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Monday,August 19, 2019, 00:32:29

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18 Aug 2019 19:13:57
Had another negative encounter, it's been a few years since the last one, just an uneducated ******, going on about drones being illegal yada yada yada.    :-/
Still that didn't spoil my flying time, had an absolute blast  ~~
07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
30 Jul 2019 15:26:34
D.B. you tightwad.. :cool:
29 Jul 2019 20:14:10
DB that just means you have shed loads of props in the first place ;-)
29 Jul 2019 18:53:33
Just had a thought, even with all the crashing I've done, I haven't bought any replacement props in over a year ~~
09 Jul 2019 19:45:42
May the sun shine and winds be light for BFU#8. Son't forget lots of vids for those of us unable to attend.  :D
09 Jul 2019 18:10:30
Hope you all have a great day  :beer2:
09 Jul 2019 14:05:28
BFU#8 details locked in for this saturday - see the head of the forum thread for all details.
05 Jul 2019 21:51:05
Good for genital warts as well......or so I'm told.. :hmm
05 Jul 2019 21:48:24
Just fixed a busted SMA connector on my TBS unity pigtail, it suffered badly in a recent crash and split in two, nothing a touch of the soldering iron couldn't fix  :D
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Twister battery holder mod

Started by Ssscrudddy, Sunday,April 28, 2013, 05:50:03

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I bought 3 of these nano tech batteries, including p&P it cost about £10. 2 of them have already failed.
It would seem to me the weakness they have is the black plastic cap is so badly glued on that it falls off as soon as you look at it.

Easily solved by wrapping it in electrical tape. But this is going to interfere with loading the battery in the holder. I dont wanna keep re-wrapping them in electrical tape every time I use them. Also with these batteries being longer than the original battery, they dont sit centrally. & quite frankly the battery holder doesnt hold on to the battery very well at all anyway. So I got a hot knife & cut bits of it off, & replaced them with some velcro.


The only time I have had that happen is when I';vd had a heavy landing,  easily cured by a spot of thick cyano, that said what you';ve done is a good idea!
As regards battery reliability none of my 6 have failed, you may be running them too low before you land.
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


They failed because of the black plastic cap coming away from the battery & then breaking the wire, & the crashes werent that heavy. The original battery has loads of glue on it but I taped that as well.


Quote from: Ssscrudddy on Sunday,April 28, 2013, 07:54:45
They failed because of the black plastic cap coming away from the battery & then breaking the wire, & the crashes werent that heavy. The original battery has loads of glue on it but I taped that as well.

Decided to do your mod, makes it easier to get the battery centered,  good idea  ~~  ~~  ~~
Anyway,  how';s your flying coming on - hope you are enjoying it!
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


Sunday,April 28, 2013, 10:34:05 #4 Last Edit: Sunday,April 28, 2013, 10:40:19 by Ssscrudddy
Getting better. After my last post/edit 20th April, I went out again once I';d recharged the one battery that I had.
I was doing ok, but then I tried a flip. It worked, so I tried another 1... that was a big mistake.
It somehow managed to get turned around without me noticing & then the wind caught it, sending it straight towards some people. So I zoomed it up into the air & tried bringing it back to me, it was at this point I noticed it wasnt facing me like I thought it was & I ended up sending it even further away... still heading for the people.
So I sent it even higher (it was a nice day with lots of people & kids in the park). By this time it was too far away & I lost sight of it behind a tree, I kept it going up cuz I didnt want it to hit anyone, & I ran in that direction.
Anyway I lost it :( I spent around 4 hours traipsing up & down the field looking for it with no luck, eventually I gave up. I had to go out a few times & every time I did I walked up the field (usually I cycle everywhere, I hate walking) still looking. still no luck.
Later on I had to meet my GF in the pub, & on the way back from that I cut across some wasteground, just in case (& I hadnt looked there, but it was over 1/4 mile away) & hey presto there it was just sat there, the right way up, no damage, with the red light flashing away! Another 2 feet further & it would have been in heavy vegetation with no chance of seeing it :)

The next day I thought I';d be more careful, I tried a flip & almost lost it again, this time it got stuck in a tree & I spent the next 30 mins throwing sticks up & eventually got it back.

Since then it';s been too windy, but my batteries finally turned up. I had a go yesterday because most of the time there was no wind, but it would keep blowing up every now & then & it was too windy for it, so quite a few crashes, because when it did blow up the wind would take it & I wasnt risking losing it again, so basically bad landings. This is when I broke 2 of the batteries.

So I did my modification & went out this morning before it got windy (only 2 batteries now). It was good. The canopy is mad how that catches the wind, so that only stayed on for about 30 seconds before I removed it :D
Had great fun, loads more control, looking forward to a non windy day & I';ll make sure I go out early before all the people turn up.


Sunday,April 28, 2013, 18:30:34 #5 Last Edit: Sunday,April 28, 2013, 18:39:45 by DarrellW
Now you know why I have ditched the standard canopies - catch the wind too much, get yourself some Aldi curries (with the spice in the lid) and use the lid for a canopy!
Last weekend I was flying in my local park and up about treetop level and it started to climb, throttling down did nothing - think I must have caught a thermal,  only thing to do was dive under power; managed to get it back just.... but definitely a cheek clenching few minutes!!!
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


Windspeed is looking good for today.

My 808 camera turned up yesterday, that';s just 11 days including 2 weekends, I thought I had at least 2 more weeks to wait. I tried it out but the wind was too strong, even at full throttle forward I could only just hold my position.