• #1 by Andy7 on 14 Feb 2018
  • Having pretty much gotten the hang of simple LOS on his new quad, my boy Josh wants to start getting into FPV and wants some goggles for his birthday.

    Anyone have any suggestions for some GOOD goggles that:

    1. Aren't crazy expensive. £200 or below might be affordable.
    2. Are GOOD enough to learn to fly.
    3. Have a little bit of futureproofing in them for when he gets good and so doesn't have to buy again.

    Tough ask, I know. 'Till then, he can borrow my DomV3s and get some muscle-memory in the DRL sim.
  • #2 by Cheredanine on 14 Feb 2018
  • 1 and 2 are achievable but less so 3
    There are multiple box type in the 50-70 quid range that fit the first two criteria, but forget 3.
    Otherwise look for second hand Dom v2
  • #3 by mo_miah on 14 Feb 2018
  • theres aomway comanders on banggood for about 220
    im in the same boat, need fpv googles but dont have a big budget so trying to save, fatsharks are just way out of my budget as you need those extra modules and bits adding
  • #4 by Andy7 on 14 Feb 2018
  • theres aomway comanders on banggood for about 220

    ... Banggood though. I'm DONE with Banggood.  :angry:  :thumbdown:
  • #5 by ched999uk on 14 Feb 2018
  • I would have said the EV100. OK so I know the image is sort of down a tube but they are cheap £75 but if he has used your DomV3 he might be disappointed. I have found my ev100 to be so much easier to use than my Quanum V2 box goggles and once you get used to them they are quite good.
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  • #7 by CornishMule on 15 Feb 2018
  • Hi Andy,

    I'd say to go with a <£50 pair of box goggles to start with. Although they're not necessarily future proof the cost can easily be amortised over a 6 month period, after which you'll know whether some FatSharks are the way forward for him.

    Also, don't forget a pair of Fatsharks that have been well looked after will also have a fair re-sale value. So this will also help convince the CFO (;)) that it's a good investment.

  • #8 by QuadFox on 15 Feb 2018
  • Often overlooked is the super-cheap Eachine EV800. It's a visor rather than goggles, but unlike most it's solidly built, very light, comfortable, easy on the eye, and an immersive 800x600. For around £40 for a first taster of FPV, I found it hard to argue with. The screen detaches and can be used as a monitor, which can be advantageous for checking OSD output on the bench. No diversity, although there is a more expensive version with this.

    My first venture into goggles were the Quanum DIY V2 Pro - also super cheap, but clunky and uncomfortable (plus no receiver). I hate it. The EV800 is a huge improvement.

    Granted I've never used 'proper' goggles yet. I'd like to try something like the Fastshark Attitude V2/V3 or Dominator V3's but never had an opportunity. Perhaps my opinion of the EV800 would change if I ever get to 'see the light', but I'm not likely to spend £300+ to find out!