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Saturday,August 24, 2019, 04:30:52

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23 Aug 2019 19:26:42
I agree it does look a lot better for some reasom SMF shorten any recent posts display  :rolleyes:
23 Aug 2019 10:29:15
Nice! Looks loads better.  :beer2:
22 Aug 2019 22:47:32
Sorted mate  ~~
22 Aug 2019 10:27:36
Sure. But basically, all the subjects are getting cut off.
21 Aug 2019 18:14:54
Can you pm me a screen shot of what you mean
21 Aug 2019 12:15:41
Gaza - can you make the subject line section in the forum topic list wider? It's cutting off the subject field really short.
19 Aug 2019 09:14:20
Good for you!  ~~
18 Aug 2019 19:13:57
Had another negative encounter, it's been a few years since the last one, just an uneducated ******, going on about drones being illegal yada yada yada.    :-/
Still that didn't spoil my flying time, had an absolute blast  ~~
07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
30 Jul 2019 15:26:34
D.B. you tightwad.. :cool:
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Minimum throttle?

Started by nub, Saturday,May 25, 2013, 00:16:08

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i was just reading something and was wondering how many of u guys set your minimum throttle so that your rotors are turning when u arm?

mine currently don';t but i think i';ll set them so they do and give it a try.
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Saturday,May 25, 2013, 01:50:17 #1 Last Edit: Saturday,May 25, 2013, 01:55:06 by teslahed
In Multiwii there are two separate ways of doing this. You can adjust the;

#define MINTHROTTLE 1120

If you set it too high your motors will always spin when you are armed. If you set it low enough your motors will stop when you throttle down whilst armed. I like to use trial and error and set mine a few points above the minimum needed to keep the props spinning - that way i';ve got some headroom on a cold day (battery provides less power).

Alternatively there is;

  /***********************     motor, servo and other presets     ***********************/
    /* motors will not spin when the throttle command is in low position
       this is an alternative method to stop immediately the motors */
    //#define MOTOR_STOP

which when commented in will cause the motors to stop spinning when armed but throttled down, regardless of the min throttle value.

Personally i like to have my props always spinning when armed. It means i can see if it';s armed or not just by looking and it means that I';ve always got control when flipping and looping. Personal preference comes into play here though.

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i take it there';s no way of changing this setting while in the air?
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Not that i am aware of, although given it';s multiwii and open source i expect it';';ll be done sooner or later.

What effect are you trying to get? There might be a better way to get the effect you are aiming for.

There are some crazy stunts you can do if you stop your props in mid air then start them again before you hit the ground, but for most maneuvers it';s actually better not to have the motors stopping. A switch to toggle motor stop on and off in mid air might give the best of both worlds.
One circlip short of a quadcopter.
 1 lobe short of an antenna.


Saturday,May 25, 2013, 10:24:03 #4 Last Edit: Saturday,May 25, 2013, 10:27:35 by nub
i';d like to able to arm without the props turning, take off, set min throttle so props don';t stop when i';m at min throttle, reverse for landing.

i';m not to keen about the props fully stopping when descending fast, don';t know if its down to the ESC';s or maybe i just dropped the throttle to much but it just about in ended in tears :laugh:

going to have a play about with it shortly.

suppose i could use throttle curves and my idle up switch to do this but i don';t have access to these features flying in ACRO mode on the Tx, or don';t think i do will have to double check that.
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Monday,June 03, 2013, 14:54:20 #5 Last Edit: Monday,June 03, 2013, 15:05:15 by nub
any ideas why if i set my minimal throttle to for example 1300, all props spin up when i arm but when i';m flying about and punch the quad upwards and drop the throttle one motors just seems to stall, the rest might follow but as soon as i saw this happen i was straight back on the throttle. i';ve tried a few different settings but always the same.

why doesn';t the quad drift back down at the set minimal throttle?


oh and i';m using DJI OPTO ESC';s.
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not sure what tx you have but I';ve got a 9xr running er9x and I';d already had my throttle switch to fix the throttle channel at 0 when off and a custom curve when it was on.

I just tried changing the minimum value of the custom curve ... raised it to -75%.  So now when it is on the ground I flick the switch off and the motors stop and can';t spin up.  Then to take off and fly I need to flick the switch and the motors start spinning at minimum and can';t stop even if I drop the throttle to zero.

Seemed to work nicely ... at least till I power dived into the ground ;)


cheers Barney, not sure if i can do that with my DX7 though but i think the problem i was having is solved, it wasn';t anything to do with minimum throttle is was down to the ESC';s and a delay in the motor/s restarting i think, since flashing the DJI ESC';s with BLheli code the problem has gone :smiley:
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