to hear once you've flown with both to compare.
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Good question as the i2c board has the same mcu as the flight controller and actually takes a lot of the navigation processing away from the flight controllers mcu, I suppose it should be better but we will see and it is putting the data on the already over crowded i2c bus  :rolleyes:


i recently purchased multiwii se board v1 with converter and gps, but i saw that it is now gps v2, do you think modifications is still required?
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Im not sure it cant hurt to try it as it is first just make sure the right pins are connected  ~~


ok, ill try as i get the package from rctimer.
dynam hawksky, Ripmax MX2 v3, Stm FW190, F16profile EDF, HK parkjet, ASK21, bixler 2, blade MQX, quad SM450v2 multiwii, spider quad apm, wltoys v272


I tested the i2c on a paris v3 and it didnt work until i soldered the gps to default to 38400bps and then flashed the i2c interface, but I would try it before resorting to those methods  ~~


ill test it first, but i have to read some more forums, all new to programming and stuff. Is the multiwii se from rctimer ready to fly as it is sold? or do you have to program it to make the quad to be fly?
dynam hawksky, Ripmax MX2 v3, Stm FW190, F16profile EDF, HK parkjet, ASK21, bixler 2, blade MQX, quad SM450v2 multiwii, spider quad apm, wltoys v272


I've not had this board before and it probably come loaded with a version of multi wii, but you would be better off loading the latest 2.1 your self I can help you with the upload process and any questions you might have about editing the firmware,
Have you downloaded the latest version of the arduino app


i have not downloaded anything yet, i thought i start the fun when i receive my first parts.
so i have to download arduino and wingui?
i'm sorry i this is going to be a bit off topic..... :huh :embarrassed
dynam hawksky, Ripmax MX2 v3, Stm FW190, F16profile EDF, HK parkjet, ASK21, bixler 2, blade MQX, quad SM450v2 multiwii, spider quad apm, wltoys v272


Yea grab a copy of the Arduino app wingui and multi wii 2.1

Look in the downloads section of the arduiono site linked below, there is also some good help pages on there to

Multi wii firmware get v2.1

Win Gui v2.1

When you get your bits we can make a new thread in the multi wii section about setting up the multi wii se v1 board  ~~


Tuesday,October 02, 2012, 22:35:40 #13 Last Edit: Tuesday,October 02, 2012, 22:43:33 by teslahed
If you want to look at the code and become familiar with it before your board arrives you could download the software to get a head start;


( http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software )

That's the latest (windows) version of arduino 1.01


And that's the location of the latest version of the multiwii code. 2.1 is the latest stable version which is what i would recommend you start with.

When you download the multiwii software you'll have a zip file to open - it will make 2 folders - MultiWii_2_1 and MultiWiiConf_2_1. Look in MultiWii_2_1 and right click on the 'MultiWii_2_1' file inside the folder of the same name and open with the arduino program you downloaded and installed.

The program will open up a little notepad type window with lots of text and tabs along the top. The tab along the top you want to look at is the 'Config.h' tab. All the bits you are likely to want to fiddle with  in there, most of it is well commented so scroll through and read the notes and you'll get an idea what it's about and then likely have a bunch more questions.

If you get stuck anywhere following the above let me know.

edit - the winGUI gaza linked you to is nice and easy to use. In the other of the two folders that is created when you extract the multiwii zip file there are some sub folders, have a look in;


there is an application you can click on 'MultiWiiConf_2_1' which is the original GUI for multiwii which the winGUI replaces. Worth having a look at both but most people prefer the winGUI.

One circlip short of a quadcopter.
 1 lobe short of an antenna.


Does this converter requires a 10Hz or 5Hz  GPS refresh rate? Or does it work with for instance with a 1Hz GPS?
Any code to add to Multiwii 2.1?



2.4g shaun

Monday,September 30, 2013, 12:49:40 #17 Last Edit: Monday,September 30, 2013, 13:51:00 by 2.4g shaun
Hi Gaz,
OK I';m too lazy to figure it out for myself and you';ve already sorted it....
Now the confession is out of the way. I bought one of the  RC timer boards about 6 months ago, so I';m assuming it will need re-flashing with some newer software. Could you point me in the right direction please.

Also using this board does TX go to Tx or is it crossed over to go to Rx on the GPS module?
The GPS module is this one     GY-GPS6MV2  ( UBLOX)


Pretty amazing value for under  £11.00 posted ( I';ve also bought compass modules from here at under £2.00 , they work a treat). It also gives you the opportunity to easily  lengthen the wire for the antenna and leave the electronics close to the FC as it isn';t soldered to it.

I';m using Multiwii 2.2 so do I need to add any further code to the sketch for GPS functionality.

Also, do I need to hardware strap ( as you have done ) the chip for the higher baud rate or is this taken care of in the  2.2 software /updated. I2c converter software?
Not quite 20 questions but your help would be appreciated..




Hi shaun its been a while since I actually did this but it is easier if your gps has an eeprom which yours appears to have,
you need to download the i2c board firmware and fash the i2c board edit the sketch with the speed you set in your gps config most use 38400,
there is some settings in the wii code you have to select but I think they are clearly marked and should be easy enough  ~~

you can get the code from here https://code.google.com/p/i2c-gps-nav/downloads/list

you will need the ublox software to write to the gps eeprom and set it to 38400 its probably running at 9600 on default you can get the Ublox ucentre from here http://www.u-blox.com/en/evaluation-tools-a-software/u-center/u-center.html

you should be able to connect to the gps with a ftdi rx to tx as per flight controller to set the gps up  ~~

Of course this could of all changed since i did it and there may well be a much easier way  :rolleyes:  ~~

2.4g shaun

Cheers Gaz,

I';ll keep you appraised of my progress.

Would you suggest hardware strapping the UBlox as you did ?




I had to do the V1 Gps because it had no eeprom but yours does so i think I would reconfigure it  ~~

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