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Wednesday,June 26, 2019, 17:59:09

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26 Jun 2019 14:10:18
is it shady?

I heard he was back....

he was back...

he was back...

he was back....

Na na na
Bad Raven:
25 Jun 2019 19:10:38
Do we know you??   :laugh: ;) :laugh: ;)
22 Jun 2019 14:56:09
who??  :laugh:
22 Jun 2019 11:48:18
guess whos back
 :laugh: :laugh:
18 Jun 2019 10:41:40
Luckily wasn't that far out and managed to bring it back LOS  :sweating: So now need to coat the reset of my kit. :laugh:
18 Jun 2019 10:40:51
Stuff it, yesterday I was going to fly rain or no rain, guess what it was raining, still went out. Quad is all conformal coated so I thought lets give it ago. Quad was fine VRX strapped to the top of me goggles wasn't Didn't think to coat that.
Bad Raven:
12 Jun 2019 19:43:40
You didn't break rules, its just difficult to follow lengthy posts here, better in a proper thread.
12 Jun 2019 18:43:54
Thanks Ched ... BR . sorry if I broke rules
12 Jun 2019 18:41:18
Cheers BR
Bad Raven:
12 Jun 2019 18:39:58
Shout box not ideal for discussions!  BMFA affiliated clubs do not HAVE to force achievement tests no more than they HAVE to allow any specific type of model. There are plane only, there are Heli only, etc.
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Brian's PC stuff...

Started by Brian, Monday,August 20, 2012, 11:19:23

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Ok, starting a few years ago. This is my third water cooled rig...

And this year, my newest gaming beast...

Yes I am a bit of a geek!

Brian  :smiley:


Very nice I used to keep up with building the latest computers but it got a bit expensive, I now just use anything I knock up from bit ive scrounged normaly what other people consider old and to slow a bit like me  ::)
Is it just normal water in there or is it some type of chemical ?

Your computer looks like it has been assimilated by the borg in to the borg collective  :whistling:


Its just coolant from Halfords. And RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Brian  :smiley:



And the Borg queen with her swappable parts  :o


Monday,August 20, 2012, 17:04:31 #5 Last Edit: Monday,August 20, 2012, 17:06:03 by Longnail
Still build my own comps but never water cooled, just use high end gear, of about three years ago :wack0
but do have crossfire setup, with 5800 HD x2 ~~


Quote from: Longnail on Monday,August 20, 2012, 17:04:31
Still build my own comps but never water cooled, just use high end gear, of about three years ago :wack0
but do have crossfire setup, with 5800 HD x2 ~~

Brian, can you bring your pic size down a bit so my projector can fit it on the wall, :whistling:


Or choose Inline expandable thumb nail  :rofl: it takes me 5 mins to scroll across one of your big images with my old clockwork pc  :rolleyes:


Monday,August 20, 2012, 17:16:21 #8 Last Edit: Monday,August 20, 2012, 17:18:10 by pheasant_plucker
Mine is watercooled too. It's about two years old now but still fairly decent spec.
Coolermaster Cosmos S
Aquastream XT
Hex core Phenom
16gb DDR3
2x 128gb ssd
2x 1tb sata
2x 260gtx SLI
Logitech G19
etc, etc

I was wondering how you get the lights in the tube Brian?
I have the UV coolant in mine but it could do with jazzing up a bit. The Cosmos is a bit of a beastie with the radiator in the top and looks a bit plain.

The man serving me in the canteen said "Look, You can see the face of Jesus in the Margarine" The Asian guy next to me replied "I can't believe it's not Budda"


Wow looks good just dont get a burst pipe  :rolleyes:


Looks every bit as good as I bet it performs  :cool: hope you have a good sound system to partner it.

Would love to upgrade mine, but i';m not a gamer so it does all I want as fast as I need. Although I do have three screens and a 100" HD projection screen all hooked up to mine  :whistling:

Mine is watercooled, has been for quite a few years now in a Tai Chi thermaltake case.

First cpu cooler was transparent so you could see the fluorescent fluid going through, until soemthing failed and the transparent bit "plastic"  :banghead: melted, big pudlle on the floor, via the mainboard, dual gfx cards, pci boards et al.


Tuesday,December 04, 2012, 16:50:54 #11 Last Edit: Tuesday,December 04, 2012, 17:04:50 by EDcase
Very impressive rig. ~~

I';ve just got a basic Corsair H70.  (good enough for my needs)

The main stress it gets is from "ARMA2"  (Anyone heard of it?)
Similar system used for military training: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VBS2

BTW: Brian, I noticed the Elite screen.
Have you seen this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous


I';m an Arma player!! I';m in 16AA.net British MilSim group.

Brian :wack0


LoL, COOL.  ::)

I';m not in a clan but mainly play on the ';3PARA'; public server as ';EDcase';

Rappy Freak

I don';t understand most of it but its has flashing light which is always cool...........oh and the Borg rule  :wack0
SkyNet shall rise!!!!!!


Hmm there';s a thought Borg vs Sky Net Terminators  :rolleyes:  ~~

Rappy Freak

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there';s a thought  :hmm:
SkyNet shall rise!!!!!!