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Saturday,January 18, 2020, 05:24:58

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Rares Gosav:
17 Jan 2020 17:44:22
Hi guys and happy new year!!!
01 Jan 2020 00:12:50
Happy new year everyone, happy flying.  :beer2: :beer2:
31 Dec 2019 17:06:13
Happy new year all hope 2020 is a cracking year for you  :beer2:
25 Dec 2019 00:00:49
Happy Christmas to everyone.
24 Dec 2019 13:50:56
Seasons greetings to all on this forum have a good one ;)
21 Dec 2019 17:58:42
Have a great time DB. Look forward your projects in 2020.  :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:59:17
Have a good one D.B. ~~ :beer2: :beer2: :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:14:27
21 Dec 2019 16:13:44
Tbh I've been really busy, not had much time to fly anything and with conditions being crap, hopefully in the new year I'll have some new projects on the go, mostly to do with HAM radio, will certainly fly again soon. FTR I hate FB too   :D Merry Christmas
21 Dec 2019 15:21:30
Merry Christmas  :beer2:
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Aurora 90mm

Started by Saleem, Friday,January 20, 2017, 18:10:01

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Eachine aurora 90 frame.
Rotorx 1104 4000.
Racestar 4in1 6a blheli_s.
Pikoblx clone fc.
1/4 600tvl camera.
Eachine tx02 200mw tx.
Flysky fsa8 rx.

Can';t fly yet as don';t have props,don';t have the right batteries either,will run it on 400-500 2s.


Wish I could finish mine but time is something I totally lack at the moment.

Looks awsome. Let me know what batteries you order for yours


So after getting dys 2030 tris today,sorting motor direction out,it wont frikkin fly.500 2s and no go if its attached,not my cuppa,i wanted a micro that can fly 2s and fast as it could.this frame basicly fir want of a word shakes itself apart,meaning its screws will have to be replaced,adding to weight and the props spun very close to the existing ones.

I managed to fry the fc also,it was the first thing i did,i hadnt touched it for weeks till i got the props today.power wire had cone loose,never saw,plugged in battery and nothing at all till i found wire loose,resoldered it and found it would power up but no lights.i could attach to pc and betaflight but put battery in and nothing.lucky i had a spare fc so used that and this frame is realisticly a non runner!

Lets putbit this way rotorx 1104 4000 dint seem to want to lift this 500 2s i have.funny cos they flew fast enough on a 122 atom huggin a 850 3s,think its mainly down to the frame and props.

So unless something changes i am not bothering with this frame,rather move its gibbins to another frame.i have a candidate but the 20x20 4in1 racestar 6a esc wont fit,so that needs arm mounted esc set up.

So at the mo i dont have a brushless micro,i dont count the atom as a micro,and thats waiting a new fc.


Weird, I missed your original post on the Aurora 90 and just found it via a link on youtube. The link was to bandgood selling a BNF version. I was thinking that it might be a dual purpose machine to help learn acro indoors and eventually outdoors.
Sounds like it';s not a great kit.
Hope you get the components remounted,
I try :-)


You need 3s with those motors, maybe 4s. I';m running 10000kv on my Bumper on 2s and it flies well enough. I';ve got an Aurora 90 frame on the way to transfer the bits from the Bumper, which is a bit poo TBH.

My mate is running a 6500kv setup on 3s and that';s a little beast.


i got 3 brushed micros and bar battery issues as the batterys seem to sag when i throttle hard then the quad nose dives,think its due to bad charge,ither wise they are no prob.

Gonna just put the micro frames,esc,1104 motors and rest of the stuff i bought for micro brushless (yet to recieve) in a box for the future.

I am gonna fit new fc in my atom and its got red bottom 1306 now so its gonna be smallest brushless i will be flying on 4s.

I got a 130 on the go as that needs some gear,cam,vtx and fc then i will unveil it.

Just struggling with these 1104 builds so gonna step back and build the stuff i actualy realy like,122 upwards!


Quote from: Revs on Wednesday,February 01, 2017, 20:32:59
You need 3s with those motors, maybe 4s. I';m running 10000kv on my Bumper on 2s and it flies well enough. I';ve got an Aurora 90 frame on the way to transfer the bits from the Bumper, which is a bit poo TBH.

My mate is running a 6500kv setup on 3s and that';s a little beast.

Just update,i actualy stripped this frame down and went for a 95 bobo!i found out today what stopped lift off was the 4in1 esc 3/4 motor location being wired up wrong on the fc.

Thanks for input,i may or may not rebuild the aurora again as i am short on components as i slapped em in another frame.

So soon i post few pics of a bobo 95 when i finish it.

Bad Raven

SO, I bought the BNF Aurora 90 with FrSky Rx.

I have had no issues with it so far, it bound and flew, and it has more than enough power on the supplied 2S.

The props are a mile (well a couple of mil!) away from the screws. The only thing I have found was that the camera aerial was interfering with its protection carbon ring, twisting the camera a little off square.

It even flew reasonably well with a significantly heavier 800mAh 2S.


I will try rebuilding it again in the near future,i did find it tended to shake itself apart perhaps it was because of prob i found i had with esc.my next brushless micro will be a 110.


