• #1 by this_is_the_rad on 14 Feb 2018
  • Hi guys,

    Been watching a few of Drew Camden vlogs on Youtube and in the one video where he is talking about Spektrum he states that in bandoland vid he is using a DX6 and also with that radio he has flown 2 levels below himself in a multistory car park.

    I know he eventually mods his DX9 (and the crossfire mod is now out) but with a stock radio, is anyone having the same success? Personally I can't get anywhere near the same penetration through objects as he is and wondered how is getting on so well with his gear.


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  • Tbh ive flown round loads of trees and buildings with my dx6 and not had any problems, haven't done car parks though so not too sure,i was always more worried about the range than penetration with spectrum I think furtherest I got out was around 900metres and chickened out after that  :laugh:
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  • Ah cool. I've flown my DX9 in sailplanes prior to starting with quads and can't say I've had any real issues, but testing the range with my quad shows pretty poor results. Might be time to bite the bullet and switch brands.
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  • Antenna placement is very important for good reception especially with the use of carbon frames, always worth trying different positions. :hmm:
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  • its not about brands really, all 2.5Ghz radio systems will have the same output power, at a very low level.  The higher the frequency of radio signals the less able they are to penetrate material.  Up in the Ghz range they can't penetrate anything much.  Rain, fog, leaves, people, glass, walls, will all block the signals quite a lot.

    Down in the lower frequencies (3 to 30 Khz) they can penetrate water and solid material.  This band is used to talk with submarines.

    I don't think anything will be able to "penetrate" concrete, if somebody is able to control a RC thing two levels down in a multi-storey it will be because of reflections of the radio signals bouncing of nearby buildings.

    Why do you want range of more than 900 meters anyway?  Its way beyond unaided visual line of sight.  Without FPV its "bye-bye" distance.

    One thing that's very important is the polarisation of your antenna.  In your sailplanes I be you had your antenna at 90 degrees to each other and away from anything that could block the radio signals, this is hard to do in a quad.  Carbon fiber blocks radio signals very very well and often all you can manage is to put your antenna in one plane.
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  • Actually my Spektrum stuff was in a carbon dlg and my antenna placements were far from ideal. While i never got a hold, i did see how many frame losses it throws up and makes me nervous haha.

    Just seems Drew is kinda the exception and getting really good results with his Spektrum, i know for a fact i could never fly 2 levels below me, maybe it's their 200mw power radios that help out?

    If i wanna stick with Spektrum and i start having more issues then i guess it's time to do the Crossfire mod.

    Cheers guys.