• #1 by Bad Raven on 08 Feb 2018
  • Last two days I have been in comms with BG over two items now well over their stated top priority delivery date.

    Both were still showing "At Hong Kong, Waiting to fly away" as of this morning and have been since 22nd January.

    Doorbell, just now, "My Hermes" man.  I have a parcel for you, its a bit heavy. Goes back to van and struggles up path to my door.

    No Mate, look at address, that's for five doors away.

    Man looks at clear large black on white house number facing street unobstructed, then at package I'm handing back.  Oh!  But I do have something for you!

    Goes back to van riffles around, comes back with tiny black bag for me, hiding buried in a huge pile of much larger items.   :rolleyes:

    (Jumping ahead, the cardboard box invisible inside the black plastic bag was well mullered, but the PCB looks OK)

    NOW, this package has come from Chadderton in UK, My Hermes, and contained a micro BeeCore FC, so no LiPo.  It is dated 24/1.  The Chinese label on the other side is dated 22/1.


    Ordered Priority 21/1
    Shipped 22/1 to Hong Kong (air)
    Arrived UK with Courier 24/1 (presumably after Customs clearance)
    Not delivered by UK courier until 8/2, damaged box.

    AND today I collected the red card "no delivery as out" from yesterday at RM Sorting Office, a quad with LiPo, ordered only five working days ago.

    So, a priority no signature item which would have gone through a letterbox is put to a courier with a history of slow service.

    Meanwhile a "don't care when" item is put to RM and delivered so far ahead of expectation I cannot even mark it delivered as the website isn't ready to accept input yet!!
    Something not quite right here!!!  This is now the THIRD time that the UK part of the transportation has failed, while the initial China part has been carried out well.  Sad reflection of our infrastructure really, isn't it!
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  • Not saying 'I like' but there isn't an 'I agree' button.
  • #3 by Cheredanine on 08 Feb 2018
  • And you paid import tax on these? Since bg I am guessing not, in which case what is breaking down is the nefarious system they use to bypass it
  • #4 by Biffa on 08 Feb 2018
  • My Devil 380 was ordered from Tomtop (never again) and they offer 'no customs charges' as an incentive I guess. That was shipped to the Netherlands and then on to me - no customs charges.

    Ordered a spare canopy and tail boom for it from BG. This was shipped to Belgium and then on to me - no customs charges.

    The tracking 90% of the time is non existent but as long as my stuff arrives I'm not really fussed. I do have some smaller bits and bobs coming that are clearly on the very slow boat despite paying for 'priority' shipping. You win some and lose some I guess.
  • #5 by Biffa on 08 Feb 2018
  • A press of the doorbell and a bang on the knocker...

    It's a Hermes guy, with a black package from BG. All the tracking info said was 'awaiting to fly away' and here it is. It is some slime my 9 year old wanted. Packaging all intact but one of the tubs has opened and spilled in transit  :thumbdown:
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  • Had the same, waited well over the normal delivery time contacted BG asking why the tracking was stuck on fly away, then today hermes made the delivery.
  • #7 by Bad Raven on 09 Feb 2018
  • Update.

    One of the two now delivered yesterday and still for the rest of the day the tracking read "At Hong Kong, waiting to fly away"

    Then this morning, it shows:-

    2018-02-08 11:07:00 Delivered, signed by customer
    2018-02-08 10:03:00 Due to be delivered today
    2018-02-08 06:48:00 On its way to the courier
    2018-02-08 03:54:00 At the customers local depot
    2018-02-07 20:19:00 At the national sorting hub
    2018-02-07 19:21:00 At the national sorting hub

    The start date and time of these new logs begins (and not by coincidence) with my contact to BG stating disapproval! None of it was visible before delivery though!

    The other badly delayed item has also had a tracking update and now reads:-

    "2018-02-08 12:48:00 At the national sorting hub"

    Which presumably means its now logged in the UK. Given the timing I doubt its coincidence that it also suddenly appears, so it appear that someone at BG did act on my post to them!
  • #8 by apollo7 on 09 Feb 2018
  • The worst one to date is the Xiaomi Mi drone, it took around 7 or 8 weeks from placing order, i was lucky that it arrived with no customs charge Gearbest put value as $19.99! but i was so unhappy at the wait by time it arrived i had started to resent buying it, then had all the issues getting the quad to fly that i ended up hating it and selling it on
  • #9 by Reman on 11 Feb 2018
  • Tracking websites are all a little useless.

    Some lock onto the first shipping company to handle your parcel, then refuse to acknowledge that there's new tracking data available from another one, And some don't pull tracking data from all the couriers out there, so you have holes in the tracking that looks like your parcels stopped for a week somewhere.

    Best way I've found to know what's actually happening with my parcels is to look on a few different tracking sites.

    I save everything I want to watch on my "Track it" page ( It's handy because I can label shipments, Archive old shipments as a reference library of how long certain shippers usually take to get packages from one stage to the next, and I can keep track of the days. They're not too bad, but sometimes miss chunks of the journey, and often don't show updates for a day or two. This site also usually manages to identify the carrier from the number, This is handy because you can then jump to the tracking system of the courier company that actual has your parcel.

    I can copy and paste tracking numbers from there to sites like "17track" ( This one shows updates quicker, but doesn't show data from a few pretty big companies (Recently stopped showing most Royal mail info !!!!).

    Speaking of Royal mail, If you have a tracking number that has 2 letters, Then 9 numbers and another 2 letters, Then Royal mail's most likely to be dealing with it once your parcel hits our shores, So it's worth keeping an eye on their system (

    I'm going to end this here for now as it's late and I keep nodding off.  :smiley: