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Bad Raven:
02 Dec 2019 20:03:50
Only if the battery is fully charged, leak a few volts and it'll be fine.......
02 Dec 2019 17:19:55
If yo fly a Mavic Mini and get over a gramme of mud on it, do you have to register it?  :rofl:
02 Dec 2019 08:38:56
Not a problem i've had a body mod, I think of Jean Harlow naked on a trampoline  and the new antenna  extends automatically..   :whistling:
29 Nov 2019 17:17:37
That'll play hell with your FPV signal. :rofl:
29 Nov 2019 17:10:20
Won't get me i'm wearing my tin foil hat... :wack0
29 Nov 2019 14:19:03
Because GOVERNMENT SPY DRONES are watching us! :frantic:
29 Nov 2019 11:41:22
BBC News this am ..only 50% of people have registered  for the  CAA  scheme.. If people haven't registered  how do they know it's 50%.. :shrug:
28 Nov 2019 20:16:14
Very very quiet. I am missing chatting :-( Must be the weather....
25 Nov 2019 08:28:26
Forums very quiet  :shrug:
18 Oct 2019 11:25:16
Sounds good yama. Would love to see some images. 3d models sound cool too
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Free Music / SFX Resource for Your Videos - Over 1900 Tracks

Started by Eric Matyas, Wednesday,March 02, 2016, 09:01:56

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Eric Matyas

Greetings everyone,

New free music is ready for you here:

On my Fantasy 8 page:

On my Fantasy 9 page:

And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:

100% free to use with attribution.

**If you find my music helpful, please consider making a donation to my website. The synthesizers I use to create the music and sounds that I share with everyone are very expensive...so expensive, in fact, that I have to make monthly payments on them...and donations really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance...and please feel free to share your projects...I love to see how creative people are using my work!

Eric Matyas

Hey guys,

I'm a bit under the weather, but I did manage to get a couple of new tracks done:

On my Dark/Ominous 2 page:

MIDNIGHT FOG - (Looping) - What creeps though the fog? This track might go well with my other one, "Midnight Mist."

On my Nature/Science 3 page:

DEEP SKY OBJECTS - They shimmer silently in the night sky like ancient jewels. Most can only be seen with a telescope. The light passing through my lens and into my eye left these objects long before humans walked the Earth. Perspective is humbling.

Like all of my music, they are completely free to use with attribution.


Eric Matyas

Hey guys,

If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a really cool website called Exilian. The site helps facilitate all kinds of creative projects. Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out:


I hope my answers are entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent...lol. Please feel free to share!

That said, this week's new free tracks are:

On my History page:

ANCIENT TIMES - (Looping) - Perhaps for a history-themed project?

On my Sci-Fi 8 page:

ESCAPE FROM CYBERPUNK CITY - This piece might sound cool in a dystopic urban-based project.

And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, some really nice large city street ambience:

STREET CORNER_5-30 - Trucks, taxis, horns, people talking, distant brakes squeaking, cyclist passes, etc.

STREET CORNER_5-29 - Scooter idles at corner, traffic passes, brakes squeak, baby heard, air brakes from truck, people talking, trucks pass, distant brakes squeak, etc.


Enjoy and keep being creative!

Eric Matyas


I've had a number of requests for uncompressed versions of my tracks, so I've begun making them available on Gumroad for a small free to help support the site. The MP3 files that I make freely available sound very good, but the original uncompressed WAV files sound really incredible...give them a try!

If anyone is curious as to why I didn't upload WAV files to begin with, the reason is that my web hosting service places limitations on file sizes and WAV files tend to be very large.

Anyhow, it's going to take some time to upload everything, so if anyone has any requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, just drop me an email and I'll upload them to Gumroad for you. Feel free to convert to Ogg or any format you like.

That said, this week's new free tracks are:

On my Sci-Fi 8 page:

EMERGING ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS - (Looping) - As they become industrialized, hopefully they won't make the same mistakes we have.


And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, more large city street ambience:

STREET CORNER_M-30 - Traffic, distant sirens, pedestrians, someone whistles, trucks passing, talking, horns, etc.
STREET CORNER_M30_2 - Noisy traffic passes, pedestrians, talking, distant brakes squeak, etc.



Eric Matyas

Hey folks,

Here are this week's new tracks. Free to use with attribution.

On my Funny 6 page:


On my Puzzle Music 4 page:


And on my Urban Ambience page:

STREET_W29 - General street ambience.
STREET_W29_2 - General street ambience.

Attribution information is here:



Eric Matyas

As Halloween approaches, I thought I'd focus this month on creating new tracks that might be useful in Halloween-themed projects (or horror, etc.)

