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Author Topic: Help vtx pin out  (Read 114 times)

Offline Drone in Pain

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Help vtx pin out
« on: September 11, 2018, 21:24:42 »
Hi all  ~~ me and my lad love flying drones but unfortunately my lad has an idiot dad lol
would or could  any one give me an idea of how to connect this vtx <br /><br />I cant find any info on it  I do know the obvious video out video in 5v out on the fc  but the vtx is video in marked R????:banghead:
all help  always appreciated <br /><br

Offline ched999uk

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Re: Help vtx pin out
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 21:32:28 »
Do you know the Flight Controller make and model and same info for vtx?

Offline Cheredanine

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Re: Help vtx pin out
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 22:04:24 »
I think it is a cheap Chinese knockoff called HAKRC mini f4 flytower
From what I can tell it’s most endearing feature is it is a 12v vtx and neither the F.C. nor the esc has a 12v reg  :banghead:

Features according to banggood:
Transmission distance: ≥0.5km@25mW, ≥0.8km@100mW, ≥1km@200mW (original antenna)
Transmitted power: switchable 0mW/25mW/100mW/200mW
System: NTSC /PAL
Input voltage: 7V~24V, +12V/170mA@200mW
Size: 27mm×27mm×4.5mm
Mounting hole: 20mm×20mm(4-M2)
Weight:<=3.5g (excluding antenna

To the OP, this is quite a complex vtx really, it has exposed uart pads unlabelled on the board, on a well designed board this would imply the design incorporates smartaudio, on this sort of Chinese clone monster, it could equally signify the year of the rooster.

The 6pin connector is labelled on the silk screen: A C(this could conceivably be a G, there is a via right in the wrong place) 5 R G +
Now this is very freaky.

This is to a degree, guesswork but:

The last two are easy, G is ground and + is v in (designed for 12 volts but according to the banggood claptrap above takes 7-24v, which means on up to 3s battery voltage, might struggle with spikes on 4s with good spec 5 inch components and no cap

The 5 on a vtx is commonly a 5v out to power the cam, typically there is either a second ground or the ground pin has two wires, in this case, I think the C is actually a G with the via obliterating the bit that would make it a G. But would test comtinuity with the other G pin with a multimeter before connecting anything

That leaves A and R. I would probably gues A is audio and R is Rx as in video in. That is the most sense I can make out of it, BUT this is cheap Chinese cloned tat, notorious for being completely erroneously labelled or named, so to be honest that is all tilting at windmills. You have more chance of burning the vtx, the cam or the flight controller than you do of getting it to work without a wiring diagram and with spurious labels, even if you do get it to work, given the attention to detail evident it seems unlikely to be a brilliant vtx.

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