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MultiWii yaw

Started by barneyg, Tuesday,June 25, 2013, 13:04:47

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This one is different ... Its not about yaw speed :)

I';m noticing 2 behaviors and I';m wanting to try and tune them out if possible.

The first is random yaw movement.  Using angle mode if I sit hovering in place I find that the quad will randomly yaw usually to the right but not always.  Introducing left trim on the yaw axis on my TX doesn';t work as this movement isn';t a constant rotation.

2nd up is when I manually Yaw the quad (again in angle mode) I find that when I stop it swings back the way it came a little bit.

I';ve tried randomly upping all three of the Yaw pid values with no noticeable effects.  Does anyone have any advice ?


Has your board got the compass on to, if so is it calibrated accurately or could you be getting interference from your power cables or other source   :beer2:


It does have a compass but is that it shouldn';t be having any effect in Angle mode :



One thing i noticed on my ventures is that i have seen motor layout and prop directions change depending on whos sketch. For instance.... Multiwii has diff motor layout and prop direction from Megapirates. I wonder how many other configurations are out there :/   i would guess if your copter turns one way better then the other and since mechanicly the same all around other then yaw i would beconcerned of maybe a motor turning wrong way. Not prop, just motor. If not balance you would have a centrifical force wanting to turn one way faster then the other if motor torque are not directionally balanced.  As if motor layout (directions) dont match your gyro sketch.  I am a noob at this but sounds lagit! Lol


well getting better ... I';ve been playing with PID';s ... increasing P seems to help.


If the prop or prop adapter on one of your motors was slipping you might get random yaw movements in one direct and not another.
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interesting that may be why i was seeing a little random yaw coming out of invented descents, thx.
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Saturday,June 29, 2013, 21:32:08 #7 Last Edit: Saturday,June 29, 2013, 21:35:31 by barneyg
As far as I can tell the props are not slipping ... the increased P seems to have reduced the pendulum effect too.

Though it was pretty windy today so I';m not sure the affect that had.


You might also want to check that your props are level. My hex had a right yaw movement and in the end I found out one of the props was slightly off center. Good luck.
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