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31 Aug 2019 20:37:03
Looking forward to BFU #9 footage  :D Hope you all had a great time
31 Aug 2019 04:46:44
Hope you all have a great day today at the BFU 9  :beer2:
29 Aug 2019 11:19:07
try again now, hopefully it should be resolved...
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Should be fixed now
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replies with only a few words are being rejected as file too big.. :hmm:
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3D Site also affected
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Gaza is on the case
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there are currently issues with the forum
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Cheers Andy7.
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Getting Back to Basics

Started by steve fh, Sunday,June 02, 2013, 21:04:56

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steve fh

Sunday,June 02, 2013, 21:04:56 Last Edit: Sunday,June 02, 2013, 23:55:14 by steve fh
After two months of chasing good jello free video i had a moment during the 2nd Lipo of the morning where i suddenly got the jitters about how much cash was in the air in the middle of a forest and was i actually enjoying flying it.

Then while chatting on the forum some one asked what it weighed and when i stuck it on the scales i was a bit shocked to see just over 2400g given when i started out it was at 1300g before it grew landing gear, a gimbal, tiger motors, Xaor props etc....

Conclusion was it needed a diet and a the removal of the bit i did not want to break and as my monitor had turned up last week concentrate on mastering FPV and taking a break from chasing vibrations in search of the perfect video.

So here is how it looked at 2400g

Tiger Motors off and RCtimer/TBS back on and now at 2000g (yes the tiger 2814/10 and xaors are 400g heavier! note less spread on the under carriage  :whistling:)

And here is how it now looks in Minimal FPV mode (Now 1500g !!)

Just few it and got 14.5min out of one 4000mah 4S which was giving 8min this morning at 2400g

Whizzed it round the sky on the monitor 70% of the time relaxed enjoying the flying and not worried about hitting the deck (well less than this morning any way)

Some times less is more  ::)

Now what frame to buy for the tiger motors.................... :whistling:

BNUC-S Pilot with PFAW.



the minimal FPV mode looks good, that';s quite a weight loss 2600g does seem a bit heavy but suppose depends on the gear u have onboard, bet it feels quite different :smiley:

flying with no worries is always more fun!  ::)
Point and click.

Monkey see, Monkey do.


As another smart Colin once said "Simplify, then add lightness"  ;)
TBS Discovery : DRQ-250 : Q450 : Blade mQX

steve fh

Quote from: nub on Sunday,June 02, 2013, 23:51:55
the minimal FPV mode looks good, that';s quite a weight loss 2600g does seem a bit heavy but suppose depends on the gear u have onboard, bet it feels quite different :smiley:

once you move away from gopro type cameras and add a gimbal the weight starts to mount up quickly. The 2814 tiger motors are over kill on this frame but were bought with and eye to the future as i';m planning to build a hex or Y6 at some point to carry a DSLR or NEX size camera.
BNUC-S Pilot with PFAW.