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ched999uk: Reman yep, I put a 1.6 then 2.0 in mk1 escort 4 door  :D 16v in mk1 golf gti, then 16v turbo technics in mk1 golf then in convertible  :D
All good fun.

Reman: Oh yeah, While my friends all wanted XR2i lookalike Fiestas, I was the one trying to work out if a 1.6 Lancia twin cam would fit in a Fiat Panda. Never actually got around to trying that swap, But it looks about feasible.

ched999uk: Reman so he was trying to race a van and was so pleased he 'won'  :D The youth of today must be weirder than I thought. In my day you tried to race something that was a challenge never a VAN!!! My aim was to have a normal looking car with lots of power  :D Thanks for sharing the moment and giving us laugh  :D

hoverfly: Just came across Cornish's Best bits from 18,  suitably garnished with a splash of Tom Petty...Very nice.. ~~

Andy7: Well, I suppose a least you made someone's day a happier one.   ~~

Reman: Something slightly amusing happened today and I feel like sharing.
I pulled up at a set of lights on a dual carriageway when the young driver of the little peugeot to my left starts beeping his horn and gesturing for me to wind down my passenger window. Assuming something was wrong I wound it down to hear him joyously yelling "DUDE, I SO HAD YOU OFF THOSE LIGHTS BACK THERE! YEEEEEH, YOU WAS OWNED!". I thought about what he was saying for a few moments before replying "Erm.... Well, Congratulations I suppose? Though I feel I should mention 2 little points. first, I wasn't aware that we were having a race, And secondly, If I knew I'd have to race against a little one point nothing liter shopping cart today I'd have been inclined to make sure I won by not putting half a ton of ****** in the back of my van first......... But congratulations all the same"........ Somehow though, That didn't seem to dampen his victorious mood. I think it may be possible he's watched all the fast and furious films a few times too many? But on the other hand, He brought a smile to a rather miserable work day LOL !

hoverfly: A bloke I know was buying a horse from an Irish man when he said I want to see its trot,  the paddy  went to the horse lifted it's tail and said there it is.. :blink:

shawdreamer: 10yrs ago if a donkey/horse from cornwall told you to check out his pi hole he'd have got a kickin.....its a strange and wonderous world we live in today :huh:

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