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Tuesday,March 31, 2020, 02:21:29

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27 Mar 2020 21:41:51
We've been in self imposed lock down for last 2 weeks!!! March is going so slowly............................ More time to Whoop around the garden  :D
27 Mar 2020 21:30:37
Self isolation since tuesday already feels like a month  :wack0
27 Mar 2020 12:06:05
YEEEESSSS, we finally have a viable excuse for locking boris johnson in a room by himself were he cant do anymore harm
24 Mar 2020 18:45:40
Don't bin your Thingiverse account you have lots of good stuff there. It will all quieten down in a few months.Just ignore the muppets as normal.  :D
24 Mar 2020 13:45:57
wow Im so binning my thingiverse account.... the amount of knobs hashtagging "covid19" on their just to get hits is just ridicules
18 Mar 2020 05:49:28
how do we get to general discussion chatroom?
17 Mar 2020 11:10:32
@badger1, When my quad got all muddy, a quick rinse under the hot tap, avoiding the electronics, got the worst of it off, then strip down and clean, quick repair to the VTx, it's all good again ~~
17 Mar 2020 06:37:19
Thank you for all the stories that come to experience in this place, which is very Dr.
16 Mar 2020 19:12:55
last-flight-itis strikes again :(  no damage - just mud though.  :smiley:  unless the damage is under the mud   :angry:
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Crius AIOP V1,V1.1 V2 MultiWii 2.2 Firmware

Started by Gaza07, Saturday,March 16, 2013, 06:09:29

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Thanks for the reply dude!

Yup I did that.
My deadcat reptile frame just arrived from Goodluckbuy.com, so now I';m rebuilding my bird. After finish I will report the result, because it was very weird.

I hope it';s not because of my FC board (crash injuries)...but before take off I have checked the mag, and it seemed to be fine.



Just came back from the test ride with MPNG 2.9.1 and all went fine, so it (the yaw issue) wasn';t a hardware failure.

Does anyone have a Crius AIOP version of MW 2.2 with working RTL?



Ok, just came back from testing, I gave a second chance to this modified FW, and it is working now.

I have compared the config.h from Gaza';s MW 2.2 AIOP version with this, and copied all AIOP related settings to the new FW... ;)

Now it is working flyable so next time I could focus on the GPS parts...(GPS hold and home).

Thanks guys for the kind help!  ~~


Saturday,June 01, 2013, 13:25:58 #33 Last Edit: Saturday,June 01, 2013, 15:17:10 by bulesz
This is that FW if someone interested...

*** EDIT ***
Guys, please make me clear!

If I want to use the GPS HOME, I must use it WITH Horizon / Angle mode? I mean TWO modes must be used in the same time? (I came from MPNG so be gentle.. :) )

Is it the same with the BARO mode...should/could I use it WITH Horizon / Angle mode?

Many thanks!


Same reply as the other thread

Angle is the correct mode to use with gps functions as the horizon mode is for people who practice flips because the acc (auto level) is disabled to allow the flip while ever the sticks are being used it runs auto level back on when they are released  ~~

You also need to enable the Mag (compass) when using any of the gps funtions because the gps doesnt know which direction its pointin in with out it so

GoHome =  Angle / Marg / Baro / GpsHome
Loiter =      Angle / Mag / Baro / GpsHold

Make sure you have calibrated your Mag or your copter might fly away in the wrong direction 



I';m having issues with my quad wanted to yaw on its own.  It was doing it on MPNG so I';m trying MW to see if it makes a difference.  But so far it looks like the problem persists.  I have attached a screenshot and it looks like even at full throttle the back left motor is not getting as much power as the rest of the motors.   I try adjusting the trim on my transmitter but that didn';t help.  Any suggestions?


Hi tdubu and welcome to the forum have you calibrated your esc';s ? this is a tyical problem when the esc';s are not calibrated or not calibrated correctly  ~~  :beer2:


I built this quad about three weeks ago and if it is not one thing it';s another.  In that time I had two really good flights the rest of the time its been a pain in the butt and extremely time consuming.  ESC calibration is very temperamental for me.  I max the throttle then turn on the quad and it just makes the little music like it normally does when the throttle is all the way down.  I use to be able to calibrate on MPNG, so I don';t know what gives.  Right now when put the throttle up just a hair two of the motors jump to around 1350 and the other two just sit at the min 1150.  And even in flight I can watch the motors oscillate and almost stop spinning even when the throttle is around half way.  I';m getting tired of trying to make this this work right and so is my wife. :banghead:


What ESC r u using? Coz I had trouble using lame SS ESC, switched to RCTimer SimonK and all fine now...I mean I have to switch the SK3 to SunnySky (sheeit I can';t get use to this name.. :D ), so I';m on the right path...

with the previous ESC I had problems too, oscillate and I had two major crash because of them: two motors stopped mid flight = broken arms.


I';m using Hobby King F20A with stock firmware.  I did buy an ASP USB programmer but haven';t flashed SimonK firmware YET.


Quote from: tdubu on Sunday,June 02, 2013, 20:36:26
I';m using Hobby King F20A with stock firmware.  I did buy an ASP USB programmer but haven';t flashed SimonK firmware YET.

The F is also nice ESC, try to change the rate to higher. AFIK you can change it during the calibration.


The screenshot I posted above is with the ESC';s disconnected so I don';t think its them.  It looks like its is the Crius board sending out an uneven power signal to the back left motor.  Is there anyway to calibrate this output from the FC board.  I turned off all the flight modes and put it on a level surface so it should be sending out even signal to each esc but its not.


