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Yesterday I did something stupid...

Started by dp106, Thursday,March 21, 2013, 12:11:51

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I received my usb device yesterday for updating my kk2 to v1.5 but also got a programming card for my esc';s. I work in IT so knew I should do one thing at a time in case I had issues but my enthusiasm got the better of me :-(

I';ve updated the fc to 1.5 but also programmed the esc';s to turn the break off. Only now the quad won';t fly and it';s difficult to say where the problem is - idiot :-(

The issue is motor 3 doesn';t seem to be spinning up enough. I';ve even swapped out the ESC but still not working. I';m not aware of a setting on the fc that could cause this so my only other thought now is to try swapping a motor?


When you flashed it the kk2 would have been reset you will need to do the setting up again quad type "etc"
also it will be worth while re calibrating your esc';s and see how you get on then, there is a option in the misc menu to adjust the motors so Im told  ~~


Yeah I';ve been back through the settings on the kk2, unless I';ve missed something that I did last time.

I';m not sure it';s possible to calibrate the esc';s, when I follow the instructions, setting throttle to full, holding buttons 1-4 etc the esc';s just start beeping loads like they are cycling through each setting. Although thinking about it I haven';t done that since swapping the ESC so that might well be it...


C0ck. Calibration didn';t help. Think I';ll try replacing the motor, and crossing my fingers!


Well hopefully all sorted now. I swapped out the esc that seemed like it might have a loose connection but then the motor appeared not to be spinning enough. Swapped the motor out, same problem.  Finally put my hand above the propellers while they were spinning, doh motor was spinning in wrong direction!  Don';t know why that happened as I wired it up the same way as before. Ah well at least I know what the issue is just feel a bit embarrassed I didn';t check that straight away


It';s always worth double checking your spin directions.

And you definitely need to recalibrate your ESCs after flashing them with simonk. Do them manually one at a time;

They wont perform properly until you do.
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Try bumping the minimum throttle up to 20...might work. This will make all the motors start at the same time, maybe they start at different times and power up through the throttle range at different times..
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Quote from: rokit5 on Tuesday,March 26, 2013, 19:47:48
Try bumping the minimum throttle up to 20...might work. This will make all the motors start at the same time, maybe they start at different times and power up through the throttle range at different times..
Thanks yeah I already have the minimum throttle set to 20. Does the trick and all the motors start together.

My issue was firstly a loose connection or just dodgy esc. I swapped this out and because I wired the replacement up exactly the same I never considered the rotation might be wrong.

Everything is working now and auto level does seem a lot better with the 1.5 firmware. Just need some better weather to give it a decent test.


Hopefully I';ve learnt my lesson and next time I';ll update one thing at a time.... hmm maybe ;-)