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Tapatalk is working but the auto banner has a bug so ya have to load tapatalk then point it to the forum for now  :rolleyes:
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yep back now and see shout box for messages   :smiley:
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Can anyone test this for me now ?
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TapaTalk should now be working ?
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TapaTalk isn't running yet they have unpublished the site, I've sent a ticket in to get it turned back on
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new shout box test  ~~
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GoPro GoGone

Started by Sweet Pickle, March 30, 2019, 10:08:18

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Sweet Pickle

Just came back from the field.
2 failsafes on the frankly rubbish R9 system and when I found the quad (my new Marmotte build) she was minus Gopro session 5. Much walking of the field and no joy.
Really annoyed as my young daughter was parachute jumping today and wanted to use it.
Not sure during which crash it came off so needle in a haystack.
Might not have helped anyway but I wasn't recording in my goggles which is a rookie mistake if ever there was one.
This Frsky R9 gear is a complete waste of time. Never had a single failsafe with 2.4ghz stuff.


Infinite sadness. Had the same thing FIRST time I flew with a Runcam3. I feel your grief. :(
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Bad Raven

Oh Dear!  :(  Really frustrating.

Couple of years back my 280 went in, and a flying buddy spotting raced off to get it. Returned triumphant with quad, minus Mobius. Long grass outfield, no accurate spot for where now so searching failed.  As the quad went haywire in the air, it might have been that the camera mount came undone and hit a prop on the way off, however it was on a carbon plate with those rubber resilient mounts to frame, through which all four I'd laced cable ties, and all that was missing!

A few days later they were mowing the grass field into bales for hay, so I had word with the farmhands. One of them burst out laughing and pointed at another. Apparently he'd dropped his mobile from his pocket getting in and out of tractor a couple of years back. Not found.. until it came out of a bale in the stables during winter feeding. Still worked, but by then he'd long bought another.

They said if they found it (and it didn't choke a horse to death!!) they'd return it, but no joy!


Been there and done it, lost a Polaroid cube cam on the field when my thug mini quad got tree'd.
Went back and searched the undergrowth but no joy, never found it.
A few years back, I lost a tricopter complete with new FPV gear in the creek.
It sucks but that's part of the hobby.
Why use 4 motors when you can use 6?

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last year a friend crashed his walle 2000 into a lower field, tip stalled it in when we picked up the plane he was minus the mobius, i tried to find it then a few weeks later the farmer cut the field for hay, and i found it for him, still worked despite being run over by a tractor
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