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31 Aug 2019 20:37:03
Looking forward to BFU #9 footage  :D Hope you all had a great time
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Hope you all have a great day today at the BFU 9  :beer2:
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try again now, hopefully it should be resolved...
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Should be fixed now
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3D Site also affected
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Gaza is on the case
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Cheers Andy7.
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Another newbie

Started by hotrodspike, Saturday,July 06, 2013, 20:17:26

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Hiya everybody

Just bought one of these of the bay (ATG 650-16 Folding Hexa Multi-copter MWC SE Flight Controller ARF for Gopro Hd) after the missus bought me an AR Drone for my birthday, which re-ignited the RC bug in me. Used to fly conventional helis a few years back, well a lot more than a few actually, my son was 6 when I jacked it in and he';s 28 now!
I';m getting to grips with the AR, but using my ipad to control it is a bit of a pain especially in bright sunlight, and that';s why I bought the Hexa. I eventually want to use it to do some aerial photo';s of birds of prey in flight, buzzards, kites etc, but thought that they might attack something a little smaller and so I bought the biggest I could find and afford.
I';ll be using my old faithful Futaba FF7 1024, with an Orange 2.4 Ghz RF module to replace the old 35meg one.
So, I';m OK with the building (used to make my own rotor heads from titanium) and controlling bits, but what';s with all of this computer geek lark about having to program the board and the sensors? Is there a board where I can just plug it in and fly? If so where can I get one from and how much?
I';m not a technophobe, but I might need a lot of answers to a lot of questions before I get the thing up in the air (t';was a lot easier in the olden days), ';cos I';m getting on a bit now and I don';t want to peg it before I can see the fruits of my labours.
I';ll finish building the frame then see how everything hangs off it, then I';ll start with the questions, hope you';re ready for this.

Love and kisses to everybody

P.S. The instructions are none existent so I';m flying blind on the build as it is (serves me right for buying from China I ';spose)


Hi John and welcome to the forum the new naza lite is about as plug and play as you can get and not a bad price £144 inc gps its is easy to setup and easy to fly, feel free to ask for as much help as you might need  ~~  :beer2:



Cheers guys, I';m writing down the questions as I go along, I';m up to page 23 at the moment.


Quote from: hotrodspike on Saturday,July 06, 2013, 20:17:26
...Is there a board where I can just plug it in and fly? If so where can I get one from and how much?

Howdy and welcome, the KK2.0 board is almost as ';plug and play'; as you can get I think. No PC and USB cables or fancy GPS shenanigans, stick it to the frame, attach all the cables and set it up with the on board LCD ~~

Both my KK boards fly really well on 1.5 firmware (even better with 1.6) and stock settings.


Hi John, a belated welcome - just noticed from your interest in the dx6i you';re from the Midlands, where abouts? I';m in Halesowen - you anywhere near? I';m running a 450 size quad atm with gps on - Crius AIO pro FC, it has to be plugged into the computer to do anything with but I don';t have a problem with that. If you are looking for someone to give you a hand give me a shout - I am no expert but I learn quickly.
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