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Banggood fairy for me... tonne of new standoffs  :laugh:
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the HobbyKing fairy has been bearing LiPo's   :D
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You have to say 6 like Eugene off the Preacher   :D
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I see  :hmm:
Bad Raven:
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You have to say "six" with the right accent..........
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We have very high standards here you know.  :cool:
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:welcome: Liam
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Yes... I'm daft. I can now spell 6. :laugh:
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Guys, new here but am I being daft? I can't post a new post because apparently I don't know how many props a hexcopter has... got to be 6 right? Cheers!
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Not seen one AtomicLama. Sounds interesting
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Flashing ESC's

Started by Biffa, Sunday,January 27, 2013, 10:37:50

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Hello folks,

Would anyone be interested in flashing some ESC';s for me?

I currently have 4 Turnigy Plush 18A ESC';s on my quad and this is going to be my FPV test bed when the KK2.0 board turns up so I figured while swapping boards I could do this as well, but I don';t have the gear to do it and don';t fancy making up a ghetto tool for the job.

I am quite happy to pay a fee and obviously postage both ways.


I did my own, its pretty straightforward. I soldered the wires on to mine, much easier with a tool.

Hopefully someone may have a tool that suits.


I';m not happy to flash for you as I';d be scared that I';d do something wrong and let the smoke out .....BUT I';d be more than happy to lend you the HobbyKing tool and USBasp unit so you can do it yourself  ::)

I did it (eventually) ....so therefore ANYONE can do it  ~~

The Lazy Zero site has everything you need http://lazyzero.de/en/modellbau/kkmulticopterflashtool

If you want to borrow it PM me your address ... no postage necessary it';ll only be pence  ;)


That would be awesome ~~

PM sent.


PM received - in the post tomorrow - 1st class recorded  ~~

I';ve put a black dot on the tool to indicate which face should line up with the side of the chip above the printed words on the chip face ... if you get my drift  ;)

There were originally very tiny pegs on the tool bottom to ';help'; with lining up ... but on my escs they just got in the way of other stuff on the printed circuit so I filed them off  ::)

It';s the sort of job that needs 3 hands and the first esc took me 4 go';s to get it right and successfully flashed.... once I';d got the hang of it though the other 3 escs were flashed first time in less than a couple of minutes.

Good luck  :wack0



Muchas gracias :notworthy: You Sir are a star.

With any luck there wont be any of the magic smoke released when I do it either :rolleyes:


Hey dudes, some nice kind helping gestures going on here but Biffa you might wanna check the compatibilty with your esc and thr programming tool.   I have some plush 18A escs on a quad and the ATMEGA tool doesn';t fit.  Might be worth running a craft knife down the edge of the esc and opening up the heatshrink to see the chip.  Take a pic and post it here so we can have a look.  Or does it look like this:


Sunday,January 27, 2013, 18:43:31 #7 Last Edit: Sunday,January 27, 2013, 18:57:13 by Biffa
OK hold fire and I';ll have a look.


Looks like this



Looks like yours, is that a bad thing or a good thing?


Well if it';s the dongle I am thinking of, then it won';t fit mate.  I have not looked into flashing this type of ESC chip, maybe Chris can offer more support from his recent flashing adventures.


Looks like I';m on hold ..... let me know if it';s a go  ::)


The picture above is the newer type plush and comes with the silabs chip and not the atmega so the HK tool does not fit and standard way of flashing doesnt work, there is some info about flashing a silabs chip over on RCG but I think its a little more involved  :rolleyes:


Well, looks like using the tool is on hold, once again thanks for the kind offer.

I shall look into the other method and see where that takes me :shrug:


i got my arduino ready, very nice setup, you can change setting after the flash only with the arduino...


only need to get out my esc from the quad to put the connector on it...