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Author Topic: Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?  (Read 166 times)

Offline VooDoo

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Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?
« on: March 04, 2018, 23:42:53 »
I’ve not updated Betaflight on my KingKong Tiny 7 yet and I’m wondering if it’s worth doing?  What benefits am I (a novice fun flyer) likely to see?  The only issue I really have with it at the moment is it occasionally suffers from a random dip in thrust requiring me to momentarily throttle up a bit to stop it crashing (maybe every other flight).  Is a firmware update likely to resolve this issue?

Im of the school of if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, so would only look to flash it if there are likely to be tangible benefits.


Offline Bad Raven

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Re: Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 06:12:00 »
A very good question! Basic principle, "if it ain't broke", etc.

Updating firmware on a working quad always carries a risk, but Betaflight do have a record of making good stable improvements.

Firstly, you do know that Betaflight Configurator is no longer a Google handled product. The latest version needs to be directly downloaded and installed?

Then connect your Tiny7, get the working model showing movement, and then go to the CLI tab, and in CLI enter "version" (return).

Tell us here what that says. It will include a number like 3.1.1. This is not altering anything you have now.

Recently I have been using the set up numbers and process contained in a document called "Project Mockingbird" by "qreacher". This process is aimed primarily at the Inductrix type ducted prop quads 65mm to 100mm.  It's actually intended for the BeeBrain/BeeCore flight controllers but much of it can be applied across other FC.

He has a Youtube channel.  This is not the simplest set up in the world, but it transformed a couple of my more troublesome poorly handling quads I'd failed to cure unaided, and an improvement was still evident on a couple I had thought were as good as they'd get.

Have a read of the document, swallow deeply, have another read, and then brace yourself and decide if you want to plough in.
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Offline Sweet Pickle

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Re: Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 13:25:23 »
I updated my Tiny6 for no good reason other than I could.
Ironically I never used to get battery sag as you describe. Since updating I tend to get it on 3 out of 5 batteries.
Also worth mentioning that for some reason the endpoints after updating were SOOOO way off that they could not be calibrated on the transmitter and had to be done via the command screen in Betaflight.
I've never had to do it this way before as it's usually +/- 50 which is easy enough to overcome with transmitter endpoints.
For some reason they were upto and around +/-196 out.

Long and the short of it is there will be benefits on full size quads, but these little things behave well enough as it is out of the box.

Offline VooDoo

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Re: Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2018, 21:24:12 »
Thanks for the comments.  My KK7 appears to be running BF 3.0.1.  It also says something like there’s no flash rom available, though I seem to remember that you need to press a button while plugging it in to enter flashing mode?

Downloaded the latest version of BF.

Is there a way to back up the quads config before messing around with the settings so they can easily be restored? If so I’d be much happier messing around with them as per the mockingbird doc.

Interesting to hear it might be the batteries that cause the power dip.  Hadn’t thought of that.  Is a better quality battery likely to resolve that issue?  Just running the batteries that it came with. 


Offline Bad Raven

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Re: Firmware Update on KingKong Tiny 7 - Tangible Benefits?
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2018, 06:39:17 »
The small batteries on micro quads of usually 200-250 size are very prone to loss of performance as they are operating at the top of their ability a lot of the time. The Tiny 7 sized 450-600 mAh quads less so, but it does depend how well you look after them (and pure luck!!).

Never hurts to have more, and a cheap way in terms of effort to prove it is................   ;).

Read up on the CLI. There is "Dump" which will copy all the settings to a file, printer, etc.

Yes, 3.0.1 is the default that Tiny 6&7 come with. Yes, you can update, I have.

Does it make a difference, well Yes, but they are OK as is, so its not a major revelation for the effort UNLESS you do a LOT of work in the manner of "qreacher's"  (correct spelling) process called "Project Mockingbird" as mentioned above. Note I say "in the manner of" as the Tiny Hardware does not allow ALL of it to be done. This is work on the TX with mixes as well as on the FC. Go on YouTube for Vids.  This IS quite groundbreaking!

Not for the feint hearted but IMO well worthwhile looking at and if nothing else cherry picking.

The Tiny 6&7 have TWO buttons on the board next to each other waiting to be wrongly pressed, one is VTX frequency, the other firmware boot, check your info. If you have lost the manual its on the Banggood website on the quad page, I printed mine at more readable size!!

Hope this answers all your above...................
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