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Friday,December 06, 2019, 02:55:22

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Bad Raven:
02 Dec 2019 20:03:50
Only if the battery is fully charged, leak a few volts and it'll be fine.......
02 Dec 2019 17:19:55
If yo fly a Mavic Mini and get over a gramme of mud on it, do you have to register it?  :rofl:
02 Dec 2019 08:38:56
Not a problem i've had a body mod, I think of Jean Harlow naked on a trampoline  and the new antenna  extends automatically..   :whistling:
29 Nov 2019 17:17:37
That'll play hell with your FPV signal. :rofl:
29 Nov 2019 17:10:20
Won't get me i'm wearing my tin foil hat... :wack0
29 Nov 2019 14:19:03
Because GOVERNMENT SPY DRONES are watching us! :frantic:
29 Nov 2019 11:41:22
BBC News this am ..only 50% of people have registered  for the  CAA  scheme.. If people haven't registered  how do they know it's 50%.. :shrug:
28 Nov 2019 20:16:14
Very very quiet. I am missing chatting :-( Must be the weather....
25 Nov 2019 08:28:26
Forums very quiet  :shrug:
18 Oct 2019 11:25:16
Sounds good yama. Would love to see some images. 3d models sound cool too
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65mm Brushed Frames

Started by Bad Raven, Saturday,January 19, 2019, 20:22:06

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Bad Raven

OK, here's a place to discuss the your 65mm 6mm brushed motor full ducted frame(s).

I have the following:

Eachine E010/JJRC H36
Eachine E010S
Eachine Small Pepper
Eachine QX65
KingKong Tiny6

Most of these are in multiple, with differing 6mm motors from std through MMW Extreme and Insane to Racerstar of various kV and through to the latest  "Unicorn".

I have tried a range of 3D printed frames but don't list them as IMO they all fall short of ideal, and some that come closest are not full duct.  Of all of these the Tiny6 frame is the best compromise of weight and strength.

What is your thinking on your favourite 65mm Tiny Whoop frame, and why?


My whoop journey started with the E010, then got the acrobee from newbeedrone, and now i have a Mobula7 (75mm brushless so doesn't actually count)

i have rebuilt my 65mm brushed whoops a few times as motors wear out of i break a frame doing something stupid like diving out the window onto the patio, i don't mind pushing my whoops as the repairs are cheap
i find the cockroach frame the best, they are all good IMO but the cockroach just that little bit better as it seems more durable and still light enough


Tuesday,January 22, 2019, 11:36:46 #2 Last Edit: Tuesday,January 22, 2019, 21:47:10 by Reman
I've got a couple of E010's. One with a beecore F3 and the other runs a tiny brushed F3 that you'd usually see in a carbon framed "820" quad and the smallest FlySky recever I could find. They both run the Chaoli CL-615 motors and TX01 AIO cam. They fly OK for what they are, But they're not exactly "Punchy".

I've also got an E011 (Minus it's silly lego man, But with a micro cmos FPV cam between the front ducts, An Eachine VTX01 and another Beecore F3). This has 716 motors rather than the 615's that the E010 come with. I'm still on the standard motors in that because I've not found any real reason to change them. Even with the FPV kit onboard it has a better climb rate than a non FPVed E010 !

To be honest though, None of these have got a look in since I built a brushless Whoop. It may run cells down a bit quicker, But it also has a nice extra lump of power to help me recovering after a low level flip (So less floor bouncing. :) ).
I need a pay rise........ Though I'd settle for a reduction in the amount of hours I need to work to get the same money.

Bad Raven

Yes, I like the E011 combination with a low profile Camera between the front ducts and separate VTX (Eachine VTX03). Punch out is perfectly adequate. I don't think much on any 65mm ducted on Acro, and if as is said all the top Tiny Whoop racers use Angle, so will I!!

I fly mine from a Horus with multi-module. This gives super smooth accurate control matching my most expensive equipment

The Bayang "bind every time differently" process was a pain till I found that I could leave the Horus on the OpenTX Model screen with the bind on power up line active. Every time I change a battery I just toggle that once and it binds in. Not been able to make a switch do that, E010, yes, E011, no.

I have a 3D printed Whoover made from an E011 mech and that is about the best combo of power and agility going, too, used from the Horus.

I have seen a "new" E011 being advertised (away from Banggood) which has a more conventional canopy, and apart from the christmas "tunes" one on offer to clear stocks, they appear to be OOS, maybe a precursor to the change. I just hope the mechanics are otherwise of similar ability.