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Crius V2 and GPS board connection

Started by kogashuko, Friday,May 24, 2013, 17:16:37

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I just got both of these off of RC timer. From what I understood I didnt need an additional adapter board to connect these. However, the cable for the GPS has what looks like a servo connector on it. The Crius board does not have this. The manual shoes a crazy wiring diagram with the serial connector and the net says you can connect to power and IC2. WTF, is there not just a cable that I can pick up to connect them without soldering. This considering the thing was suppose to be ready to go. Thanks.
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Hi kogashuko and welcome to the forum you are correct you dont need the I2c converter board, as the gps connects directly to serial port 2 on the AIOP boards,
your going to have to make the lead up by chopping the servo type plug off and then attaching the relevant wires to the serial por connector supplied with the AIOP,

Here';s a couple of picture you might find helpful please feel free to ask any help you might need some of use lurk around the chat room to if you fancy a chat or some live help  :beer2:



Thanks for the info.

I ran across this diagram in the manual and was trying to figure out why,  since they were purchased together with recommendation to be used together, that the proper cable wasnt included or at least linked to purchase.

Any idea where to get those type of connectors or easily remove and reinsert wires into the pack that came with the kit? I would rather not solder these little wires together and heat-shrink them. Thanks.

I went to hobbytown looking for the connectors with no luck. I told the guy that it was a serial cable for a GPS and what I needed. The guy said he hadnt had anyone come in for at least 6 months looking for something like that so they dont carry them. He said they were just normal balancing plugs and that I could just plug them into the bigger port on my balancing charger. At that point I didnt debate the difference between balancing charger and serial connection other that I couldnt get the part there.
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Oh and will the new V2 Crius boards power the GPS with a servo and the jumper installed or is that going to take that extra power adapter from the battery?
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I have no clue where to get the connectors I had to solder mine  ~~
I always powered mine with a 5v Ubec because the esc didnt pass power to the serial ports, which I beleive has been cured, If you do decide to use a Ubec make sure you remove the jumper


The connectors are 1.25mm pitch molex connectors

start Here for the plugs.

The tool to do the crimping is in the hundreds so just use the pre crimped wires Here


Awesome, that will work great. Now to figure out exchange rates and if they ship to the states.

Thanks again.
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I found two sets already crimped with bare wires in the envelope the CRIUS came in.
I think I am going to try what I did when I installed my heat pump and use the little plastic mini-busbar looking connectors that tighten with a small screw driver. If that doesnt work or while use it as a temp fix I can get some better ones.
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I wish they had wired up the 3rd serial port on the GPS one ... just to bare ends ... or even better to a servo connector - my frsky needs its data :)

That said ... its a hell of a lot cheaper and simpler than going to RS and doing it myself.


I';m negotiating on shipping as its more expensive than the cables!

He';s had trouble with paypal refunding people who say things were not delivered and him not having proof of delivery, hence all shipments are going tracked.

I';ve negotiated a deal whereby he';ll refund the excess postage once i confirm receipt....

i';ll let you know how i get on...

DJI Mavic Pro
Tarot 680 Pro Hex
450 (Flamewheel clone) x 4
Hubsan X4
CS022 Mini Quad


I have just emailed them about postage.

I am more than happy to pay for Recorded delivery, seems odd that they don';t have it as an option for ordering small items like this. Got my FPV frame from them with no issues.


Tuesday,June 04, 2013, 05:14:35 #14 Last Edit: Tuesday,June 04, 2013, 05:26:22 by kogashuko
Ok, I am going to order the harnesses as listed. For now I am going to use the old stile phone line splices.

The second issue I am having with the board is the receiver. I found the directional options in the manual. However, the damn board only has single pins for each instead of three like on my Turnigy 9x. Is that what the bind bat jumper is for and then just closes the circuit on each channel with a common power and ground? If that is the case do i hook up a regular servo extention from the RX to the + - + or ppm ports on the board?
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Disregard my last, about what I thought. Found a good guide here...

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I';m new to Multirotors and am buying the parts to build my first around an AIOP strapped to a dead cat frame. I';m also trying to work out how to connect the GPS once it all arrives.

Would the below solve the problem of the mismatched cables?


From the look of the diagram (http://www.rctimer.com/download/AIOPIO_Board.pdf it provides standard connectors for the serial ports, but I may be wrong.
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There is a specific cable available in one of the links. However, it took a while to come in and Ijust got some telephone wire cconnectors from Lowes. They are little round yellow plastic dodads that close and connect very thin wire securely. It is very easy to use the diagram to line up and connect the wires. Less than $5 fix and you have enough for a future build.

Also good luck with the dead cat. I tried a frame with different angle booms than a standard x or plus and the crius kept screwing up.
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Quote from: kogashuko on Wednesday,August 21, 2013, 16:37:22

Also good luck with the dead cat. I tried a frame with different angle booms than a standard x or plus and the crius kept screwing up.

Did you mean you had trouble getting it tuned?
I';m going to try my V2 on a frame like that I';m building.
The V2 flies great on a 450 X.