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  • insx: Instant gratification eh?
    Today at 21:35:38
  • Slayer23: insx check the last post in the wasp thging
    Today at 20:14:09
  • Slayer23: oh dear i think i need to go lay down i am having an attack of the sence of humour and she dont like it
    Today at 17:03:54
  • Slayer23: lmao could do with bandana and say hewo
    Today at 16:47:52
  • insx: Maybe a rating for Chinglish in the instuctions, they are always fun
    Today at 16:46:23
  • insx: Tackyness...
    Today at 16:45:55
  • insx: I'm thinking about the rating system. Annoyance /10, Amusement/10, Endurance/10, etc.
    Today at 16:44:03
  • Slayer23: insx that has brightened up my day i am looking at army surplus sites for a ghillie suit so i can play at being a drone operator for real lol
    Today at 16:42:31
  • insx: Forum post probably best for that one
    Today at 16:15:16
  • Two-Six: yer, me out ;-)
    Today at 16:09:43
  • Slayer23: no lol too many convos going on here i was answering insx
    Today at 16:08:48
  • Two-Six: what fly drones filming stuff for a living?
    Today at 16:08:06
  • Slayer23: oh i would love to do that lol
    Today at 16:03:24
  • Two-Six: I know there are a few ppl here who do, or they fly for a drone filming outfit
    Today at 15:55:39
  • Two-Six: Anybody on who know anybody on here who has a drone filming  business?
    Today at 15:55:06
  • insx: There's a youtube career opportunity here, Slayer
    Today at 15:46:53
  • Slayer23: have suggested that they should use humourous reviews to sell their items lol
    Today at 15:44:43
  • insx: My understanding was that you needed Flysky for Flysky, not FrSky. All that DHT, etc has just confused me though. Still lots to learn.
    Today at 15:43:29
  • insx: Maybe the production model will have the omniscience module
    Today at 15:41:55
  • Slayer23: DHT, DFT, DJT, XJT, X9D plus, and X9E protocol will my FS-i6s support it
    Today at 15:31:54
  • Slayer23: not sure how omnipotent it is
    Today at 15:31:08
  • insx: Surely not with that omnipotent receiver
    Today at 15:23:59
  • Slayer23: only problem is i might have to buy another radio unless they send me the full kit
    Today at 15:16:37
  • Slayer23: Oh boy i have even been scoping out places i could hide just to attack her with it
    Today at 15:16:03
  • Saleem: Where is stu?
    Today at 15:09:32
  • Saleem: That bee thing looks right up your ally!
    Today at 15:09:17
  • Slayer23: LMAO like she would ever give that :(
    Today at 15:07:29
  • kilby: But you need permission to erect it
    Today at 15:03:46
  • hoverfly: owww errr vicar..
    Today at 14:22:57
  • Slayer23: what's wrong with all powerful receiver drop and worship at my antenna
    Today at 13:30:19
  • insx: I miss Stu :)
    Today at 13:13:53
  • Gav: look forward to the video
    Today at 13:10:38
  • insx: I'm slightly worried about the "omnipotent" receiver.
    Today at 13:10:19
  • insx: [link]
    Today at 13:08:57
  • Slayer23: lol I would love to annoy the mutt
    Today at 13:08:56
  • insx: Gearbest wasp thing
    Today at 13:08:12
  • Gav: ?
    Today at 13:07:31
  • insx: Could be the funniest review ever
    Today at 13:05:47
  • Gav: what u got to review?
    Today at 13:01:57
  • Slayer23: OMG if it is for real I will terrorise my wife and dog and send you videos lmao
    Today at 12:45:56
  • Saleem: Good for him,would like pics and review please?
    Today at 12:14:57
  • insx: Looks like Slayer23 might have just bagged a review model
    Today at 10:42:22
  • insx: Sounds like whatever he gets he will need to add a receiver. Quad stuff usually comes with Flysky or FrSky as far as I can tell.
    Today at 10:40:33
  • DarrellW: DX9 is dsmx if it's quite new it won't work with dsm2
    Today at 10:29:41
  • DarrellW: They do dsmx with ppm capability   [link]
    Today at 10:28:33
  • insx: So is DSMX what we are looking for?
    Today at 10:27:12
  • DarrellW: @inxs you can also use compatibles with Spektrum - I mainly use Lemon rx with mine, they are as good as if not better than Spektrum and cost less  [link]
    Today at 10:24:02
  • insx: Does a Spectrum Radio only work with Spectrum receivers? Would this be unusual for use with a 250 racer? I have a friend who is into helis who is wondering if he could use his Spectrum DX9.
    Today at 09:51:50
  • Bad Raven: However, found some old JST 1000mAh lurking........only 20C........ never mind, I can warm my hands on the packs for ages after a flight!!
    Today at 08:14:07
  • Bad Raven: Why did I put a JST on a 4x1306 motored quad, damn stupid idea!
    Today at 08:11:46

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