• #1 by mo_miah on 11 Feb 2018
  • So i have an echine e010 which is great to fly around the house, but no good outside, slight bit of wind and its gone.
    I also have a 220mm quad that i built, no problems with that

    Now im after something in the middle 90-130mm. Budget is about £100 quad only. I have receivers and will get batteries. Needs to be able to fly outside comfortably. Needs basic fpv doesnt need to be too fancy. Speed is not an issue slow or fast is fine. 2s-3s. Whats good?
  • #2 by QuadFox on 12 Feb 2018
  • I've just built a 90mm, literally a day ago so not much flight time yet, but it seems to fly great! Tested on 2S indoors and 3S outdoors, plenty of power and control even in the wind.

    All parts from banggood. Lizard95 frame, Racerstar 1104 6500k motors (wanted the DYS ones but went out stock just before ordering), Hakrc 4-in-1 Blheli_S ESC, Matek F411 mini FC, Frsky XM receiver, Turbowing OSD camera/vtx, Gemfan 2035 props. Also put on some prop guards for indoors, bought a few different ones but quite liking the black Aurora 100 prop guards, plus absorbs impacts really well. Came in around £90-100 (excluding batteries, trying a few different ones from Hobbyking). Particularly impressed with the new Turbowing camera, need to get some for the brushed micros. Extremely light and rock solid video.

    Building these things is addictive, I'm already pondering what frame to build on next! Maybe something to fit the 3" props I accidentally bought.
  • #3 by Bad Raven on 12 Feb 2018
  • I doubt you will better the price and features of these two below. I have two Aurora 90, very good outdoor, ideal back garden/local (legal) park bashers, but IMO ALL brushless 90's are far too powerful in the home, big sports hall maybe (I have).
  • #4 by mo_miah on 12 Feb 2018
  • ideal back garden/local (legal) park bashers

    what is the law of flying in parks?

    from what i've read you need to be 150m away from built up areas and 50m in all directions away from people vehicles etcs and 400ft max ceiling
    that why i always drive out to the middle of the countryside to fly
    or have a hover around the garden below my fence level 0-8ft off the ground

    i did have a look at the lizard95 BNF and the kingkong flyegg 130, but may decide to build it myself using the frames
    i'll have a look at the Aurora 90 too
  • #5 by Bad Raven on 12 Feb 2018
  • Ultimately, Bylaws top off but do not offset CAA set rules for airspace safety.  They may allow flying at certain times, they may ban it completely.  They must be made available to users of the space, so check with your local council.

    There is a park near me that permits flying electric power model aircraft but at the same time completely bans driving a golf ball or weirdly riding a bike!!  That is flying under certain minimal conditions and mainly because way back they only banned IC power because that is all there was back then and by the time they realised there was an established history of no issues arising from its use!

  • #6 by Saleem on 12 Feb 2018
  • I like the look of the emax babyhawk,i got 100mm minus frames and motors,esc and fc to build a micro.i just seem to always have probs with them compared to my bigger quads,also i fly a lot of 130-150mm quads,i have several,they are no problem at all compared to the tinier stuff as they use 30x30 gear.
  • #7 by Sweet Pickle on 12 Feb 2018
  • Quite tempted to get an LDARC ET125.
    Seen some really good reviews despite looking quite toy grade still.
    Already have king Kong tiny 6 and a couple of 120 size but still want another.
  • #8 by pheasant_plucker on 12 Feb 2018
  • I've just bought an Armor 90

    The only issue was having to flash the FrSky XM receiver to EU LGBT as it was supplied with international firmware.

    Item name: Armor 90 Micro Brushless FPV Racing Drone
    Wheelbase: 90mm
    Weight: 60.5g(without battery) / 85.3g (battery included)
    Receiver: Frsky XM receiver
    Brushless Motor: MKF1104 7500KV
    Brushless ESC: 4 in 1 Oneshot/Dshot300 LDO 10A
    Flight Control: F3 Bateflight_OMNIBUS
    Camera: 600TVL HD , 120°
    Video transmitter: 5.8G 40CH 25mW
    Video transmitter antenna: 3DBi
    Propeller: 1935 3 blade propellers
    Battery: 350mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo 60C
    Flight Time: About 5 minutes

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  • #10 by Saleem on 13 Feb 2018
  • I run a lantian 130,you wont get a 4in1 and fc in there without using longer frame standoffs.i had to increase the length of mine just to get the fc/pdb aio in there and get the rx under it.ok if you use a tiny rx but i use flysky x6b as i want failsafe,mounted esc on arm and used emax 1306,tiny cheap micro 600tvl but didnt have room for a vtx,the boscam £5 jobbies are good here with direct solder antenna,i used one of the eachine vtx units with the ipex omni directional antenna but it aint up to the job at all,will have to fit a boscam vtx i was talking about earlier as realy even with longer frame standoffs its the only vtx thst i think will work for me.if i had used the f4 v5 fc off bangood with vtx incorperated the build would have been better,it gos like a missile but at this moment its realy unflyable due to crap pic from vtx.

    Funny cos i got one on order from banggood and waiting to recieve it as i want to build 1104 powered as i got the bits lying round.

    The best most reliable microish i got is the diatone lizard 150 i had for ages,brilliant little frame,brotherhobby 1407,best quad in my current line up,fast as hell and so far worthy flyer!
  • #11 by Reman on 13 Feb 2018
  • you wont get a 4in1 and fc in there without using longer frame standoffs.

    You've just got to be creative with the stacks standoffs......

    The first two pictures are of the lantian 130 I built for an underslung battery. It's got pretty much all the parts I mentioned above in it, Plus an X6B RX and a battery "Skid plate". I swapped the standoffs for some that had a little more support at the ends, But they're the standard length.

    The last picture is of the other one that I built for the battery to go on top (Looks feckin' rediculess with a 1000mAh 3C sitting on there. :) ). That's got pretty much the same kit except that I also squeezed a Diatone SP2 VTX in there (And I need to swap the motors because ones breaking down with heat).

    For the standoffs I just got a box of different lengthed ones from BangGood, Then mix and match them to have as much room as a component needs, But not much more. The second quad just uses long stainless M3 machine screws with nylon spacers and nuts. In the next rebuild I'll try to get some long nylon M3 bolts instaid. I haven't had any grounding issues using metal screws, But it's always on my mind if I'm landing in damp grass.

    The only unexpected issue I had on these was that I had to grind about 2mm off the camera's case screw bosses because at certain camera angles it was fouling the front props.

    They fly great on 3 cell, I've heard rumors that these motors will cope with 4C too, But I find them quick enough on 3C not to want to risk it.
  • #12 by Saleem on 13 Feb 2018
  • Yep,heres mine with another frame on order,i still got space there but just gotta get off my lazy ass and wire up the right vtx has the one i got there just gos fuzzy as soon as i get like 25m away and throttle it.them boscam £5 jobbys that are on flash sale on bg at moment are ideal.i use a 800 4s and its fast!
    <br /><br />

    For price its good frame from what i flown so far.