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Martinez Board LED Lights and problem

Started by Bradlo, Friday,July 19, 2013, 22:29:00

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Running the Martinez board on my RCTimer brushless gimbal, got it working fine. Flew it today once and the rubber vibration dampeners needed compressing to make them less jelly like. I strapped them down and plugged the battery back into the whole copter.
Now the gimbal doesn';t auto balance and the motors seem like they have no power. Nothings changed from when i flew it before other than the dampeners being tightened - this has no effect on any of the board or the wiring.

The only thing i can see thats changed is that the Martinez board has an LED on it which just comes on Red as soon as the battery is connected and thats it.
I can';t find any guides on the boards LED lights and what they mean, but before it was green. The gyro board still remains blue as it was before, however, as above, the motors don';t do their normal levelling calibration nor do they seem to have any power.

Any clues?


You may be able to see an error message via the USB serial port....


Quote from: rickp on Friday,July 19, 2013, 22:34:23
You may be able to see an error message via the USB serial port....

I';ll have to find a Windows XP machine when i get back after the weekend to run the board to, since i cant connect it to Windows 7 for some reason...


Pulling my hair out trying to connect to this Gimbal board! :banghead:

I';ve finally found out it uses a CP2102 USB chip (Or whatever) to connect via USB (after taking a few hours of my life to find out its not the standard FTDR or whatever it is connection that all the drivers around are for). SO i install these drivers for the CP2102 and i finally get the board to show up in Device manager on a COM Port (No idea what they are) but despite this i can';t seem to connect using the BGL GUI, it just goes to TC: Reading values... in the V46 version and in the V49 version is says connected but i get no info from the gyro... Although the V49 software says its connected on any COM port even if it isnt the gimbals one...

So frustrating! Any help appreciated!! :help: