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Thursday,July 02, 2020, 07:13:59

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28 Jun 2020 12:29:49
BF GPS Rescue mode configured - what could possibly go wrong?   :o
27 Jun 2020 21:07:37
and can't make it back to where you take off from   :laugh:
27 Jun 2020 21:07:04
it's too windy if you fly downwind
Bad Raven:
27 Jun 2020 20:51:32
I have done Dynamic Soaring in over 55mph, and quad flying in over 25mph with the right equipment.
26 Jun 2020 16:44:24
How windy is too windy? :hmm:
25 Jun 2020 22:58:29
YASSSS!! Flew a full 2 packs and no motors going nuts on me!  :D
16 Jun 2020 16:26:54
Great Liam.  :D Happy Flying
16 Jun 2020 12:24:06
Damn I really want to just go out and fly now! Got the bug! Haha :frantic:
15 Jun 2020 19:53:48
Broken props are part of the process  :D It's amazing how antennas can find their way into the props  :D
15 Jun 2020 18:25:36
Well I survived my first FPV flight!... my props and receiver antenna did not  :whistling:
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Happymodel Mobula7

Started by daich, Wednesday,November 07, 2018, 18:31:35

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Wednesday,November 07, 2018, 18:31:35 Last Edit: Wednesday,November 07, 2018, 18:42:09 by daich
 I pre-ordered one of these and received it a couple weeks ago and have flown 40 or so packs through it now.

If you're interested in this craft, I'm sure you've seen many of the reviews for this thing popping up all over youtube so I'll just share my short opinion on it. This will be from an acrobatic point of view and not racing which maybe one day I dip my toes into.

People always talk about getting a micro that flies like a 5" -- well let me tell you, the mobula7 doesn't fly like one  :laugh:
One thing about 5" quads is weight. No micros will have it and every micro is trying to shed it.  The reason why you want the weight is for momentum. At any time your camera is not facing forward, you're either backing off on the throttle or dropping it completely to zero. On a five inch, there is so much momentum, you have time to slow down your moves to create precise dramatic effects.  On the mobula7, the moment I lift the throttle I immediately slowdown, very rapidly at that. This is a massive adjustment that you have to get used to.

What the mobula7 does have though, like its 5" cousin, is power to weight. and oh so much of it!  I often forget I'm flying a whoop as I can pull out of everything. Almost every other whoop is plagued by yaw blow out where at a certain high velocity the motors and props don't have enough power and mass to maintain yaw authority.  The mobula7 is one of the first that isn't plagued by it.  Happymodel really hit a magical combination with the props and motor size and kv and AUW

There is a talk about changing the pigtail to xt30 but there are some advantages of keeping the original jst ph 2.0 2s harness.
1. it's lighter than any 2s pack
2. lihv 2s packs are very hard to find or too expensive
3. lihv 1s packs are cheap and easy to find
3. 1s packs are easy to charge in the field

a few cons
1. it is not rated for that much current so the motors/escs aren't running at their full potential
2. PH 2.0 connectors have a guaranteed plug/unplug cycle of 30. yes, 30. so the plugs will wear out eventually in the near future.
3. original JST PH 2.0 connectors uses solid pins and this connector uses a pin that is made from folded metal - (I don't believe this one until some real tests are done, I believe wire gauge matter more)

because of these points people have moved to xt30 connectors. I might experiment with JST batteries and connectors, the red ones, once my 2s loom starts wearing out.

There is an option of flying this 1s. I have tried a couple batteries. One indoor and one outdoor.  My opinion is it just isn't worth it outdoors and I would much much prefer to fly my acrobee 65mm whoop or my 65mm NFE Silverware rig in my relatively small flat.  It might be good in a large house or gym and with 450mah-550mah batteries you can get some long runtimes in the vicinity of 5min.

Living in central London, this is the perfect quad. It is 42 grams with a battery. Every bystanding spectator who has handled it thinks it's the most amazing toy.  It isn't loud. No one hears it above the hum of city traffic. It's cheap. It's resilient in crashes and parts for repairs are cheap.

If you don't live in a city and you have easy access to a fpv friendly field, you'd probably wouldn't need one of these. But most aren't so yeah, I wholeheartedly recommend this quad to pilots of all levels.

TLDR - go buy one right now


Quote from: daich on Wednesday,November 07, 2018, 18:32:00

Ordered mine a couple of days ago but they have been reviewed so well they are not in stock!!! Expected Nov 25th so might just arrive by Christmas, I do hope so.

Looks so much fun. Nice flying. Thanks for vids.
I try :-)


Ordered mine about a week ago.  Looks a fun little house ripper for the winter.  Reckon it'll take a Mobius mini as well.
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Just gonna add my review here

I really like this!. Its a shame the V1 Frames are very weak!.


Got my Mobula7 today, can't wait to get home and have a fly.
Quite a few of the guys I fly with in Northampton have got one too so planning a micro meet, just need to find a venue

Bad Raven

Has anyone with one or flying alongside one looked at a Mob7 on a video spectrum analyser for video frequency?

After getting interference when on setting 76MHz away, I checked one on Saturday evening and it splattered signal not just wider on its set frequency than is normal but also with two extra peaks, one way off frequency set and very high, higher than I have seen with any other system checked, and that is quite a lot.  Yes, it was checked against another VTX and with nothing on as a control.

You do get some ringing, but this was excessive!

I was as now my process at every meet using the Eachine ROTG02 into my phone, BTW.


wouldn't be surprised, given the cost of the entire kit. I've taken mine apart long ago but I think the cam/vtx combo is still bouncing around in my box-o-parts somewhere. I probably won't be able to get to it until next week but I can plug it in and check the spectrum analyzer built into rapidfire and see if I get similar bleed