• #1 by Biscwitts on 14 Feb 2018
  • Hi Guys

    Been around 2 years since my last post "I'll Health and Such" Hope some one can help. Irealise the nnova has been on here before but can't fine the quanum nova pro. Mine seems to have lost all settings on the FC APM 2.6 i believe. It wont Arm nothing. I never got around to flying it before i got ill. Any ideas.

    ps one of the Motors is F**ed so have ordered some  Multistar Elite 2312 980KV.

    Thanks guys " It's Good To Be Back Flying"

  • #2 by hotrodspike on 14 Feb 2018
  • I've got a couple of APMs from the original Nova if they're any good to you. One of these lost it's memory and I had to reload it using Mission Planner (I think the latest version it'll take is 3.12). You have to wipe everything off before you can put the new software on, which is a pain, but easy enough to do.
    They're yours if you want them, let me know.
  • #3 by Biscwitts on 16 Feb 2018
  •  :beer2: :mate your a Star.

    Unfortunately i dont think that would work. But thank you for your offer. I need be i will just load new firmware. I was just hopping some one may have Nova Pro original files.  :crossfingers:
  • #4 by hoverfly on 16 Feb 2018
  • The firmware will be as for all A.P.M. ... reflash with the last stable version on mission planner then use the wizard to configure, the pids may be a bit out but they can be adjusted as required. :smiley:

    Edit.. It sometimes helps to flash with another firmware i.e. non quad then go back and run the quad one suitable for the frame..
  • #5 by Biscwitts on 17 Feb 2018
  •  :beer2:    Just waiting for the motor to arrive now.