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Hi there. Im new. Having problems with my tarot landing gear. Its plugged into ch7 on futaba receiver. When i flick switch on transmitter i can hear a faint click on both legs but no movement. My flight controller is a mini px4 with no aux out terminals.
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Looking to build a racing drone

Started by garyb, Friday,January 15, 2016, 21:10:04

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I';m looking to build a racing "drone" with gps, fpv etc. I want it to have everything BUT being new to the multirotor build thing i dont know what i need.

Obviously i';ll need :

Frame kit
4x esc
4x motors
Radio equipment

I';m not entirely sure what else, as in what is a good gps and fpv set up.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. 


Hello Gary,

If your looking to build a little 250 they tend to be as basic as possible, they don';t normally have GPS.

The important questions always come first ... whats your budget??

I could go all out and blow hundreds of pound ... or we can do shoestring and do a quad for about £100

Remember your biggest outlay will be a Transmitter and the FPV Goggles!

The taranis is the transmitter of choice, mainly because of its price and its ability because it uses open source software. http://www.t9hobbysport.com/frsky-taranis-plus-2.4ghz-transmitter
Goggles can be the quanum kit up to the new fatshark HDs

I have a taranis, Skyzone goggle, an armattan fram (because it has a genuine lifetime warranty) a good base, but not the cheapest start!


Hi Fletch,

Thanks very much for your reply.

To be honest i dont really have a budget in mind.

What size do people start putting gps in them ?



would imagine so, should just be a case of tracking down parts that are similar, any particular reason for the GPS? its not usually found on smaller quads, though it';s doable its not the way to go if your wanting to build a racing drone.
Point and click.

Monkey see, Monkey do.


Just when i noticed the one in the link above had naza i thought it might be good to have on my build.


they do make the GPS sound cool eh :laugh: its handy feature to have but has no place on a racing drone, best buying a basic fight controller with basic leveling modes and take from there, will be a bit harder than jumping straight into something with GPS but will be more rewarding and better for your piloting skills in the long run IMHO of course :smiley:
Point and click.

Monkey see, Monkey do.


Lol. Yeah the gps does sound cool. Haha.

I take it that what your saying is it makes them easier to fly ?


i think the most popular flight controller by far is the Naze32 ... which is a basic flight control but does everything you need in a racer!
I have it in 3 of my machines

I think over time it will be replaced by flight controllers running a better processor (Naze32 is an F1 processor, new ones are F3s)

What i';m running just now is
Armattan F1-6 Frame ~£80 - Lifetime warranty and not prohibitively expensive
KISS 30A ESCs ~£80 - My motors car draw 39a on a static thrust test for 6" props, so these should be more than adequate with a 45a burst
KISS Flight Controller - ~£27 which is a new release and is looking to be very good
Cobra 2206 2100KV Motors - ~£75
4S Batteries - Dronelabs batteries are ~£15 but don;t have a high enough C rating really for that
AOMWAY 200mw TX and a flight camera - ~£35

I';ve used parts from previous builds so this wan';t all one expenditure, but that thing would be a very scary first quad ... it is fairly nippy especially on 6" props! (it weighs about 600g and can generate about 4.8kg of thrust)

The ZMR frame is always a good place to start - its very cheap, there are lots of "accessories" for that frame, its not bullet proof but its strong enough!

DYS BE1806 2300KV Black motors

The New DYS XM20A

An X4R receiver (if you are using a transmitter that is compatible)


600tvl board cam

An then all its down to is picking your flight controller and batteries.  The naze32 is without a doubt most popular and has various different firmware that can be run on it.
But i';d suggest picking one of the newer flight controllers ...
The dodo would be a fair choice, and doesn';t require a 5v regulator because its onboard the flight controller

A PDB would make things a little easier to


Saturday,January 16, 2016, 03:39:25 #9 Last Edit: Saturday,January 16, 2016, 06:19:10 by Fletch

This may be a good flight control if you want GPS.  I have never used it!

Painless360 videos are an awesome goto for advice and tips


Hi Fletch,

Thanks very much for your help, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

Do you have any pictures of your racers ?


Ok advice 1: go blow 30 quid on a hubsan x4 h107L (buy it online should be under 30) then learn to fly it, you can do this indoors with this quad and it will teach you how to keep a quad in the air

Next decide what you want to build.
250 racers are light and fast, they are meant for racing or acrobatic flying, in both cases GPS is not needed, adds more weight and is a pain to add because it needs to be physically away from other components

A part flier with GPS is a slightly different beast, it will never be as fast or agile as a good racer, but it doesn';t mean it is slow or very sluggish.

You will need a frame, these generally can be broken down into cheap and chearfull or expensive. The cheap ones break easier (but then the parts are cheap), the more expensive are better engineered and tend to be more resilient.

Cheap can be bought from most suppliers, expensive there is a raft of but Lumenier, alien, blackouts etc are common

Take a look at the 250 builds section, there are lots of examples in there including a couple of mine

4, 5 or 6 inch props are common, with 5 being the defacto for 250 racers

ESCs fvt littlebee 20 amp are probably the defacto racing ESCs ATM but depends on props and motors

Motors: depends on props ESCs and battery cells

Flight controller and software:
Most racers are running a cleanflight fork (betaflight or raceflight) but the whole cleanflight on naze32s, sp3s, dodos, tornados, calibri/powercubes etc etc BUT the whole GPS functionality is questionable

Hopefully that has given you a clue of the kind of variability we are talking about here, you really need to be more specific about what you want, aside from the hubsan I recomend you take a browse through the 360 build section, come up with a set of parts and then let people refine it for you


Quote from: garyb on Monday,January 18, 2016, 08:06:19
Hi Fletch,

Thanks very much for your help, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

Do you have any pictures of your racers ?

I';ll bung a some photos up tonight


Top tip (which I ignored!)...
... Keep it simple!! You really don';t need GPS.


A picture of my three mini/micros

This is my sons LOS ZMR, I made it so if he wants to learn to fly he can.

Its a stock frame with two 3d printer spacers. 

The bottom one has the PDB and BECs in it and keeps the cables all out the way and holds the XT60 in place
The design is on thingiverse and was printed by Rommie on here

The top 3d filler holds an X4R or D4R and the video transmitter for when I put the FPV kit on it.

It';s a naze acro and the dys motors and littlebee escs.

It fly';s really easily ... If a little underpowered!


This is my atom RX122

It has a full naze (because that';s what I had in stock)
A paragon UAV pdb
A 5v FPV video transmitter and micro camera
A pololu 5v 1a voltage regulator
Sunny sky 1306 motors
Little bee ESCs


That';s my armattan I described before