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Author Topic: Automated Race Control and Timing  (Read 45 times)

Offline Bad Raven

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Automated Race Control and Timing
« on: October 02, 2018, 19:39:40 »
Many will know I run an after school RC Club. This year we are concentrating on Whoovers (Tiny Whoov in the USA).

I tried Tiny Whoops last year but it was beyond the bulk of the 11-13 year olds.

When we were doing indoor RC Cars I gained a full race control system called iRace from a UK source. Used it for three years. Its possible to do during practise auto registration, auto allocation on times to heats (and finals), full audible output, auto speech announcer, bleep countdown start, etc.

This only needs a low power (time served!) PC laptop and IR senders/receivers. A system is approx £300 and extra transponders are £12 each.

I have just minimally modified a number of the Transponders and proved the system will work on 1S supply down to quad LVC.

I have also done a more stringent mod to one to reduce its weight from 3.4g to little over 1g. We have held one full race meeting for Whoovers on this system with no errors.

I know some more expensive quad FC's are being fitted with transponders but we are using the Eachine E010/JJRC H36 quad as a base for a one design class as this is available for sometimes under £10 with transmitter.

I also know there is also work taking place on lap counting by proximity sensing on the video frequency but as I understand it this is for ranged outdoor use, not tight indoor.

The purpose of this post is:-

1. To make people aware of the potential for using an iRace system for Indoor Quad/Hovercraft Racing.
2. To ask people wanting to arrange racing to express an interest in adopting this system

The UK maker and UK retailer are willing to consider tuning the system even more specifically but need an idea of take up for their efforts. I stress that at this stage the system would be for INDOOR use from a mains supply. They have had enquiry from elsewhere but no serious interest, and so I'm offering co-ordination.

I'm only a happy user with nothing to gain other than possibly an even better product!

Over to you...............................