Monday,February 13, 2017, 08:16:42 #9 Last Edit: Monday,February 13, 2017, 08:32:22 by CHR1S
mine is finally all up and running nice
setup I have used is

aurora 90 frame
racerstar 1105 7000kv motors
racerstar 6a esc running d_shot 600
piko blx
1935 quad blade props
eachine 48ch osd micro cam/vtx
turnigy bolt 2s 450mah
speksat rx
flight weight is 107g

runs well on a 2s lipo but nutz on 3s


I';ve been building one of these myself, and you absolutely want to run on 3S outdoors, but even on 2S it is mighty fast to be trying to fly indoors (on acro at least!).


I used the gubbins out the aurora i had built up and put this together,i flew it today for first time although it was well windy and on crappy 1s.


Bad Raven

Thought I';d update.

My original Aurora 90, bought BNF for FrSky, was so good when they discounted it down to £107 I bought a second. I notice today its back up to £114.

Unfortunately it seemed that China Post was asleep as it took from 24/4 to 11/5 to get any recognition of it in the system. And it finally arrived today after only 24 hrs at this end Heathrow to delivery.

One full calendar month for the faster delivery service is not good!

Copied the existing one';s model memory over to a new one, fitted a charged battery and flown, works well. (No idea what version of Betaflight it';s on but it works well so it';ll get left!!)

This new one has completely different light indication though, nothing like the earlier one.

Have to say I';m puzzled by the comments re: lack of grunt and need for 3S as both these truck on quite nicely on 2S as sold.


I recommended 3s minimum for Saleem';s motors (in OP) which are 4000kv. The 6500kv ones on the Aurora are fine on 2s.

BTW I received my second one last week, pre-built this time. Gonna give the first one to a buddy :smiley:

Also, I';ve tried the 2030 tri blade props (DYS?) and they fly very much like the stock quad blades but they';re waaay tougher!

Bad Raven

Thanks about the blades, I have yet to break one but one has whitened at the hub due a hit. and I';d prefer different colour front and rear to help LOS.

Had not cottoned to the kV difference in OP. Both mine are 7500kV which I assume you meant, but were working from memory!

Banggood DYS 2030:-


Then there';s the 1935';s:-


More duct clearance and higher pitch, might work??


Quote from: Bad Raven on Thursday,May 25, 2017, 12:28:27
Both mine are 7500kV which I assume you meant

Yeah 7500kv. I was thinking of the RotorX ones I fitted to my first one, which are 6500kv RX1105b. Again, fine on 2s though.

Bad Raven

OK, in "did you fly today" I mentioned the fact that one of my Aurora90';s had a battery issue and trying to get it back to the patch I nearly made it, but it landed just on the edge, right into grass cuttings from the patch mowing the day before.

At the patch when picked up it was showing all sorts of distress audibly and visibly due presumably being soaking wet with grass cuttings everywhere, so I disconnected.

Back home I removed all the grass with a fine long hair brush and tweezers, then thoroughly dried it out, then left it several hours in the airing cupboard.

Following day it booted up with normal lights and sounds and tentatively flew hover and basic control OK (camera/VTX worked but LOS).

Second battery and after say a minute and a half OK it suddenly throttled and flipped over, the throttle cutting instantly when stick down.  Put it back right way up and it flew out that battery perfectly OK.

Following day now and it booted OK and flew OK, for maybe 1 minute again, then suddenly again went full throttle (its fail safe';d to zero). 

This time it wasn';t a throttle "blip", only the ceiling stopped it, it only seemed to stop when the battery ejected and disconnected, but it suffered no obvious lasting damage, though the camera cage was dislodged and the Rx aerial pulled off the connector (as loomed through the cage). The ceiling however will need carbon hit marks removing and a re-touch!!!  It was going like a bat out of hell when it hit, so I guess outdoors it would have been a fly away.

Tested under restraint and it all appears OK again, so have no idea what to do to try to stop this!!! 


Me i kinda goven up on these micro brushless builds because of all the s&@t they give me,if it aint the battery its flipping and if it aint flipping last time my bobo95 full throttled and flew over a 7 storey flat and i cut throttle.thought i would never find it but my goggles picked up the picture and it was found in the car park at the front of said flats,6ft from main road.

I just stick to 150ish upwards now,i know where i am with them,i got quite a bit of micro brushless stuff,might have to offload them.

I know its not helpfull mate but me i kinda chucked in towel and i got enough gear here for 2 micros.150 with emax 1306 is far better fun,specialy on 4s!

Bad Raven

While this thread has been festering slowly, so has the aurora 90.

A "11th year anniversar" special offer (any excuse!) meant a replacement stack was affordable, so I bought.

It has now been fitted and this is the tale since:

It was set up and flown (Taranis) one battery. Minimal stick tuning for level hover.

It was left for a few hours, and flown again, two batteries.

It was flown the following day, one battery.

Several days later (today) I went to fly it again, and it would not arm. Check model in Tx, OK. Rear LEDS doing strange things.

Unable to get anywhere, I put it onto Betaflight Configurator, and after a look around found that it was set to AETR. Yes, I know that this is normally right for FrSky, but I had the Tx set to TAER, and it had been flying OK, so I set TAER and it instantly worked.

Through two batteries with the Tx turned off during the change. Working.

BUT, how had the FC changed channel order?  :shrug:


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