• #1 by benjo on 12 Feb 2018
  • Soooo, im building my first quad after being inspired to do so by Stu's $99 drone video on YouTube. After some research on his selection of components and sourcing some more ethically friendly stores online, Ive decided to go all out and build something special. However, I don't want to be all out stupid.

    My question is about the F7 FC. From what I can tell it's basically an F4 Pro with a better processor and an extra gyro that at this stage in software development is not really usable. Soooo, is it worth the few extra pounds? Am I future proofing myself? I plan on using my Taranis QX7 so I guess you could say that inversion is my main motivation.

    ... thoughts?
  • #2 by Cheredanine on 12 Feb 2018
  • Assume we are talking betaflight here?
    So the important thing is the software.
    Don’t get hung up on the inversion thing, most f4 have inverters built into the board, f3 and f7 are built into the chip.

    So whilst technically f3 are more modern than f4, f4 are more powerful, faster processors, and f7 are faster still.
    Why is this important?
    Flight control software is basically doing math, the quicker it does the math, the quicker it can correct the quad.
    The quicker it corrects the quad, the smoother it will fly.

    F1 are now dead really.
    F3 are starting to creek with the latest releases.
    F4 are doing fine and in comparison to the others is the sweet spot right now
    F7 support is not fully in until release 3.3 which is months away, I can run an f4 faster than an f7 at the moment, although there is no noticeable difference in flight

    I have been running f7 for quite a while (scx200 redback in the 250 builds forum) and here are no issues.

    So the answer to your question is right now you get no benefit from running an f7 instead of an f4.
    In release 3.3 that will probably change, but not be much, whilst a pro may notice the difference your average flier is not going to
  • #3 by benjo on 12 Feb 2018
  • Yes sorry, I did mean BetaFlight.

    Really awesome reply thank you! That has cleared up a lot of questions.

    I really didn't understand how the whole generation of the BetaFlight series worked.

  • #4 by Cheredanine on 12 Feb 2018
  • :) don’t over worry about it p, go f4 or f7 you should be fine, f3 are starting to show cracks. Take your pick based on above (current sweet spot vs future proof