That said, all of this week's new tracks are on my Horror/Surreal Page:

SHATTERED MIND - Surreal and disturbing, this could be used in all kinds of nightmarish things I'm sure. Easy to loop as well.

WELCOME TO THE MANSION - A haunted mansion that is. Muah hah hah!

SHATTERED REALITY - Another surrealistic piece. Might sound cool in a sci-fi project, too.


All of my tracks are 100% free to use with attribution. Enjoy!

Eric Matyas


    Happy Thursday!

    Here are this week's new tracks...100% free to use with attribution:

    "MYSTICAL HIGHLANDS" - (Looping) - Perhaps atop faraway mountains where the clouds drift below you. Or maybe in the quiet alleyways of an ancient city.
    Fantasy 9 | Soundimage.org

    Here are a couple new music tracks that might work for Halloween projects...or perhaps other things:

    "CREEPY HOLLOW" - Will you venture into the mist-filled forest? This track loops easily, btw.
    Dark / Ominous 2 | Soundimage.org

    "THE ATTIC OF SECRETS" - (Looping) - A dark, drafty place filled with long-forgotten things. What will you find?
    Fantasy 9 | Soundimage.org

    Have a good weekend...and keep being creative!

Eric Matyas

Halloween is almost here!

And in that spirit (no pun intended) I have some new free tracks for your spooky projects:

On my Dark / Ominous 2 page:
"The Haunted Deep"
"The Front Door of a Haunted House"

On my Fantasy 9 page:
"Ghostly Enchantment" (Looping)

I've also had all five episodes of my environmental learning series, "Dune's Island" captioned. Please feel free to share with teachers and parents.

Have a great weekend!

Eric Matyas

Happy Halloween! (Okay, a couple of days in advance...lol.)

Anyhow, to honor this ghoulish holiday, I've compiled a list of about 100 of my music tracks that might work for your Halloween parties, events, haunted houses, projects and other things. Make a mix of them if you'd like!

Here's a link to the page with the list:


Enjoy...and have a safe holiday!

Eric Matyas

Hi everyone,
I have a bunch of new music tracks ready for your projects...all free to use with attribution.
On my Funny 6 page:
"What the Cluck?!"
"The Ant Hill Gang Goes to Europe"
"Bubble Gum Groovin'" (Standard and Looping)

On my Fantasy 9 page:
"The Castle of the Mad Scientist" (Standard and Looping)

And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:
"Dreaming of Cyberpunk" (Looping)

I have a bit of down time this week so if anyone needs some custom music created, this is a good time to give me a shout. My email address is here:

Keep being creative...and have a good week!

Eric Matyas

Well, I'm up to 1,960 tracks...it's hard to believe...I might actually reach 2,000 by the end of the year! Anyhow, I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to those of you who have showed your support for my work and my website...your contributions have allowed me to make my monthly payments on my synths. They are all top-of-the-line instruments and I think it's reflected in the quality of the sound they put out.

The whole point of my soundimage project was to make good-sounding music available to anyone regardless of their budget...and it's definitely working thanks to you!

I've been spending time learning my newest synth which will enable me to create tracks in genres that I haven't done before. I'll let you know as I open new pages on my site to release them.

In the meantime, here's what's new this week:

A brand new music track on my Action 3 page:

FUNKY RUNNIN' - (Looping) - Maybe for a funky endless runner game?

Some cool electronic sound fx on my new SFX - Electronic page:

ELECTRONIC STATIC and TELEPHONE STATIC - Perhaps for situations where communications have been knocked out. (They actually sound pretty cool.)

On my SFX - Creepy page:

EERIE INDUSTRIAL DRONE - (to add to my other creepy drones.)

And on my SFX - Environments page:

UNDERWATER RUMBLE - Maybe for deep sea environments?

Have a great week!

Eric Matyas


Here are this week's new free music tracks:

On my Fantasy 9 page:

On Puzzle Music 5 page:

And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:

Enjoy...and have a great rest of your week!

Eric Matyas

Brand new music tracks are ready for your projects. All free to use with attribution:

On my Fantasy 9 page:
"OF LEGENDS AND FABLES" - In a faraway place.

On my Funny 7 page:
"FUN WITH DOCTOR STRANGEVOLT" - (Looping) - Another day in his laboratory playing with gazillions of volts of electricity. Fun fun!

And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:
"STRANGE THINGS 2" - (Looping) - More freaky goings-on in the night.

Have a good weekend!

Eric Matyas

I hope everyone had a good holiday! Here are this week's brand new music tracks...free to use as always with attribution:

On my Fantasy 9 page:


And on my Sci-Fi 8 page:

Enjoy...and keep being creative!