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help please before i loose interest

Started by paulcobra, Thursday,February 14, 2013, 18:36:23

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I still havent managed to get a good first hover from my 450, when i first built it the throtle was erratic, all or nothing kind of deal. So i stripped it down and recalibrated the esc';s, it seems better but still erratic, seems to lift without indication that its about to and does so about quater throtle, also the throtle seems to pulse as though im slightly raising and lowering the throtle realy quick. While its doing this im loosing confidence with it.


Well I';m not sure what the problem is but all I will say is don';t give up .. there';s oodles of help here and someone will get you sorted ... I';ve been is desperation several times and always got through it ...

Sounds to me like it could possibly be the ';gain'; settings - although I am not sure I have seen videos on youtube of this kind of pulsing that  turned out to be the gain settings.

What controller are you using?

Whilst you are waiting do what I normally do and just type in to google what the problem is and follow some of the links ... something simple like ';dji 450 throttle pulsing?';  - also try the same on youtube ... someone somewhere will have had the same problem ....

Stick at it  ~~


I am using a dx8, its off putting the way it lifts and climbs quite a bit at around quarter throtle, it creeps up on you then all of a sudden its 6 to 8 feet up


Paul have you got your radio set to plane or heli it should always be set to plane, have you got any expo set on the throttle channel ?


tx set on plane and no expo on throtle, tried looking round the net and carn';t seem to find anything, ill have to try and get someone to video it for me while i try and keep it from lifting.


Hey mate, what Flight Controller have you got? I have a crius se  (I think) and mine was an absolute ar5e to fly.  Firstly I noticed that my PID settings where not to default, so I reset them and the I needed to adjust the Low Pass Filter in the config.h.  My filter setting is now at 20, which is uber low, but it works.  Hope you find the solution.  Good luck.



Is it on Futaba or Spektrum.

If Spektrum change the TX/RX to 11ms

If on Futaba there is a known problem with the PWM encoder especially with non Futaba RX and with all Futba with more than 7 channels. This is due to the high speed data from PWM
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Have you made sure your PIDs are at default to start with.  You can do this by pressing the reset button on either of the GUIs.  Then do the calibrate acc and mag thing so that you have one straight line running in the real time graph display.  Don';t mean to sound like I';m teaching you to suck eggs, just trying to pass on what I';ve learned.


Hi Paul, I would say start with some basics. I had a similar problem with my Crius SE - it was like a dancing spider, but the problem in the end was the calibration of the ESC - even though I did it three times. You can get a cable like this which helps tremendously in making sure your ESC are 100% OK. http://witespyquad.gostorego.com/speed-controller-calibration-cable.html I would also recommend that you start with a 8x4.5 or 8x4.7 prop as anything bigger could be vicious and perhaps to powerful to learn with. Also make sure your Flight Controller is pointing in the right direction and like the guys said, make sure you have all ACC, GYRO etc calibrated in the FC. If all this fails, record it on video and post the video so we can see what is happening!
Good luck.
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Pids are default, just switched the tx to 11ms. Going to try recalibrating esc againn now its on 11ms.


would this also help with the lifting off at low throtle (1/4 throtle)


Have you tried reloading the firmware or even trying a different one? Megapirate 》multiwii.

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Hi Paul

I';m no expert on quads, but if you need a 2nd pair of eyes to look at it, let me know as I';m just down the road

Many Thanks


Cheers phil, ill have a go at recalibrating the esc';s again via config h, if im still at a loss i might take you up on the offer.