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Author Topic: 2.5" with 1106 or 3" with 1606?  (Read 158 times)

Offline Stickman

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2.5" with 1106 or 3" with 1606?
« on: June 12, 2018, 20:55:59 »
I want to build a light but fun quad to reduce the chance of damage when I crash (often!) but I'm torn on prop/frame size.  2.5" and 1106 sounds good (motor weight around 7g) but the availability of the 3B-R 1606 motors (15g) on 3 inch with twice the thrust is appealing...

The Sunnysky 1106 6500kv come highly recommended but I can't find them in the UK and don't want to wait for the slow boat.
The Emax 1106 6000kv look good but the wires look too short to reach to a 4in1 esc and I don't want the faff of splicing...

Any recommendations for 110x motors available in the UK?
Is 1606 overkill or unmissable?  ;D

Offline Cheredanine

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Re: 2.5" with 1106 or 3" with 1606?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2018, 21:37:47 »
Have hawksky 1106 6500kv on 2.5 inch on 3s, I know CMW build massive droner 2.5inch with the emax 1106 7000kv with hglrc stacks so emac 1106 motor wires work for 2.5 with 4 in 1 ESCs unless you have exceptionally long arms.

I don’t over rate 3b motors, and I wouldn’t put their 1606 on a 3 inch, if you want unmissable on 3 inch try brother 1506 4100kv, I have them on a 3 inch vandal, but needs 800mah 4s graphene to power, (and we know this is really over 800mah) (f20ii work on this size too)

Even 4 inch I use f20ii which are 1407 3850kv he barrier on both the 3 inch and the 4 inch is the lipo, to get the best out of the f20ii I find I end up running 1000mqh 4s so the lipo isn’t holding it back

So in 3 and 4inch there are better preforming, lighter motors than the 3b but the lipos you need not to hold back the motors dramatically increase the weight

I would honestly say look at the kinetic aerial air-ro, I have several build examples in the 240 build forum, with an 850mah 4s lipo using something like brother t1 1406 3600kv you will have a fast quad under 250grams.
I have flown at wot into brick walls with mine with only scaring on the carbon as a result.
The reason I suggest this is as you move down prop size your power diets disproportionately smaller, (because you remove the fastest part of the blade) the frame gets proportionately lighter but the electronics and motors don’t. So 4 inch to 3 inch there is little reduction in weight and a greater reduction in power (not saying 3 inch are not fast)
That or a 2.5 inch with the emax 1106 7000kv on 3s

Offline Cheredanine

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