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Monday,February 17, 2020, 12:33:54

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14 Feb 2020 16:14:59
Hi there. Im new. Having problems with my tarot landing gear. Its plugged into ch7 on futaba receiver. When i flick switch on transmitter i can hear a faint click on both legs but no movement. My flight controller is a mini px4 with no aux out terminals.
09 Feb 2020 16:57:32
and another :smiley:
09 Feb 2020 10:22:04
Time for a new shoutbox post   ;)
Rares Gosav:
17 Jan 2020 17:44:22
Hi guys and happy new year!!!
01 Jan 2020 00:12:50
Happy new year everyone, happy flying.  :beer2: :beer2:
31 Dec 2019 17:06:13
Happy new year all hope 2020 is a cracking year for you  :beer2:
25 Dec 2019 00:00:49
Happy Christmas to everyone.
24 Dec 2019 13:50:56
Seasons greetings to all on this forum have a good one ;)
21 Dec 2019 17:58:42
Have a great time DB. Look forward your projects in 2020.  :beer2:
21 Dec 2019 16:59:17
Have a good one D.B. ~~ :beer2: :beer2: :beer2:
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Introducing the RCYourC R-Quad

Started by rcyourc, Sunday,September 28, 2014, 20:32:50

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Hey Folks!

Just want to introduce myself and let you know there';s another player in the high-performance FPV mini-quad market, the RCYourC R-Quad!

The R-Quad is a modular, carbon fiber-only, FPV mini-quad platform that takes lessons from all that have come before it to make a super-durable, high-performance quad-copter system.  It comes in two sizes, the mini 250 and the XL 350.  Unlike other platforms that have extended arms to accommodate 6" props, the XL can accomodate 8" props, which dramatically improves payload capacity and flight times.  Since they share the same modular main frame, they can both fit all necessary electronics (receiver, FC, ESCs, FPV camera, FPV transmitter, and OSD), but they also utilize a robust anti-vibration camera mount for a Mobius or GoPro.  The R-Quad is exceptionally light-weight, forgoing a double stacked lower frame and instead placing the frame stand-offs closer to the arms to create the necessary frame rigidity (the XL has an additional arm support brace, not shown).  Lastly, since you all have your favorite Flight Controllers, the R-Quad can accommodate a huge variety of FC's, including the Naze32, NanoWii, CC3D, KK-mini, or even the Naza Lite. 

Teaser Action Video
Or on YouTube

Much more media coming soon!

I know I have to take the good with the bad, but I';d love your feedback!  Without your experience and commentary, I don';t have much to go on.  So please if you have a moment to check it out, I';d appreciate hearing from you.  And if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the design, development, production or anything about the R-Quad product line, please don';t hesitate to ask. 

Best Regards,



I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


there';s a space at the beginning and end of your link stopping it working

try: http://www.rcyourc.com/
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Hubsan X4
CS022 Mini Quad


there';s alot of holes in that frame. looks a bit thin in places


I wouldn';t be happy using a mini quad with mainplates with cut outs that large without a third centre plate directly on top of the arms. In my experience having those 2 plates clamping directly either side of the arm adds a lot of stiffness and strength.

Maybe someone can review one and give people an idea how they compare with other frames?
One circlip short of a quadcopter.
 1 lobe short of an antenna.


that';s going to flex like a mutha across the arms? and i';d hate to see the state of the plates after a hard crash.

it needs another plate and less holes IMHO.
Point and click.

Monkey see, Monkey do.


Quite agree with what other people have said, there is way too much area of fresh air!
Two downsides of this:
1) More machining so more expensive
2) Torsional strength drastically reduced with the hole pattern shown.
I think..........I think I am........therefore I am.............I think!


Quad does look interesting, what is the weight of the frame as it is in the photo?

I would also be very wary of those holes in the main plates, a good hard crash is perfect for finding the weak points.

I like the idea of the XL being able to fit 8" props but cant see a photo of a constructed one, only the frame parts on your website.

If you need a good review then I would be happy to take delivery of an XL frame to give it baptism by extreme FPV and review for you ;)  ~~


Agree it does look weak in places.

If i was going to spend that much on a frame ($129.99) i would spend a little bit more and buy a Blackout Mini H.


also makes your electronics';s vulnerable even if it doesn';t break. 


what makes this modular? apart from looking like it';ll crumple at first impact coz of the holes it looks no different to one of my 250';s


Quote from: soggybottoms on Monday,September 29, 2014, 19:13:24
what makes this modular? apart from looking like it';ll crumple at first impact coz of the holes it looks no different to one of my 250';s

good point, maybe frame is same size and you stick the longer arms on for 8 inch props, just a guess. think it will be a really light frame anyway. if you need a crash test dummy, i';m your dummy!