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Author Topic: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?  (Read 260 times)

Offline aburn09

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Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:31:39 »
I knew it wouldn't be long before I had to ask a question about the Taranis set up  :banghead:
I've been using Spektrum tx's for over 20 years so bear with me here please as the Taranis is going to be a steep learning curve from what I'm used to......
After watching many YouTube videos about setting up the Taranis I have somehow managed to update to 2.2.1 and changed the Sd card to the latest firmware and flashed a R-SXR receiver to the latest firmware (although I haven't bound it yet so hopefully it will work ?) .....All good so far but these are the two questions I have......
1. When I create a new model I don't have a helicopter image just a plane a glider and a multirotor and no I didn't click 'noheli' on the tx firmware screen and I do have a page in the model dedicated to heil's.  How do I get the helicopter selection back ? (Photo below)
2. Although I have 2.2.1 on the tx the bootloader only shows 2.1.6 (Photo below) tried writing to tx but doesn't seem to want to ?

I do have more questions about receiver connections to FC but I haven't got that far yet so if anyone can answer the first two questions is appreciate that to start with  ~~
« Last Edit: May 15, 2018, 08:31:20 by aburn09 »

Offline Two-Six

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Re: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2018, 10:57:47 »
Don't worry,  I think the boot-loader has different firmware so its version number will be different from your version of OpenTX. My one is version 2.1.0

I also don't have a helicopter wizzard either there isn't one and you don't need one. 

Just use the multirotor template.  When you select "no heli" in your firmware selection is stops the installation or support for the "Heli Setup" pages which you really don't need. 

I am not sure what those parameters are for, perhaps you can use it to fine tune things to get rid of control mixing or phase shifting or something if you have a flybarred helicopter.  As far as I am aware nobody uses these settings really, especially if you have a flight controller.  They just need raw control inputs and any mixing is done by the FC.

So are you setting up a helicopter with a flight controller?  If you are what helicopter and flight controller have you got?

The main thing is the Taranis is nothing at all like a Specktrum (or any other) RC TX.  You dopn't need the set up wizzards/template at all really they don't really do anything apart from making things a little clearer for a new user as to what your are aiming for in terms of a model set up. 

It looks terribly difficult but once you understand how it works you will never go back. 

What you need to do is first set up your inputs and decide which control will be assigned to that input, any input will work.  You can also say things like if this switch is here then this input is the active one, good for setting up rates and expo.  Then you have to say which CHANNEL on your receiver is assigned to which input.

You can say if this switch/control is this position/range then make this mix active, good for throttle curves. 

The output scree is like setting your end points and servo travel and centering.  The other pages give you the ability to set up curves that can be selected to replace or mix with any output, logical functions lets you do lots of things.  You can define what happens if this switch is here and that stick is there and this dial value is high then do this.  Special functions let you set up sounds mostly. 

Hope this helps.

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Offline aburn09

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Re: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2018, 11:32:20 »
Cheers Two-Six I bought this tx for quads mainly as I have two 5 inch and two 2 inch I need to transfer across from my Spektrum but it looks like I only need to set up one model for all four quads but obviously change the bind number for each one.........I have a scale helicopter that I might in time change over to the Taranis but it's a complicated set up so it will probably stay on the Spektrum tx for now to keep things simple........I have a page on the Taranis which is for helicopters I was just confused why there wasn't a dedicated helicopter model option as I see most Taranis tx's have.......It may be be because I've updated to the latest version ??
I would like to have the helicopter option screen though if anyone has the answer ?.......It might have something to do with the script file ?

Offline Gavster29

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Re: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2018, 12:49:31 »
When you did the firmware update there are lots of tick boxes to set different options, lua scripts for example, was noheli selected?

 I'm no expert on the Taranis and mine is a QX7, I have only updated once but see screenshot below.


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Offline aburn09

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Re: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2018, 13:12:33 »
Gavster29 the only box I ticked when I got the latest firmware was eu as my tx is the eu version so theoretically the heli should still be there ?

Offline Coyotte

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Re: Taranis xd9 plus se set up questions ?
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2018, 12:55:52 »
Hello aBurn09,

As far as I understand you initial message, you have the Helicopter Page on the radio, but you don't see any helicopter option creating a new model .
Am I Right ?

If it's the case, this is normal. The helicopter page you see is a part of the OpenTx firmware installed in the radio. As you didn't check the 'noHeli' option, this page is available.
On the other side, when you create a new model using the wizard, it's a LUA script (Lua is an interpreted language that an be used in OpenTX) that is started.

This script is a somewhat basic one, written by the OpenTx developers. The OpenTx development team decided that such wizard should have been written by the user community so the wrote a very basic one supporting very common options and no Helicopter. (I do precise that the previous sentence should not be read as negative against OpenTX Developers  ;) )
This is the reason why, even if you have the Heli Page included in OpenTx, you do not see any Helicopter options in the wizard...