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Monday,August 19, 2019, 11:45:49

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19 Aug 2019 09:14:20
Good for you!  ~~
18 Aug 2019 19:13:57
Had another negative encounter, it's been a few years since the last one, just an uneducated ******, going on about drones being illegal yada yada yada.    :-/
Still that didn't spoil my flying time, had an absolute blast  ~~
07 Aug 2019 19:52:01
ooooh mrs jones  :D
30 Jul 2019 15:26:34
D.B. you tightwad.. :cool:
29 Jul 2019 20:14:10
DB that just means you have shed loads of props in the first place ;-)
29 Jul 2019 18:53:33
Just had a thought, even with all the crashing I've done, I haven't bought any replacement props in over a year ~~
09 Jul 2019 19:45:42
May the sun shine and winds be light for BFU#8. Son't forget lots of vids for those of us unable to attend.  :D
09 Jul 2019 18:10:30
Hope you all have a great day  :beer2:
09 Jul 2019 14:05:28
BFU#8 details locked in for this saturday - see the head of the forum thread for all details.
05 Jul 2019 21:51:05
Good for genital warts as well......or so I'm told.. :hmm
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Quanum telemetry system

Started by Flyinegypt, Friday,February 15, 2013, 09:24:40

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I hope I have put this in the correct section...mods please feel free to move if necessary.

I am looking for some advice here folks.
I am going to build a hexacopter for aerial photography.
I am currently in the electronics package planning stage. So far I have the ArduPilot Mega Board 2.5+  and Ublox LEA-6H GPS. I have considered getting the 3DR telemetry radio link but on consideration the extremely bright sunlight here would make viewing the data on a laptop screen totally impractical.
I do not really need live GPS and other data but I do need to know the state of my batteries and Ah consumption because, unlike the fixed wing models I am used to, I am acutely aware that running out of battery capacity on a multicopter spells immediate disaster.
I have been looking at the Quanum 2.4Ghz telemetry system as sold by Hobbyking


This seems much more suited to my needs as it gives realtime battery condition on a small LCD screen which attaches to the Tx. It also includes an audible alarm.
They claim that the system can be safely used with a 2.4Ghz Tx as the modulation method is different.
The question is, has anyone got experience, good or bad, with this system and is it ok to use in conjunction with my FrSky radio?

Also, at a later stage I am thinking of adding a simple FPV system with the camera mounted next to my still camera to assist aiming shots ( separate person calling the shots from a darkened enclosure) Can I use a 900Mhz link like this
I am not in the UK so the UK regs do not apply here in Africa.

Oh, and the last thing, how on earth do you find the space to hang all this stuff inside the hub of a multicopter?  :blink

Thanks in advance


hi fella im currently run a quanum system i only run the battery voltage telemetry and i couldn';t be without it, it measures each cell and gives the read out on screen that iv attached to my controller or you can have it in your pocket and iv set it to beep once at 3.8v per cell then it beeps constant at 3.7v so after the first beep its time to fly home and think about landing. for the money its a bargain for what you get and it saves your lipos from getting too low and allows you to fly home in time before you start loosing power. so thumbs up from me  ~~
dji f550, still running standerd running gear, with auora 9 controller, 2 x 6000mah nano-tech, 1 x 8400mah nano-tech, 1 x 5000mah turnigy, carbon gimbal with Aeroxcraft landing gear, gopro 3 black edition camera, and to top it off LED's all round for night flying (has to be done)


Excellent, thanks for that feedback. I will add that to my purchase list for the UK visit.
Do I assume correctly you are using it alongside a 2.4Ghz  control TX?


you can run 50 cars at a track all on 2.4ghz and there wont be any interference so it will be fine to run along side your controller have a look

dji f550, still running standerd running gear, with auora 9 controller, 2 x 6000mah nano-tech, 1 x 8400mah nano-tech, 1 x 5000mah turnigy, carbon gimbal with Aeroxcraft landing gear, gopro 3 black edition camera, and to top it off LED's all round for night flying (has to be done)


Friday,February 22, 2013, 12:46:06 #4 Last Edit: Friday,February 22, 2013, 16:02:51 by robbain
This is very interesting indeed and looks to be what I need.  I';m running a DJI F450 with a Futaba T8J.  I';d really like real-time feedback on battery status (as others have said) and was contemplating moving to the DX7 (with TM1000).  But this would let me stick with the Futaba (which I like).  Battery status is absolutely critical to me to bring the drone home in time.

Any comments anyone?

Many thanks,


**** Apols - that should have said "...contemplating moving to the DX8..."


I run FrSky Telemetry , runs at 60mw..  if you use telemetry the range is not as good as one way.
I also use the DHT-U which in conjunction with a telemetry RX can be used for telemetry.

The RX I use is the D8R-XP which can also be used with a telemetry hub to provide more information.

There is also ways of interfacing MegaPirateNG and Arducopter to the FrSky Telemetry kit.


BNUC-S Pilot with PfCo /PFAW.
UAQ / CAA PfCo Instructor / Flight Assessor

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