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Almost my first flying machine

Started by kilby, Monday,July 01, 2013, 20:27:50

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I';m asking something like the usual newbie what should buy except I sort of know what would suit but it';s too expensive to buy as an almost first purchase.

Although I know a few fixed wing and heli RC pilots nobody seems to be interested in quads and the perceive me as some sort of freak, so I will ask here

As a kid it was free flight gliders (very time consuming and a lot of lost gliders.) In the last couple of years I';ve played with co-axial and small fixed pitch copters with only moderate enthusiasm, but a few minutes with a Hubsan x4 was a revelation and I want something reasonably interesting (I';m tired of chasing the cat around the house with the Hubsan)

Acrobatics and fancy flying isn';t on the list of things I particularly want, just stable reliable flight with an option to tell it to hit a button to stabilize things when I have an issue with my piloting (which no doubt will be often)

So it';s a stable quad that can happily lift a GoPro camera, can cope with GPS for hold (and return to home) and cope with FPV in a possible future.

The obvious solution for me is a F450 with Naza (or a DJI Phantom) however price is an issue especially when transmitters are figured in.

I would like be able to upgrade without having to ditch anything expensive (ie I don';t want to start with say a Spektrum 6i and find it redundant after adding GPS in a couple of months time) so spending a little more at the start would seem slightly smarter.

I have several friends who fly fixed wing stuff and they all seem to have issues with some of the clone Spektrum receivers (and compatible transmitters) so I';m wary for example of Orange RX and the Turnigy products.

So can anybody make a few suggestions of suitable solutions (preferably UK suppliers) along with the number of channels that are actually required (and recommended radio kit.)

Easily obtained replacement parts would also be a good idea.

Building doesn';t daunt me as I';m from a electronics/embedded controller background, but ARTF or BNF or even RTF would not cause me to object.

With thanks,

Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX


If you want a fairly future proof TX the Hitec Aurora 9 takes some beating and it';s quite easy to programme.
For your Quad or Hex you wouldn';t go far wrong by looking up Peter King on You Tube, he sells good quality gear at sensible prices - I have one of his 450 quads, very well set up and you get very good support off him. His contact details are at the end of the videos.
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


Been a bit busy in work so only getting around to replying.

It seems like a good option and I did contact him and the prices and servuce seem to be pretty good.

Although building holds no fear for me I think a ready built 1st quad would rule out construction issues and buying a used quad could well be buying somebody elses problems but without the experience to fix them.

I would have been ordering one this week but I had to bit a new washing machine :(

I';m a bit wary of the 9x transmitter thanks one of his offerings (as the fixed wing flyers I know have had issues with intermittent signal loss)

I am windering about batteries too as I was hoping for a flight time of about 10 minutes (recommendation was the 2200 with 6 minute flight time apps) but I';m wondering if I will.make life difficult for myself with a heavier battery.

I also have the feeling that with the initial phase of ownership the time in the air before having to swap batteries will be almost several seconds
Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX


The Aurora 9 isn';t a 9x transmitter it';s Hitec and very good with non of the issues you mention. You can get one with receiver for just over £200 from Airtek; a good battery choice for what you want flight time wise is this: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__21412__ZIPPY_Compact_3700mAh_3S_35C_Lipo_Pack.html and you wouldn';t have any real problems with the extra weight.
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


Thanks for the info, I had heard mention of the Aurora 9 and I will investigate it tonight.

As this is new and I hate it when I make a not so good choice I tend to ask too many questions. Especially when (on some forums) good reviews are there because people are justifying their purchase rather than actually reviewing the item.

Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX


Thursday,July 04, 2013, 14:56:32 #5 Last Edit: Thursday,July 04, 2013, 15:00:20 by DarrenG
I';m a recent convert to the hobby and had many of the same questions when I started out.

Don';t discount Turnigy';s 9XR, it';s a low cost but very capable Tx with an excellent range of features. Or, for a small premium, FrSky';s Taranis although, newly released and stock is going to pre-orders only at the moment.  Don';t discount the 9X or 9XR on the basis of signal issues, they will be caused by their choice of Tx and Rx combos, Orange have issues. The FrSky Tx modules have an excellent reputation for range and reliability.

FWIW I bought the 9XR following device here, and FrSky';s DJT Module and D8II-R Rx and it';s proved excellent so far. The transmitter has plenty of scope and the large user community means lots of help with configuration etc

I';d also suggest you put Ardupilot on the list for consideration alongside Naza-M.  Ardupilot is a little more complex to set-up initially but offers many more features and will allow you to grow with it.

Other useful advice I had was with regard to motors. You can either buy cheap and expect some issues with vibration, balance, bearings etc, but save enough cash to have spare motors, or pay the premium for the quality makes such as Tiger Motor. But beware of so called premium brands that aren';t. DJI';s motors for example.  For ESCs, get some either pre-flashed with SimonK, or that can be flashed, or look at the new ESCs coming to market via HobbyKing that have been designed from the outset for multicopter use.

It';s immense fun, I';ve become thoroughly hooked!
Darren Griffin
@DarrenGriffin, @TheMacFixer & @PocketGPSWorld
Sky-Hero Little Spyder with Naza V2, Arducopter Quad with Pixhawk and Emax 250 with Naze32


Thanks a million, I wasn';t discounting the 9x and I have been recommended to look at the aurora 9 and the Devo 10 as well (though the Aurora 9 is a bit expensive at the minute)

Once i have a transmitter it will make it affordable to get myself a glider so I feel I can justify some expense.

The naza is out due to price and I currently believe that I will go for a Peter king pre built machine.

It seems to be a case of people seldom stop at one quad, but arrest I will be able to make some educated decisions in the future.

Any thanks for the info, there';s a lot.pdf info out there but it';s scattered all over the place

Regards & thanks

Not much kit, but what I have I like
Armattan Tilt 2, Morphite 180, Quark 150, Decapitated NanoQX