@tdubu - I';ve a similar problem with a MultiWii 328P from HobbyKing.  I thought I had found the problem as being EMI from a battery alarm-sounder that I placed directly above one of the ESCs (front right).  But subsequently I am having the same problem as you - the front right motor will go nuts when the craft is level in any of its auto-level modes and try and flip the craft over.

The problem, unlike yours, is intermittent. That is, it comes and goes between battery pulls. There is no logic or rhyme to it at all.  But it is most certainly coming from the FC itself as I can see it on the MultiWiiConf app.  I';m getting to think there is some general issue with the MultiWii itself - or the code level (2.2).   

When the fault is not apparent it flies like a dream on both auto-level modes.

I';m just waiting for another FC to arrive that I';ve bought from a forum member to see if that makes a difference.  If it does, this FC is going back to HobbyKing.
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Hi all,

I have an hexa with AIOP V2, and multiwii 2.2
( 12x38 props, and 25Amp Simon K ESC';s)

I made PID triming in accro mode and it flies very well (very rapid stabilisation due to Simon K esc: P parameter can be increased)

But when I touch the ground "strongly", the hexa goes in oscillations (quiet slow oscillation, not same than "Main" PID regulation which is very fast) stronger and stronger then crash.

I wonder if it not due to the sensors or other multiwiiconf parameters, because I changed in many ways PID settings (I down or up, idem for D) and this oscillation when touching ground with energy remains.

Thanks for your suggestions,


Hi Nicopter and welcome to the forum I havent heard of this before could you share a snapshot of the wii gui for us to look at and maybe a video if you have one  ~~


hi Gaza,
Thank for your welcome, I will show myself in the adequate section.
And will come back with a video.


Thanks for everyone in the forum I managed to figure a lot of my headache -due to lack of newbie tutorial on CRIUS and MWC :)
off topic: I installed MPNG earlier due to the clearer tutorial and the lure of mission control and bla bla boa. But decided to change to MWC as the PID setting seems less intimidating :p

So anyway.. what was actually changed in the sketch to make the 3DR run on Serial3?
I can surely compare side by side and see whats the difference, but maybe its easier to ask the expert (wink at Gaza07).
I can probably just download and plug the firmware on 1st post easily but I would like to understand how. Is it as simple as changing stuff on config.h or is it much deeper than that?

Thanks in advance


Hi Stormiser and welcome to the forum all that was changed in multi wii to get it to work with the 3dr modules was the speed for serial port 3 it must be set to 57600 and not 115200  ~~


Thanks for the enlightenment :)
That answer the question, which lead to another question/problem i have -_-"

I got 3DR set at 57600 and plug at Serial_3
They are synced (green) and talk to each other when I press [start] at the Conf // blinking red rapidly. But no data flowing to the GUI. Sure enough it stop blinking when I press [stop]
Any idea?

FYI... if I use the usb cable (115200 at Serial_0) everything is good.
My undestanding is that if I just change the baud of the serial_3, the same data should flow to the GUI. I guess it is not that easy.
Also i notice that on the 3DR the one that is blinking is just TX led from the laptop side. As if it send something but got nothing in return (Rx led not blinking at all).


You need to use the Multi Wii WinGUI and set the port speed to 57600 and it will connect the wii conf file tries to connect at 115200  ~~


thanks gaza for a great script but one question why opt out the governer modus in the script apart from that gps runs fine and the quadx also



Hi Rolf I dont understand your question could you copy and paste the bit you mean  ~~

Quote from: kiwi on Sunday,August 11, 2013, 19:36:08
thanks gaza for a great script but one question why opt out the governer modus in the script apart from that gps runs fine and the quadx also



Quote from: Gaza07 on Wednesday,July 24, 2013, 09:30:09
Hi Stormiser and welcome to the forum all that was changed in multi wii to get it to work with the 3dr modules was the speed for serial port 3 it must be set to 57600 and not 115200  ~~

Are there any specific settings you have to apply to be able to have telemetry from port 3? I cannot find any references in config.h

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I built a quad with aiop 1.1 and mwii 2.2.
in acro and level mode it flies great :-), but in baro mode (angle mag baro) it is not keeping the height. how can I understand the baro mode ? is it, when switched on, the middle of the stick = alt hold ?

I also have a neo 6m gps and I connected it to the serial2 port with baud 38400 ... how can I check, if it is working ? (what parameters in the source code ?)
outside I get sattellites, but the connection to the aiop board seems to be not working ... how can I get my gps workin ?

I had mega pirate ng on the board first, there the alt-hold and the gps worked great ...

I would like to have a flying mode, where it holds altitude at the centerposition of the throttle stick while self leveling
and the same mode with gps pos-hold, how can I do this ?

thanx for help and greetings from munich :-)

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Quote from: teslahed on Monday,December 16, 2013, 01:40:28
Do you have foam on your barometer?

yes, in the software I can see the altitude when I move the copter quite precise ...
come fly with me :-) ---> www.youtube.com/user/wildflyer1de


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Quote from: wildflyer on Monday,December 16, 2013, 01:47:12
yes, in the software I can see the altitude when I move the copter quite precise ...

But do you have foam on the barometer ?
It is sensitive to prop wash, so put some foam over it and make sure you can breathe thru it otherwise it will completely cut air flow to the barometer...
Hope it helps


hi. I cant get this to upload to the board. it keeps saying error compiling. any sugestions.