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2.9.1 Throttle mid point

Started by mrplay, Sunday,March 17, 2013, 11:06:40

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My throttle seems very sensitive around the mid stick, slight touch up and it is climbing, back off a nats ass and it is desending...

Any clues on what setting or pid to change?


Having a lot of expo on the throttle could cause this, try longer end points and re calibrate see if that helps  :shrug:  ~~


I have no expo on anything in the radio, I will try changing the end points and report back...

Thanks for the help, I just wanted to check before doing it hehe


Hello did you fix your throttle curve?
I use to have this problem in the past, and I was changing the curve, in most multicopter, near to the hove point.
Just have a quick look here to understand the meaning:


Changing the end points on the throttle channel seems to have help a little.
I know about throttle curves, as I fly Helicopters. Thank you for the link, it is probably because I have got naza gps`s, so I am always comparing theses boards to them.
In a way, I wish I had stayed away from them hehe
But I want waypoints for auto flight, so instead of paying WKM money I will put a little more time into the project.

After my problems trying to set up the Crius board, with no success, the APM2.5 is better to setup and was hovering outside in less than an hour.

So there is a big problem with the Crius V2 board

One thing I have got to test out, is I have gone into ADV Params and copied the autopilot setting to the Thr_MID setting, just in case this is conflicting with each other.  Anyone think the same?