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Simulators how good are you?

Started by ched999uk, January 27, 2019, 20:07:55

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I have never been a gamer so my finger control is terrible.
Over the winter I have been 'practicing' using Velocidrone and trying to get at least 1hr a day in since November!!! I am not trying to be a racer just improve my flying skills.

While I am getting slowly better I was wondering how good everyone else is on a simulator.

For Example on Velocidrone, Football stadium, Official Track Split-s I can manage a lap in about 55 seconds with a crash or 2.

How quick can you do a lap?

Can anyone suggest how to improve, is it just practice and if so is there any techniques to getting better, i.e. keep flying the same track or fly different tracks?
Any ideas?



tbh the sims are good for getting the basics down and creating muscle memory which makes for a good foundation, however I cant in all honesty compare the sensation of flying a sim to the real deal, theres just far to many variables between the two which makes them more completely different animals than similar once you get to a certain level of competence.

Infact Id even go so far as to say after a certain point using sims to practice actually becomes detrimental to your real life flight skills as your brain will subconsciously switch to sim mode when you slip on your goggles and presented with a fpv view regardless of whether its real or pixel based, it can almost take a conscious effort NOT to use non applicable skills you learned in a sim when it comes to flying in real life, this alone was the main reason as to why I very rarely if ever use a sim anymore.

personally when flying fpv Id rather be able to concentrate entirely on my flying than having to fight my own sim based habits, as a crash on a sim means a short pause before the frame flips upright and happily takes to the skies again.... a crash in real life means a often long walk to were the remains of your once proud creation now sits in various degrees of segmentation :cry
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shawdreamer: that's an interesting point of view. I agree that 'flying' in the sim is no substitute to real flying. I have a few fundamental problems that I hope the sim can help with. First is throttle control and being able to maintain height through turns. Second is my aversion to crashing in real life  :smiley: as you say the long walk and the repair bill. So while the risks I take in the sim are much greater than I would in real life I am hoping that I can increase my eye hand co ordination.

I do believe you are right that there is no substitute for real flying but I only really get access to my flying field at weekends and I am on permanent call so couldn't really go further. So I don't get much time to actually fly, that plus I do hate being cold  ::)

I don't think my 'skills' are any where near being detrimentally harmed by the sim yet  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Cheers for the reply, always good to hear other peoples experience. Thanks

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