• #1 by ebbo76 on 09 Feb 2018
  • Hi All
    I've been looking around the web a fair bit at drones recently, mainly youtube and review sites.  I stumbled across some tiny whoop videos on youtube and they have got me hooked on trying out little quads.  I've never flown anything before, so it's going to be a learning curve!
    I registered on RCgroups a few days ago and I've had some helpful advice on there.  However they are all mainly US based and not that many from the UK.  Eventually I stumbled across this forum, as I was trying to track down any drone clubs in my area so I could go along and chat to the members as it's generally the best way to learn.

    Anyway, I'm about to pull the trigger on an Inductrix RTF to get me started to learn to fly.  I'll add to it as I go along, adding a FPV, moving to a Beta 65S frame, and eventually adding a better transmitter and probably going the whole BetaFlight route.  That's a long way off though, as first i'll just be happy to fly around in figure of 8s with out crashing!

    Anyway, thanks for having me.  And if anyone knows of any places near me that fly drones, or particularly tiny whoops, that would be ace.

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  • :welcome:
    The Inductrix  was the first real proper micro quad. It probably is the best but if you want something cheaper to give it a try search for a eachines E010 or a JJRC H36 should be less than £20. If you can get some spare batteries as they only give about 3mins of flight before a recharge.
    There is also a KingKong Tiny6 that has the BetaFlight Flight controller, FPV camera and transmitter and can be bought for about £65 with 5 batteries. You would need a transmitter (cheap FlySky i6 £30, quality Taranis QX7 £75) and some goggles (cheap ev100 £75, quality Fatshark £500).

    Have fun.
  • #3 by Bad Raven on 10 Feb 2018
  • Hi Ebbo,

    Welcome, hope you have/will find somewhere to join up with locally. 

    If this isn't looking likely, I co-run a fortnightly Tuesday evening Heli and Quad club at Biggin Hill (right by the airport).  Bit of a distance from you (unless you have your own full size wings!!) but might be worthwhile doing once by arrangement and I could show and demo most of the micro to parkfly/garden and main outdoor quads and budget goggles/headsets and you could see differences/advantages/disadvantages.

    If you want to do this PM me.  1st possible date would be 27th Feb.

    Bottom line is that the Eachine E010 (or the JJRC H36, identical apart from colours) is the cheapest and most robust quad out there. In Eachine E013 form with onboard camera, transmitter and headset ready to fly FPV at around the £50 mark and a stock of batteries you'd get a long way up the FPV learning curve with little if any repair costs. I have organised contact combat sessions with the std no camera E010's and STILL not managed to break one!!
  • #4 by ebbo76 on 11 Feb 2018
  • Thanks Raven,  that's kind of why I want something local,  to try the fpv goggles and see which I prefer with my eyesight.   They don't really seem to be stocked in shops over here.  I'd love to pop down,  but I'll have to get back to you with availability as its a bit of a trek!

    I've seen a couple of tiny whoop UK groups on facebook,  just waiting to join the group to see if they have people nearer.

    Do people here order their stuff from banggood and gearbest?  What's the service like,  and do you ever get stung for import duty on things?  Particularly bigger items like goggles and transmitters?

  • #5 by Bad Raven on 11 Feb 2018
  • I have bought lots from Banggood (I'm the highest VIP discount level!!) and sometimes GearBest.  Most is stuff that just is not UK sold, or valid alternatives offered locally, so there is little choice.

    MY opinion is that you should always mentally factor in local taxation and the courier handling charge, then its a pleasant surprise if they don't decide to. I suspect the large number of small packages is not where the money lies as burning expensive resource to reclaim small amounts is not practical.

    MY love/hate relationship with Banggood is that delivery times are usually around or just over the max they state, sometimes good, sometimes recently erratically not so much. Most of the issues seem to be once the item arrives in the UK. Tracking which they charge for IMO is worthless as it tells you very little as updating is erratic. I have items delivered in the last week that are apparently still in Hong Kong "waiting to fly away".  :rolleyes:

    My experience of when it does go wrong (and sometimes it does) is that they are quite fair though don't put all the data to them up front, they can't cope unless THEY ask for detail!  :huh    In two cases in the last year items were missing way beyond their dates and they refunded, only for weeks later the items to appear. In both cases this was due to a brain dead UK handling agent and so I supplied all data, labels copy and offered to pay if they invoiced me. They just said enjoy.....................

    Reckon on a month, and most times it works.
  • #6 by ebbo76 on 19 Feb 2018
  • Well,  I'm all set up now.   Inductrix,  modified with jst PH 2.0 connector.   HV batteries,  charger,  case,  spare props etc.   Only put 2 batteries through it so far,  just learning basic controls,  but it's fun learning to control something new!

    Once I've got the hang of it I'll upgrade to beta 65s,  and then add a camera once I've stopped crashing!

    Found a few facebook groups and some whoopers in London.   They are meeting up tomorrow,  so I'll try and pop along and check out the goggles and things.   :)

    Thanks again

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